Why you should invest in beautiful lingerie

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Luxury underwear

Luxury underwear Luxury underwear Luxury underwear Luxury underwear Luxury underwear Luxury underwear

Luxury underwear

Jetset Underwear

– treat yourself to always wear nice lingerie

One thing that I don’t get is when gorgeous girls wear sloppy underwear. You see it especially in the gym or at girlfriends houses. They can dress fab, but as soon as those clothes gets off you see washed out cotton panties with miss matching bras. Yuk!

Don’t think that this advice is because the Jetset Babe should please the men hence doll up in sexy lingerie – no no! It’s all about treating yourself like a million dollars, and looking great from tip to toe. Literally speaking! Buy cute undies and sexy lingerie, feel like a woman and walk around with confidence! The best thing I know is to put on my nicest lingerie, wear an amazing outfit, add some killer heels and go out on the town. Just the simple fact that I feel 100% complete makes me content and happy. Try it! 😉

My underwear advice:

  • Avoid cotton, it’s just not attractive and looks cheap.
  • Buy matching sets as much as you can! Miss matching just won’t give you that special feeling!
  • Treat yourself at least once with La Perla or Agent Provocateur.
  • If you only buy “cheap” underwear make sure it looks expensive and don’t recycle too much!
  • Recycle means = Don’t keep hold to panties years after years especially if they cost like a few pounds/bucks only!
  • Wash bras by hand, they will last longer!
  • If you need help with cleavage do invest in a more expensive bra like Wonderbra for example.
  • Lace underwear will always look most expensive even if you buy them on a budget.
  • Stick to black, white  or nude colors if you want the budget underwear to look less “budgety”.
  • Do invest in a great push up bra, nude thong, strapless bra and other basic ones that are good to have to be able to wear certain clothes together with.
  • Try and wear more whites and pastell colored lingerie in summer to match your nice tan, while in winter go for the all traditional black!

Agent Provocateur Lingerie


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