Why only russian Jetset Babes?

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I get 2 questions quite often,

1. Why I mainly post of russian/eastern european Jetset Babes?

2. Why I post only pictures of caucasian girls?



Why it’s such a high volume of russian girls on this blog is because I find particularly russian/eastern european jetsetting women extremely inspiring. It’s simply a personal reason and not because there are no other Jetset Babes out there – because there are! 🙂




However I must also admit that there are a lot of jetset women out there who happens to be russian, and they all have one thing in common – they love instagram and putting daily pics of themselves. So obviously it becomes an even easier choice for me to pick them.




The second race question I must roll my eyes a little bit for. Like why does everything always have to be about race? Like written above, I post 90% russian girls, so for that reason it happens to be a lot of caucasians on this blog. Please stop focusing so much on what race people are and focus instead of who the person is. That would make a big difference in the world 😉



I’m totally open for posting pictures of “other races”, so please feel free to give me advice on what instagramers to follow. As at the moment I mainly follow russian jetsetters. Thanks!


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  1. The last girl (Tina Sokol) is black russian so I guess its not only caucasian girls on your blog 😛

  2. why are you reading blog if you think that all look like escorts?
    I don’t understand-if you don’t like jet set style, stop visiting this blog.

  3. Jamie chua:), fabulous Lady from Singapore ( chinese), she is in her late 30’s, and have Got the most amazing hermes birkin bag collection ever.

    She doe look like a natural beauty, and I love the fact that she is “older”, makes me happy that it is ok to wear pink in the end of the 30’s:).

  4. Indeed Jamie Chua (IG name: ecm24)! She has more Hermes bags than all those russian girls together. Sian Vivi is also incredible 🙂

    • Jamie is unattractive on

      Jamie chia is ridiculously ugly, NO THANKS,!! She looks like a tranny. We want to see beautiful women, BEAUTY no ugly women because they have more Hermes. And yes, Jamie is an escort.

  5. I think you should include more women of different ethnicities because it would make the blog a richer experience. Jet-setting is not only for Russians, it is for all women.

    I still enjoy the blog though.

    • This is not your blog. If u want to see ghetto fabulous women, go make your own blog and if u don’t like this blog, THEN DONT READ IT.

      bye bye.

      • Did you not think before posting this. How rude. She posted nothing to deserve this and was just giving her (very polite) opinion.

      • Anna uploads mostly Russian girls because of cultural reasons and mentality similarities. Anna is Russian herself – born in Estonia (former USSR), in a Russian family. Her accent suggests she has no Swedish background despite living in Sweden since her childhood – Swedish people who speak English have a different accent.

  6. Don’t ever try to please everyone jetsetbabe. Your blog is great as it is !!! What is it with this cry baby society and being political? If they want to see other type of jetsetters then let them create their OWN blog !!!

  7. Don’t ever try to please everyone jetsetbabe. Your blog is great as it is! What is it with this cry baby society and being political correct? If they want to see other type of jetsetters then let them create their own blog.

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