Why women are Gold Diggers

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 Gold Digger Debate

Gold Digger

 Gold Digger Debate

“Gold digger” – I feel like this word has become overly used.

From the beginning I personally associated it only with women who are money oriented and could marry anyone with a thick wallet – no matter if they loved or cared for the person or not!

Hardcore money hunters basically!

Gold Digger Jetsons

But now I feel this word starts to become used for almost any girl in the jet set scene, like a cursing men in particular like to use when they want to protect themselves.

 Gold Digger Debate

Any girl in the jet set world will at some point get the stamp #golddigger because of whatever BS reason people come up with. Let me give you some good examples of what I have heard. They call her gold digger…

  • Because she wants to find a husband who has a successful career
  • Because she hangs out with wealthy people
  • Because she lets men pay for her (note: they are the ones who offer!)
  • Because she has an expensive taste and enjoys the finer things in life
  • and so on…

Gold Digger Debate

Gosh, I can’t hear another stupid reason why someone is a gold digger, because it just doesn’t make any sense to me anymore.

(I’m talking only about the mild reasons, not the ones that may have a valid point about hardcore gold digging girls)

Gold Digger Debate

There seems to be a modern clash with something that has been with us since ancient history.

Let’s go back in time.

The woman was the birth giver and the caretaker. Her mission was to get impregnated with the best possible DNA carrier out there who would also provide for her and the offspring. She needed help with acquiring food, shelter and safety. The man was her helper, the same way she was his helper of reproducing and carrying on his genetic code.

The woman is the caretaker.

The man is the material provider.

At least if we look to the very beginning of the the human species. 

 Gold Digger Debate

Obviously we are now living in a modern world but I believe this is exactly what makes it clash.

We are slowly departing from the old thinking that men should be the provider and woman the caretaker, yet we can not fully let go of the many years of programming we have instinctively within us.

Gold Digger Debate

So back to the gold digger debate.

My point is why are we often to judge a girl because she is, in example, searching for a man in a “wealthy category” rather than “the poor category”?

Why is that such a sin? (Let’s refer back to the point that it has been an instinct for the woman to find the best possible provider for her and her offspring) I mean logically speaking, don’t you actually understand her action?

Gold Digger Debate

In my personal opinion, I think true love should always be more important than anything from the material world.

If you fall in love with a poor man, then figure the finances out together and live happily ever after on what you have.

No biggy, loves comes first!

 Gold Digger Debate

Recently I have come across many women with a totally different outlook on life. The types of women people like to judge as gold diggers.

These women are not in to the whole “love shenanagans” the same way other hopeless romantics are (like me).

They see men as the traditional provider and marriages as a cooperation to a steady lifestyle.

They don’t want to necessarily be with a man because of some kind of love story but because they want to have a financially safe environment which they value more than love. That gives them genuine happiness, this form of security.

 Gold Digger Debate

At first my inner judger woke up and wanted to slag these women off as gold diggers, but then I told myself “who am I to slag anyone off just because they don’t share my fantasy?”.

People have different views on life, different aspirations – should we stamp them as gold diggers aka bad people?

Gold Digger Debate

The same goes for other types of girls, let’s take aspiring Jet set Babes who aim higher than the “ordinary lifestyle” and who seeks herself to the luxury life of jet setters.

She is the type with an expensive taste and a hunger for the finer things in life. Is she a gold digger? Or is she only allowing herself to live her personal fantasy?

Or the girl that happily accept’s when a man paying for her or spoiling her with gifts when he is kindly offering. Is she a gold digger because she accepts the actions taken from the man while he is getting his ego validated by providing for her?

Gold Digger Debate

If I may continue to refer to the whole DNA speech, then we have to talk about the male instinct of wanting to provide. Many men get emasculated when they are not able to provide anything for the woman.

Usually these are the types of men who like to curse women as “gold diggers” because they feel she is claiming something he cannot provide to her.

Which is probably extremely painful for the male ego, because it is an attack to an instinct so deeply rooted in him.

Gold Digger Debate

My point here is to make some kind of understanding why some women are money oriented.

It is not because she is a bad person who is unethically greedy, but she is a person who just wants the best for herself.

And we just have to accept that for some people “the best” equals in material things.


Gold Digger Debate

I know it might be provocative if you do not share the same opinion, but we need to stop being so aggressive in terms of “what is right and what is wrong”.

Honestly, there is not right and wrong in this world, it is just an illusion of our own ego’s and opinions programmed by society.

Gold Digger Debate


If a woman values material service from a man over anything emotional, can we try be more understanding instead of slagging people off?

We do not need to agree or share the same path, but just a little more of “hey people have different journeys in life”.

Gold Digger Debate

I guess a reason why I am writing this is because this understanding is very new to myself. I have been slagging certain types of girls off until I started thinking outside my own box.

I do not want to slag anyone off anymore because I find it important to dive in to how other people reasons and truly understand them first, before involving any personal opinions.

Once we truly accept the fact that we are all so different, each individual is in different stages and paths of life, on different journeys then maybe some proper humble-ness may happen. I hope so. The world is becoming far too judgemental in my opinion. 

Gold Digger Debate

BUT, I still must say I find that there is a difference between certain types of gold diggers; We have the mild ones and we have the hardcore ones.

I still have difficulties understanding the journey of the true hardcore types (like the girls who are too lazy to work and just want to find someone who can pay their bills, or the girls who are so hungry for money they would literally do anything for it). 

But maybe one day once I reach my full peace, love and understanding – I will understand them too. 🙂

Gold Digger Debate


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. I think if guys can want girls for their goods, why not the other way around. I mean if it’s mutually okay for the both of them, who I am to judge. If no one gets hurt, I think it’s okay . The older I get the more busier I get with my on life and less interested in others business.

    I personally am a career woman myself and don’t actually need anyone else to take care of me, and I’m not looking for anyone to do that. The man doesn’t need to be rich, but he needs to have that “drive” and atleast a some kind of stable income, so I don’t need to take care of him either. I’m passionate about what I do and I like guys who are like that too.

    • Totally agree with you on “guys can want girls for their goods, why not the other way around”.
      It is even more popular for guys wanting a girls with sexual goods than it is a girl wanting a man with material goods. That’s a topic I will bring up in another post because it annoys me so much that girls get judged harshly, while guys get a way more with it.

      • What about the guys that look for girls that with interesting attributes? man create those adjective to demerit woman. They do it for hundred of years, and continue.
        They do looking for the best in a woman ( pretty face, big boobs, big ass and bla bla bla) they invent the marriage ring, to suppress woman.
        Now we can vote, and also decide if their DNA is smart enough to bring my children to the world. That piss them off, (ahahahhaha)
        Every time something wasn’t convenient the, man create a name.
        I will not worry about gold digger adjective qualifying , that was invented by man. Even some female insect look for the best male in the insect world. In the animal kingdom the best dancer take the female, they must figh, and you better dance good. Now why a human female cant choose the best? why????

    • It’s all about satisfying your values.

      If a gold diggers values are satisfied by having men pay for their lifestyles then good for them. (How does this differ from prostitution?)

      If men enjoy sleeping with fresh hard bodied teenage women then that’s great as they have their values satisfied.

      Men with money will prefer a leasing option whereas women are looking to be ‘purchased’ (married/long term relationship)

      Men with looks, money and power will never be faithful because they have too many options whereas the gold digger who only has looks is a rapidly depreciating asset that will be of little use by her 25th birthday.

  2. Hi JB,
    great peace of journalism – for real! I could have discussion about the topic for hours, but lets summarize what I think very quickly, I do sham gold diggers, even I am open minded, let live type of person, and i understand their reasons, I even understand hard core gold diggers (possession of no special talent or ability/ skill to do anything in life, many heard it at home from early age from their mothers, that they should search for rich guy and that will be true happiness) and lets face it, they mostly posses average intelligence – you can think about my arrogance all you want, but it comes down to your brains and their ability to tackle the life, and ppl use their powers to go further in life, for some, they have only looks and vagina…and they know this is just for certain time, and than what? That’s why they are so hard core and so in rush…for many they feel once they are in the right circle/once they are married to wealth they can later find true love or what
    Many gold diggers do not have expensive taste they just think that everything with bling or gold is expensive taste…. sry to disappoint its not, but if she was not born with aesthetics neither she learned them in proper education… than yes everything with gold will do,
    we are always talking about the girls who achieve this with amazing sex skills, but trust me there are couples with zero sex life (after the girl secured what she wanted) since she cannot stand him, or just do it cause its obligatory, that they text to their lovers from bathrooms, using friend to cover up for them so they can be with the lover, but will never divorce =]]] i am sry girls if you dont know what i am talking about yet, you probably didnt see it all and still thinking that jetset gold digger careeer is so glamorous =] good luck
    but for the real jets set ppl out there keep your integrity and work hard/even if you were born in it, its wort it =] cause true personal satisfaction doesnt come from new rolex

    My personal take on it would be, that ppl do what they must, i dont care as long as they do not touch/hurt what is mine
    and what US crisis taught us – wealth can come and go so i wouldnt count on that so much

      • *piece =]
        thanks, I hope that it didnt come up too harsh, i tried to be honest and say that yes, back in the of my mind i do judge them, but on the surface i do not really care what they do since i am bit egocentric so dont really care what others do to succeed in whatever they do, what is important to me is what i do and if i can live with it
        and to the guys who call them gold diggers for no reason, I think they have obviously problem with their egos basically with themselves, i think the ppl who you want to surround yourself with are the ppl who can see past that
        one must distinguish where is it his/hers problem or the problem others have with themselves
        love xoxo

        • Respectfully disagree on

          You are very ignorant and misguided about the topic if you think that only women who lack talent/skill/intelligence are gold diggers. There are women who are born into money that still go after wealthy men for their material possessions because they want to carry on living the lifestyle they are accustomed to once their parents cut them off financially. There are also women who enrol into the best schools because they know there will be an abundance of heirs and future millionaires. There is no one size fits all. But as JSB already said, who is anybody to judge the decisions of another woman.

          • please do not label me after one comment here, we were talking about gold diggers and I think that we imagine different types of ppl under this definition
            but i do agree with you about the ones who are born into it, somehow i do think it is normal in their circles,
            you know who I like, Ivanka Trump, even Tamara Ecclestone & co. in this regard, this type of business woman who were born into it, but realized that they need to do something to fulfill them and their wallets as well =]

  3. I am really happy you made this post, because i wondered your view on this.

    I am somewhere in the middle between “softcore” and “hardcore golddigger” in that I am seeking wealthy men and plan to use whatever assets I have (be it beauty, wit, charm, or brains) to attract them because that is the type of crowd I want to associate with and wish to be influenced by. I have my own moral standards; I wont sleep with a man for money or gifts. But I will gladly accept them knowing that the man’s underlying intention is to get in my pants. I wouldn’t marry for money either, but of course the ideal is to have both Love and Money!

    I don’t judge any woman on either sides of the Gold Digging spectrum. If someone values money over love, then who is anyone to tell them they are wrong to seek their own happiness. Really, no one knows what said woman has come from or gone through. She could have came from the slums and seen or been through far worse than screwing some rich old fat guy. Or she could be not so smart or talented, and using the gift God did give her, which is beauty, to secure her future (kim k anybody?). Or she could be a single mom and have someone more important than herself to think of. People do far worse things in life for money. It makes us no better than them to judge.

    I think that voice you hear within yourself to judge also goes back to our basic human nature. We judge as a way to make ourselves feel better and have “more power” than the person we are judging. It’s our instinct to be an alpha to insure survival. But when you judge, it closes people off from you that could possibly be wonderful people to have in your life. We have all been judged for something. Does that something sum up all of you too?

    I love that you are becoming more open minded and accepting, very true signs of maturity and growth. Can’t wait for your next post 🙂

    • interesting point of view, i am really learning something here, but i see that my problem lies somewhere else, i do tend to be associated with intelligence, i long for knowledge and i do not necessarily think that wise person equals rich person, and since i am able to earn my own money i do not put emphasis on them either, but i should take something from you =]

  4. I came across the website by accident but found this discussion fascinating. As a guy with money, I’ve come across the “hardcore/alpha” gold digger and the less aggressive type. I don’t blame women using their bodies to marry/ensnare/trap a guy with a healthy bank balance to secure her future – whatever form that may take.

    I think alot of times gold diggers and their future/current husbands are prisoners of the same social construct which is essentially about conforming to their peer group standards first, and what is deemed “the right thing to do” by their wider social circle and society. It’s about acceptence. They are in effect co-dependent. Each party will know, in their most private moments whether they are happy or not, but confirming to protect your status/social circle etc often overrides the search for happiness for the immediate distraction and security the lifestyle brings. We’re only human right?

    Bottom line is, men hold the cards in these relationships. There are plenty of beautiful women (too many in fact!), and as men we will always want fuck beautiful women. Sometimes we exchange our time, sometimes our money, sometimes both. It is an exchange, nothing more. As long as there are women willing to exchange their bodies, men will exchange what they have to acquire them for the short term/medium term.

    However, the same rules do not apply when looking for female, long-term mate (at least for me). But, I would never blame the women (especially the totally goal orientated Russian contingent) for trying. As men, we must discern carefully in this regard along with hiding our assets, sign pre-nups, and protect what we have before the inevitable moment of separation. Too cynical?

    See you in the field.

    • You make some good points that I think every guy with a bit of cash agrees about the exchange and uses it in their gameplan. It is an exchange as you say. Use and abuse the gold diggers frankly.

      However to consider marriage with these types is bonkers regardless of pre-nups etc and doomed for failure. To marry someone of an equal footing and similar family wealth must be the goal. Nothing better than finding a driven woman who has built something herself or at least is a steward of a family business.

  5. I think is a reason, why our high self make woman love gold, Jewelry, and so on, think about it… is a reason. because if I say one million woman are gold digger and they live in the amazon, we have to remove it from the rest of other woman, this can be contagious… I say yeah is truth, But we are 6 billions, why 4 billions ( is just an example) ( the other 2 billions are blind girls, woman or woman in death road,) that give us 0 don’t like pretty things That is something that came with us in our blood. Enjoy and stop trying to suppress that fact. Now what is coming with that is other thing, if that woman become a monster, that is something different, but apart of that nothing wrong with that.

  6. The Real Honest Truth on

    The great majority of the women nowadays are definitely real golddiggers, and always will be unfortunately.

  7. Louise Racster on

    My belief is that a gold digger is someone who destroys other people’s happiness for her own, from the motivation of money. For instance a woman who breaks up a family because she is after the husband’s money. She has destroyed their happiness, and is therefore a gold digger, in my opinion.

    But what is not a gold digger, is a highly educated, elegant woman, marrying or dating exclusively wealthy men. She is not a gold digger, she is creating happiness for herself and for the man. Saying you want to marry a rich man is very vague. What you really mean, is that you want someone who is financially savvy, with a high living standard, who wants to spoil you, who is highly educated and refined themselves. It is the same as a girl claimed to prefer sporty boyfriends. It’s a preference, not a vicious plot.

    There are many men who call women gold diggers. As if they’re so rich! I think these are (losers), there is not better word for them. If truly wealthy men decide to go for a gold digging women, they are clever enough to know exactly what is going on, and therefore it is their personal decision. Women who want to marry sophisticated men for love, are not gold diggers, and truly sophisticated men know this.

  8. Let The Truth Be Known on

    Most women are real Gold Diggers nowadays since they’re nothing but users and total losers altogether.

  9. For me, the primary difference between a gold digger and a sugar baby or trophy wife, is transparency. A sugar baby or trophy wife is clearly and openly seeking a man for his wealth and his financial benefits. But goal diggers want their targets to believe they are in it for love, for richer or poorer. If you ask them, they will deny money or assets as being a factor at all. Their generous partners don’t know they are being used financially.

  10. Rich or financially secure men seem to have far fewer problems finding girlfriends or wives than do poor men or men with lower incomes, other factors being equal.

    So, yes, gold-diggers exist.

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