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Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Plain Women

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Today I’m sharing with you my research to why rich good-looking men settle for the unattractive woman. This is not the norm, but it does happen!

For some, this might come as a surprise since rich, attractive men can afford to be selective and often have a harem of women willing to partner up. Yet some of them opt for the less attractive woman which is exactly what I will be investigating in today’s video!

Find below the summary and notes from my research:

He is insecure

  • Some men don’t realize they are attractive as they might be insecure and suffer from low self-esteem. They devalue themselves, resulting in them getting a partner from a lower league.
  • This man might be insecure about the woman potentially run off and cheat on him, so he chooses a less attractive partner that will give him “peace of mind”.
Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Plain Women

He is jealous

This actually also stems from insecurity. This man would control his jealousy and control his woman by choosing a less attractive women that he knows less men will fancy and give attention to.

He has different preferences

Not all men have beauty as their number one when choosing a partner! Some men have other priorities like intelligence, caregiving abilities, sexiness, charm, assertiveness, wisdom etc.

Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Plain Women

Don’t forget – Timing Is Everything!

To nail down a guy is usually only bound to timing. If you catch them at the right moment, for example when he is weak, vulnerable or going through rough times – you have a good chance of securing the guy for a serious relationship or marriage!

The Rebel of the Looks

Very good looking men can sometimes feel tired of being objectified for their looks. They might feel tired of the shallowness, hence decide to choose a partner based on other deeper criteria.

Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Plain Women

He is looking for depth

This type is tired of dating models and beauty queens who are self-obsessed, spoiled, superficial and driven only by the appearances and social status. He is on a serious hunt to find a woman that will stimulate his needs beyond the looks and appearance.

He is looking for the right background

Fairly common with men who come from family money or old money families. They are often educated to find a partner “from their own kind”. Meaning her background and upbringing will play an important role, which is why the looks won’t be the top priority.

Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Plain Women

Remember: What’s Attractive is Very Subjective!

Beauty is relative. Not all men find Angelina Jolie attractive. Studies have proven, when men rate female appearance – they disagree! What one man finds very attractive and rate as 5 out of 5, another can rate as 1.

They Want to be the Center of Attention

Self-obsessed hunks might not want to compete with their women. We all know it’s often the woman who should be the center of attention and the queen since traditionally she carries more beauty and elegance than a man. But some attention seeking guys want the spotlight on them only.

Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Plain Women

Please note ladies. All women are beautiful! The message is that there isn’t one size fits all, everyone is different with different tastebuds! What one man might find attractive, another person might not and vice versa.

What do YOU think on this topic, why rich handsome men marry unattractive women?

Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Plain Women


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. A lot of women, who might be plain by some, have understated elegant beauty by others. They might also have beautiful mothers who have aged gracefully. A lot of women who might be plain, have not had as much of the plastic surgery as some of the more model level attractive women. This also means that they can trust that their children will be beautiful and healthy. No one wants to be surprised when their children has an unattractive trait or feature they never expected.

    • Children do not always inherit features from their parents, you might have surprises even if the parents are almost perfect
      And what would you do?
      Throw your child alway because he has a big nose?
      OK. We are at primary school here.

  2. "Hilda Corners" on

    THere’s a difference between “plain” and unattractive. Most women we think are beautiful would be considered plain without their makeup or styled hair.

    Some men can see past the makeup and fashion, and are attracted to women who dress badly and need a salon visit. Even those men want a woman who can look glamorous and elegant when the need arises, so it’s important that we all learn how.

    Or, as Anna says, they are insecure and feel the only woman they can keep is one who is not attractive.

  3. In Canada, old money men will sleep around with beautiful women but marry a hideous looking old money woman. I agree with women in my family that there are no woman who are born ugly, only lazy women. Your looks are the effort you put into them. In Canada a lot of the ugly women have degrees from Harvard, fascinating personalities, highly educated and so on.

    I think the problem, having been a Miss Universe Contestant among other things, is that some women focus only on looks and are not well rounded. A woman who is slim, young, cultured, no a man hater cultural marxist, well read, well mannered, understand’s the man’s industry to actually be able to listen to him what’s close to his heart when he comes from work and wants to vent will do better than a woman who is only looks. Read the Wall Street Journal. There is a course on Master Class about Economics for Dummies, with the best, Paul Krugeman. Go to the ballet, learn french, learn about opera and classical music, learn to play an instrument. Read Cicero. To be able to critique Post Modernism and respond intelligently, watch Dr Jordan Peterson videos – men love women who watch those. I’m happily married, had my pick of men, but here for the fashion advice & seeing anything useful for my single friends.

    These days Harvard teaches hate towards making money in the social sciences, so if you stick to reading the classics before 1963, and for anything modern watch Dr Jordan Peterson and see his recommendations, you’ll beat the ugly women at their advantage while having a second advantage of looks, manners and being humane. Again the problem with old money is their paranoia of people loving them only for their money so they never marry outside their circles. If the women in their circles are unattractive – that is their only choice. The worst is these women instead of improving themselves try to abuse their position to prevent women from leveling up, with a system called Luxury Beliefs. If you wonder why casual culture is the fashion, read this article on luxury beliefs

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