Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

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Many women reach out to me asking why they cannot meet any decent affluent men. These women might be beautiful, successful and great catches – yet they are not able to meet Mr. Rich & Marrying kind or keep him.

Sadly, this is the brutal reality of dating today. It’s a harsh dating climate out there! It’s even tougher in high-society!

And the bigger city you’re in, the harder it gets!

So what’s actually happening in this scenario?

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

There are a few facts to take into consideration.

Beauty is more accessible today → More women are beautiful → As a woman you have more competition!

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

Men are more spoiled for choice → Women become more desperate → It spoils men even more!

This is a vicious circle that we need to stop!

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

The Internet has created easy access for men and women to meet. So men have it easier and don’t need to make as much effort with courting and investing in a woman. As a result, women become more desperate.

But it spoils men even more!

That was some environmental examples for you.

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

It would be easy to stop there, right? 

Sadly, a lot of women do. They love blaming their dating misfortunes on everything and everyone.

Anyone but themselves of course!

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

What’s important however is to take into consideration if there are more reasons than just the environmental.

So WHY are you still single?!

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

Most likely the biggest reason will boil down to your own self. Whether you want to admit it or not, but you’re not perfect!

Nobody is, and we’re not striving to become perfect.


Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

Some of your inner imperfections might be the reason why your dating life is not working.

You should prioritize taking a closer look to why you can’t make it work with the type of man you want. 

Take also a look at your expectations.

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

Ask yourself a very important question:

If you meet this perfect man, could YOU live up to his level? 

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

How leveled up are you in relation to him being

  • rich,
  • high-status,
  • young,
  • handsome,
  • tall,
  • with a six-pack
  • intellectual, etc.?

Are you aligned with all these things on your checklist?

Why Are You Not Meeting Mr. Right (And RICH)?

Scrutinizing yourself is not a bad thing to do! Coming to terms with your weaknesses is exactly what will make you grow as a woman and become the best version of yourself. 

I tell the students in School Of Affluence all the time! It’s important to understand where you must improve – if you WANT to improve. 

Then once you become that version, you will also notice a big change in your dating life…

That’s how it was for me and I’m so glad I took all that money, efforts and re-invested in myself.

I got my return on investment!


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Exactly, women need to understand that they need to invest in their brains, character more, as well in looks, clothes…If the situations is not changing, to ask yourself what I am doing wrong and how can I improve?
    And to stop spoiling men! It is so easy for men to get everything from women.

  2. YES YES YES. This is so true I have been saying it for a long time that women have dropped their standards so much that men can just chose from her, her, and her without any real effort. It is so sad.

  3. Well, men have always had the upper hand in this area but the good news is there are so many more affluent men then there ever was before and the average woman can travel. I agree with everything you have mention, however, I’m noticing some other things may be going on in the dating field and that is women are extremely insecure and confrontational to the men they are dating.

    They are usually only dating one man at a time when he hasn’t earned that privilege yet. Perhaps, when women start taking the position that I’m interviewing you, the man and he have to win you or convince you that he is worthy to continue to date then the shift may occur.

    I don’t think most women think strategically like men. Having you noticed when a man has broken up with a woman especially, celebrities they hire themselves a date either from a modeling agency or casting/acting agency because they can’t be seen as though they are pining over their ex. Women need to do the same thing and stop going out on Saturday night with their girlfriends.

    I see this cost as an investment in your social life and it should be the only time you pay for a date. How many times have you’ve read that so and so went out with so and so but once they were in the club they were off flirting with other people but they left together? This is stragetic dating. Stop allowing Mr. Richy Rich to dictate your life whether or not he’s going to call you. You show up at some of his hot spots with a man who is either younger, older and more established or better looking than him. Whether he’s there or not he will hear about it eventually.

  4. Yes, more women are becoming more beautiful with cosmetic enhancement. Take that away and let’s see how many “real” beauties are out there? 😉 versus the real competition!

    • Agree with Thalia
      And a plastic enhanced « beauty » can’t compete with a natural one. Men with taste know the difference.
      Also being « beautiful » doesn’t mean wearing brands, make up, nice blow dry and fake features.
      Beauty is about balanced facial features and body structure and having a « je ne sais quoi »…

  5. Seems to me too many are playing games with each other. You are either available and interested or you’re not.

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