Why Everyone Should Eat Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil For Weightloss

Coconut Oil will Improve your Health!

I’ve recently discovered the great benefits of eating coconut oil. Each morning I start my day by eating one teaspoon of pure coconut oil, it doesn’t taste as some people claim it does – but it takes a second to down it and the benefits you get makes it totally worth it!

You might think it’s crazy to eat a big chunk of fat, especially if you’re keeping an eye on your weight – but to be honest with you – coconut oil contains all the good fats that immediately converts in to energy, rather than stored as fat. And is proven to aid weight loss, so you don’t need to worry! Starting your day with one teaspoon is a very healthy trick I wish to share with you today.

Why You Should Eat Coconut oil

Why do I eat coconut oil?

Look at all these benefactors, coconut oil is great for so many things – but especially if you’re having stomach issues/feel often bloated like myself. It works it’s magic somehow as it’s reducing the inflammation many of us have in the digestive system (welcome to the world of processed food) and that’s why many of us often feel bloated.

Besides, the coconut oil drains the toxins out of your body, aiding weight loss and keeping cellulites away! 


Coconut oil helps bloated stomach

Why are cellulites becoming more and more frequent in modern age?

Simply because the amounts of processed foods we’re eating, making the body to bulk up on toxins coming from all the pesticides/chemicals/additives in the food – which leads to many bad things but also cellulites! Eating coconut oil will improve this!

A recommended daily intake of Coconut oil is calculated to about 3 teaspoons.

You don’t necessarily need to eat it as it is, you can cook with it, add as an ingredient in foods/smoothies/coffee etc. Do a google search if you feel a lack of inspiration! But it does do you good, so take my recommendation and start nourishing your body as with todays living habits, we’re slowly destroying it. 🙁

This is the Coconut Oil I personally use:


Nutiva Coconut Oil


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  1. have you heard of oil pulling— swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 20 min and spit it out in garbage (it takes toxins out of your body whiteness teeth & gets rid of bacteria

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