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Why Juicing is amazing!

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Vegetable Juicing


I’ve been wanting to jump on the vegetable juice trend for a while now, but I didn’t start properly until a week ago when I discovered there was actually a juicer in my parents house! #win

Since then I’ve been juicing like crazy! First off I went to the farmers market to buy loads of vegetables. I came home with kale, carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, collard greens, celery etc – the list can go on! 


Juicing for health


How to juice?  blackline

Juicing itself is actually a really fun! I love the sound of all the stuff that get mashed down the pipe and out comes colourful juice.

When I juice I don’t bother following a recipe as you can literally mix – taste – add until you feel you’ve achieved a decent flavour.

I believe the general rule is to always add 1 or 2 fruits to your drink in order to make the drink drinkable. Otherwise it will taste very concentrated of the greens you’ve put in. Another trick is to use more of carrots and beets if you want to flavour your drink sweet, but of course you should not overdo with them either as fruit sugar will get your glycemic index rise & fall.

Cucumbers & celery have a neutral taste but contain loads of water which is great if you want to dilute your drink. I always add one cucumber & a few celery stalks no matter what in my mix.

You can juice in many different ways, having it for breakfast, snack or simply do a detox where you only drink juice for a limited amounts of days like I’m currently doing.


Juicing for health


Why does it work? blackline

Juicing has so much health benefits as you extract all the nutrients from the vegetables and making the body absorb them immediately by drinking the concentrate.

The reason why juicing works is because the quantity of vegetables that you extract the nutrients from, are so large – you would never have eaten that much vegetables in a day for sure! This is an easy way to health and it doesn’t taste bad at all!


Juicing for health


What are the advantages of juicing?blackline

Long term – I can’t really tell you yet of my experiences, as I’ve only been doing it for 7 days.

But people claim it literally heals your body from inside. It should work on any form of issues, illnesses & problems. Beauty wise it’s amazing as weight loss is pretty much guaranteed as long as you don’t combine your juicing with eating rubbish. All the nutrients have also a positive impact on skin (cell regeneration for example), hair, nails etc.


Juice to weight loss


My juicing experience blackline

I’m in love! I thought it was just another health hype but I feel I can’t go back now to a life without juicing.

It’s a great way to start the day with and it gives you so much energy! If you manage to do a proper detox, you will loose weight 100% guaranteed. I’ve lost several kg’s already, but that’s not the motivator for me as I feel the natural healing powers of the vegetables are way more inspiring!

I just know my body has been craving this after I’ve been polluting it with processed food & artificial sugar for so many years. Now my blood sugar is stable, I’m not craving any crappy foods and that’s great. Normally I can never say no to dessert if it’s in front of me, but now I feel honestly turned off by the fact of touching it’s. It’s like juicing makes you uninterested in all the temptation you usually get trapped with.


Health benefits of juicing


The beauty with drinking a large glass of vegetable juice is that it can actually replace a meal and you will understand why if you try it.

Although you’re drinking concentrated juice without any bits & pieces – you actually end up feeling full & not hungry at all. I do recommend to drink another juice 2-3 hours after your first juice if you’re going to do a detox and don’t want to feel the hunger coming.

If you for some reason don’t want to go all in with a juice detox, I’d drink it at least for 2 meals a day and one meal should be plant based diet with fibres & good fats to have the stomach going. This is almost as good as the detox but doesn’t feel as hardcore.

I really recommend everyone to watch the documentary “Fat, sick & nearly dead”. Watch it for free here, it’s amazing and so inspiring! You will understand why & probably start juicing yourself after you’ve seen it 🙂

Happy juicing!


Does anyone of my readers juice? How has your experience been? Any great recipes to share?



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    • Happy you like it as much as I do 🙂 I don’t have one of the “coolest” juicer, but I have one called Bullet express trio. But it works great for me! As I’m still a beginner in this department I don’t know which juicers are the best (brand wise) but if you do a google search you’ll find plenty of info. What I know it’s best to get a juicer which cold presseses the juice and the ones that don’t give any bits from the fruits. Basically you want clean juice extract out and nothing else 🙂 Happy Juicing!

  1. I managed to do just juicing for 11 days. It’s very hard without food but I managed to stick to it. I highly recommend to anyone to even add a juice or two to their daily lives. I’ve had a health problem this year & this was the only method that helped me & helped me loose weight while on steroids. Rebootwithjoe is so good! Any juicer that separates the pulp is best. There are a great budget selection too. I have sunbeam (in Australia) it’s awesome.

      • Hi Jetsetbabe,
        I managed to loose 4.5kg. It went pretty fast & slowed down the last part of the time. It was enough for people to notice quite well & I had fluid retention from the steroids so I’m not sure if anyone will loose more as it would be harder for me to shift. My girlfriend did it for 7 days & said her skin looked fabulous. I now make sure I have a juice or 2 everyday, salad & mostly light choices. I’m going to try & juice as much as I can & no beat myself up if not only juice as it does get hard without meals. But yes- you must separate the pulp for better digestion & loosing weight! Hope this helps! Even doctors had no solution for me to heal- juicing really does help the body xx

  2. Jetsetbabe, you have changed my life! I recently found your blog and I am hooked, I read all your recent posts but also go back (as you might notice) and read as far back as I can go. You have inspired me to read Jack Canfield – to get from where you are to where to want to be and also watch Fat, Sick and Nearly dead! I went straight to the grocery store to purchase everything to get ready for my own 14-day juice-detox (I am going on a holiday in 2 weeks). Thank you for the incredible inspiration, it has truly been life changing for me and I inspire my friends and family to get involved to!

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