Thursday, December 12

Why so Photoshop?

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3 years ago when I started JetsetBabe, I used to love getting inspired by the girls of Instagram because of one main reason: They looked far more real than the photoshopped girls in all the magazines I used to read. 

I was getting inspired by stylish non-famous women, because they were only being themselves and not edited in a computer program. What a difference to all the images of Vogue, Elle, Cosmo etc which looked so staged and fake.

This didn’t last too long of course, as 3 years later, we check out Instagram and see how 70% of all the images are manipulated in one way or another. There are tons of photo editing apps out there today, more than enough to feed the planet’s desire of evening out skin tones to an unrealistic appearance.

Why do we have this desire of making everything look so fake?

There are many girls on Instagram I used to love following, but now their photos look so un natural I barely visit their accounts anymore. They overdo it with the editing apps, making themselves resemble cartoon characters rather than humans. Why?

For me Instagram used to be a glimpse in to the real world of people, now everything is so fake, staged, photoshopped and barely comparable to the real world that actually exists.

Everyone is just trying to be something they are not…. What for?


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Daiquiri Girl on

    This is true, I’m so surprised to find out that Alena Shishkova usually uses photoshop for her Instagram pictures, even for the casual pics.

  2. Isnt it strange sometimes that you have this questions, I mean you are using botox and fillers extentions for hear and lashes yet you ask why they photoshop themselves? or why are ppl obsesed with looking “their best” i think the reason is obvious and maybe not so different than yours

    • I find it a bit strange that you even try and compare two things that don’t have anything to do with each other?
      Looking your best has been with us since ancient Egyptian times and history. It’s an instinct we all have within us to look young and fertile so we can attract the best possible mate. This is the reason why me – and the rest of the world (maybe not you?) enhance our appearance using various methods. But what I’m talking about is when you manipulate reality to what is shown online. That is a totally different topic in my opinion. A girl who has tweaked here appearance in real life to look her very best (like we all do) – has to do even more alterations in order to put it online – by heavily using photoshop and making herself look like anything but herself. Sure, in our society today nobody looks like “their real self” thanks to all beauty enhancers that are available to us. But when we go to the extreme of not even looking like humans anymore but like cartoon characters, then I think it’s too much.

      • I didnt mean to offend you, just curious, you seem like nice girl
        back to the topic, exactly as you said, without getting into too much detail
        this fake image is in perspective of some ppl viewed as you described as young fertile maybe barbie doll like which might to same evoque the fertility or fetish who knows
        and from marketing business point of view its about advertising gaining more views and comments review good or bad doesnt matter casue views counts and they earn more money at the end
        so therefore i compared it becuase enhancement like enhancement the difference is only in our perspective
        i mean with you r cultural educational whatever background it might look as too much, from their perspective maybe they are not even where they want to be, who knows =] times are changing or maybe its just more visible than ever

        • No babe, did not get offended 🙂 I only felt a bit surprised because I personally really think it’s two different topics. Plus everyone these days enhance their beauty somehow, but not everyone is photoshopping themselves to aliens on Instagram.

    • I agree w/ u Lea! JSB Author wants to see real Instagram picture whilst she does all the things she can to improve (or worsen; botox at 30 seriously?) her appearance. The other side is that they need to look unrealistic perfect to gain more followers and have more money out of advertising some products like skinny tea/waist trainers or teeth whitening products.
      It’s all about money at the end.

  3. I think you have to look things with a perspective, most people in the jet set word look to show themselves the best they can even if that is taken to unrealistic level. It is not in the jetset “world” that you are going to find that kind of beauty! BTW I do love your blog. When I get dressed up my husband says “oh you look like a jetset babe” because he knows how much I follow your blog.

  4. I think you shouldn’t bother with what other people do, some like it more natural some like it more “cartoony”. It’s important to respect the diversity… Also I think it’s normal to strive for perfection because as you said it’s in our instinct to progress and make eveything as beautiful as possible. If it wasn’t like that, we would still be in the caves using mud as lipstick.

  5. Hahaa well the reason why you thought their pictures were more realistic a few years ago is probably the fact that there weren’t so many effects and filters and editing apps 🙂 But I guess editing your pictures has become a must for jetset babes, like going to the salons to “edit” your face, now they must edit the photos too 😀

    Personally I don’t mind it, especially if they still look like their photos in real life. That’s what I try to keep in mind when I edit my pictures too, “If I even go missing, would they be able to recognise me from my social media pictures?” Lol 😛

    Hugs !

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