Why Girls Should Study

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Why Girls Should Study

Study >> Get a career >> Earn your own money >> Do what you want in life = Freedom


Don’t study >> Become a gold digger >> Find a rich man >> Live off someone else’s money = You’re always going to be dependent on some else = No freedom

This is why it’s important for us girls to Study & Be ambitious to make a good living in the future, so that we can live the life we want! Never be dependent on someone else. Never become a puppet in someones show or be the dog someone keeps on a leash.

Create your own dream life. Create it with your own bare hands because it’s possible. Start being ambitious today, because like a famous quote says:

“One year from now you would have wished you’d started today!”


Jetset Babe


…And look forward to ripe your well deserved success! 


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. It is funny how you suggest to study and start a career on your own, but then you are obsessed with the lavish lifestyle of the rich JetSet Babes, which are in my opinion mostly gold diggers. Either you get born rich or you live off someone else’s money… but at this young age people (even those who studied and just started their carreer) rarely can spend the year on vacation or buying designer stuff in a ridiculous amount. Of course, now and then people who achieved something, will spoil themselve and indulge themselves with designer items… But it all just sounds so ambiguous to me. I know, not all JetSet Babes are gold diggers, but they are (esp. the Russian girls you post on here) in all likelihood… I’m not trying to offend you. I love reading your personal and inspirational posts. Kepp on going girl
    (Sorry for my english, since it’s not my 1st lang.)

    • I wouldn’t agree with the word “obsessed”, as I don’t feel obsessed at all with the lavish lifestyle. I’ve written many times before that I started this blog because I adore the fashion of jet set babes on instagram and the luxury lifestyle I use it as a motivator & inspiration for becoming successful one day myself so I can live a comfortable lifestyle if I decide to. Also bare in mind that Im not only blogging for myself, but for YOU guys – so stuff I post is also what I know YOU guys want to read about. I get many requests to write about certain things, and I do like to cater for my readers if I have any insights or experience to share.

      A majority of the girls on the blog might be considered as gold diggers or don’t come from their own money, but live off someone else’s money. In that you’re totally right. I don’t judge them or think anything less of them, so why should I not post their fashion/lifestyle inspiring pictures on my blog? No matter how they got to where they are is their business (I honestly don’t care). I’m just a person who like their photos (hence posting them here) and like to write my inspirational thoughts to it. That’s it.

      But I do thank you for your positive feedback and don’t worry about your english! It’s perfectly fine! 😀 Have a nice day! xxx

      • A lot of these ‘golddiggers’ are extremely educated and accomplished.
        There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a trophy wife or look after the kids. Some men don’t want another alpha in the home, just a beautiful woman to look after the kids

  2. I absolutely love your blog but I have to disagree with you on this point. In today’s economy, at least in the US, an amazing education and hard work don’t guarantee you a livable wage or a good career. I think that women should aspire to have their own but be smart enough that when you’re seeking a mate or even a boyfriend, look for someone who’s financially stable. I don’t think that makes someone a gold digger, it makes her a bit more monetarily savvy than girls that go for guys that may be young and handsome but cannot support themselves let alone a mate which is what so many young girls do.

    • My point was that us women tend to “minimize” our powers to achieve the financial freedom a man can provide. Im not saying a woman is a gold digger if she wants to have a successful man by her side, but what im trying to say is that we can become who they are too if we just stop relying on their finances and build our own wallet. The difference is that it takes dedication and effort while finding a rich guy is a more easier road.

  3. i love everything about your blog! Some of the things you say are not always politically correct but are so honest – I literally feel like reading your blog is like sharing life secrets with a best friend because most girls never give up their tried and true secrets! I just discovered your blog tonight and am completely hooked!! Please keep writing and updating because you are so awesome and put so much positive energy, honest thoughts, and real advice out there!! Forgive any typos please, Im trying to write this using an ipad! ;P

  4. I love your blog, I absolutely understand and take it the same way as an inspiration, I work and study my ass off since i love my freedom and ability to decide on my own, even I could have easier way out, but lets face it there would be always strings attached!
    but for this blog it is interesting to remind ourself of the vanities of the other side and also beauty on surface

    keep on doing great job!


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