Why is it so Important to be a VIP?

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Why is it so Important to be a VIP?

Why is it important for some people to be a “VIP”?

Answer: Because it gives them the validation that they are more important than other people.

Why do they want to be more important than other people?

Answer: Because that’s how they measure their personal self worth. The more “above” they feel they are of other people, the more worth they are in their eyes.

Why some people don’t care at all about having a VIP status?

Answer: Because they have good self esteem and don’t need to measure their self worth by outside factors like this. They are comfortable in who they are and what they have and don’t need the rest of the world to know how great they are.

Why is it so Important to be a VIP?


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  1. I would also like to add that it’s for the PARANOIACS that think the whole world is after them. But I must add on a positive side note, if you have some clients over for the weekend that came all the way from Japan to check out your company, a little VIP experience to fill up their ego helps the deal go smoother 😉

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