Women of the Oligarchs (Жены олигархов)

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Russian TV serie “Women of the Oligarchs” (Жены олигархов)

My Russian friend recommended it to me back in 2013 when it came out, but unfortunately it’s in Russian and I haven’t been able to find any clips with english subtitles. You could however do like me – by sitting and watching it together with a Russian friend who will translate the major parts for you, but yeah it’s still not the same thing…:/

The tv show is based on interviews with women who are married/been married or committed in any other way with rich men. It gives interesting insights of real jetset women & their experiences.

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  1. It was pretty boring, I have to admit. They just cry about the oligarchs having several girlfriends, treating women as objects, etc. Extremely little shown about their lifestyle except some footage from Soho Rooms

  2. Hello, I am new to your blog and I have to say I am in love !! I’ve been glued to it for the past hour lol

    I just had a question What is a Oligarchs ?

    • Thank you! <3
      Oligarchs is a popular word they use in russia to describe wealthy business men but who also have political influence. In general an oligarch is like calling someone a millionaire/billionaire but because Russia is semi corrupt, the really rich people have often political power and control parts of the society. For that reason oligarch has been a frequently used term.
      But in this case, this show "Women of the oligarchs" just basically mean Women who are married to really rich business men 🙂

      • Terrible series don't bother. on

        Do not waste your time. This series is TERRIBLE ,!!! No one likes it and the girls in it have NOTHING intelligent to say, they are like little kids fighting throughout the entire show. They are wealthy by mommy and daddy and they ARE NOT jet setters.

        Don’t waste your time!!!

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