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Why everyone must detox from sugar!

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How to detox from sugar

I did a proper sugar detox this summer when I didn’t eat anything with obvious sugars (sweets etc) and hidden sugars (more less everything that is processed food).

I kept mainly a plant based vegetarian diet, many days I was eating vegan. And gluten free. A whole food type of nutrition where I cooked all my foods from scratch and tried to consume as much organic products as possible.

I would say 80% of what I ate was ticking the boxes, the remaining 20% was those days I was eating out with friends and couldn’t find anything suitable on the menu to eat. Which happens like all the time when you’re eating healthy and want to grab a bite somewhere. Impossible! (So you end up eating rubbish).

How to detox from sugar

The amazing discovery I made with this sugar detox was that it didn’t take me that long to detox from refined sugars.

Actually within 2 weeks I would say all my cravings for sweets & junk magically disappeared. After about a month I realized I haven’t had any of that stuff to eat for a long while and told myself “You’ve been so good now, why don’t we have a little sweet feast with some chocolates and desserts?”

Interesting enough I felt disgusted by the thought of it, like my body feeling clean enough not wanting to let any dirt like sugar in. So strange, yet amazing!

How to detox from sugar

A few times I tried some dessert but I didn’t enjoy it, I would then only eat a spoon full before throwing it away.

The sugar in my mouth didn’t taste good, I could honestly say I didn’t enjoy the flavors. For me that’s unusual since normally I’m the type who’s eating like a piggy finishing off everybody’s´ plates!

How to detox from sugar

Unfortunately one day not long ago I started eating all that bad stuff again due to stress. It took just a few times to get the sugar addiction back on track – and got me back where I had just started.

When I say sugar addiction I don’t necessarily mean the hardcore sugar addiction people have who can’t go one day without drinking soda or eating something sweet.

I mean the hidden sugar addiction where I can go days of not eating sweets, but the cravings are still there and often I eat something processed or carbs.

When you’re on a whole foods diet you don’t battle the same types of cravings – your cravings occur very rarely, and usually not for anything processed.  Like mentioned above, your body & mind starts to reject any superficial food and you get put off by foods you normally like.

At least this is how it was for me.

How to detox from sugar

I’m back at square one, but I don’t think it’s the end. I know now what great stuff are waiting for me ahead if I just go trough the sugar detox once again. It’s like entering a state of peace (food wise).

Sure, the first days are always a battle, as you literally need to slap yourself on your hands each time you’re considering running down to the corner shop to buy some snacks.

But if you just focus on the great delivery the wait will give you – and cook some delicious whole foods meanwhile – then the 2 weeks will pass without you barely noticing it!

Just keep in mind that the reason why 99% of the western population are so addicted to sugar, it’s not only because of the obvious: a lot of food options, fast food, stress, no time to cook etc – but it’s also because we eat so much of the hidden sugars we’re not even aware of!

Hidden sugars are everywhere in processed foods, and the big corporations are putting it there on purpose because they know sugar is an addiction and like that we will keep on consuming (buying) their food.

I recommend to watch a great documentary (it’s on Netflix) called “Hungry for Change”.

You can also stream it here for free.

It’s amazing! Worth watching if you want to get inspiration to detox from sugars.

Happy Sugar Free Life to all 🙂 I’m on Day 4 of my sugar detox, wohoo!

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