Winter Hair Routine Tips

Mindful of working towards our level-up goals as elegant and feminine women, we always want to look our best: whether socially, going to work, or attending our college classes. Yet a dry, itchy scalp, split ends and straw-like strands of hair are just some of the problems a lot of ladies encounter during the frosty winter months. The truth is that winter weather is harsh on just about every hair type and texture.

Keep in mind that your hair needs protection during extreme weather conditions, and that is why learning about a few winter hair routine tips can be vital in maintaining your elegant strands.

1. Get Your Hands On A Humidifier

winter hair routine tips

Winter is notorious for causing dry hair. That often happens because of the drop in moisture levels in the air. Keep in mind that most buildings have heating systems that tend to pull humidity from the air, which takes all the moisture from your hair. A humidifier is an excellent way for you to rehydrate the hair within your home or office and, as a result, keep it looking lustrous.

2. Trimming Is A Good Idea

Perhaps you like your hair long and flowing, or with bouncy curls, which is perfectly lovely. But as the winter approaches, you might want to devise a new strategy to keep your hair radiant and healthy. For example, taking about half an inch from the bottom can be a good way to head off winter’s harshness, reduce the chances of developing dry, split ends.

3. Lower The Water Temperature

Few things can rival the enjoyment you get when you take a hot shower during cold winter days. But the problem is that hot water can zap the moisture right out of your hair and cause it to be brittle and susceptible to breaking. So instead, wash your hair with lukewarm water and finish off with a cool rinse. That will leave you feeling fresh and looking fantastic.

4. Heat Styling With Caution

Tips for hair care

Blow drying and using heat tools on your hair can draw moisture out of it. The end result can be breakage and dull-looking hair. Instead of using any appliance to dry your hair, allow it to air dry. If you want to wake up early in the morning and go to work, wash your hair at night and let it dry overnight. Heat tools a must? Make sure that you use a good heat protectant product first. Alternatives to straightening or curling your locks allow the opportunity to try out new styling techniques that do not involve appliances. Twists, braids, and buns are just a few styles you can choose from.

5. Oil Treatment Is Good

Moisture is a crucial ingredient in keeping your hair looking shiny and healthy. That is why you should consider using an oil-based hair treatment. Lightweight leave-in formulas can easily revitalize dry, damaged hair. In addition, applying nourishing hair oil at the ends, every morning can go a long way in ensuring you maintain your high-value woman look.

Be Smart And Survive The Winter

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to keep your hair hydrated and looking elegant. The key is to be consistent, and know that winter will only last for a few months! If you’d like more tips on achieving your elegant goals for 2022, Anna has a free workshop to help you! Register now, it’s free!