Who is Valeria Sokolova?

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Valeria Sokolova

Her images has been around for quite some time on various social media channels, especially Tumblr. She is recognized for her long, perfect straight hair and slim fysique, so who is she?

Valeria Sokolova

…is a russian model, born on September 28 1987. She lives in the Miami but on her instagram you can often see her travelling to various destination as a true Jetset Babe. Besides a few model jobs here and there, she is very much in to gym & staying fit whenever she is not showing off her body on the beach. Let’s put it like this, this girl is popular on the internet mainly because people think she is perfection with great looks and amazing body. Which is true I would say 😀

Height: 5’9″ ; 175cm Measurements (US) 30-23-34 ; (EU) 77-59-87

Valeria Sokolova Weight
Valeria Sokolova

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  1. Well at least the creator had the mercy to give her ugly toes lol too much perfection would be a crime. Shes unreal!

  2. she beautiful …
    not a perfectionist because perfection is about having 3 star in your eyes and she have it not!!!
    perfection dont alow you to have a tatoo she has one…
    perfection ask you to make your bed the morning ( look at the picture)

  3. I know her, some of her closest friends and i think i have the right to say what people who really knew her already aware of:
    She can be considered as a TRUE bit*ch since she did not work in last few years and relies on boyfriends’ money.
    Being with her was so easy when she was around as long as
    Attention whore i could also say.
    Not all but most of the models i know in real life are humble, gentle, down to earth guys and girls and mostly appear with the work they have done.
    But Valeria in opposite, could not succeed in modeling, maybe did not even care, as long as she gets paid by rich boyfriends. Thats why calling her a model is an insult to fashion industry itself.
    If i was wrong, you would probably know her name from magazines and catwalks, not from her instagram pics.
    After all , i think i dont even need to state her intelligence level, because the clock probably stopped working for her after her high school days.
    After knowing her for some weeks, i am sure many of you would prefer average beauty with bigger heart and brain…

  4. I agree with ICARUS, I met her in Miami awhile back and she was a cold bitch. She’s infamous for her IG and social media. As ICARUS said you don’t see her to be known in any fashion mags. Her modeling career failed and a lot of it prob had to do with her bad attitude. Not jealous. It’s just facts.

  5. is she like olesya malinskaya? It is told about her that Olesya is a high class hooker who is sponsored by very rich men. Well, it it’s not that shocking to believe because the pictures of her before the surgery show how much different she looked. Valeria hangs out with Olesya and it makes me wonder if Valeria is also sponsored by rich guys. Valeria got married recently and by the looks of it, the guy is loaded.

  6. Now featuring new nose, new boobs, and a baby in Gucci. Anyone know more about her Montenegro/Serbian baby-daddy? Rich father, I presume.

  7. I’ve known Valeria personally since around 2008/2009 but haven’t spoken to her since 2014. She used to be a nice and fun girl but started changing around 2010 when she became increasingly spoiled, materialistic and superficial. During this time she started dating various men who were typically a little older and had quite a bit of money, including a guy who, back then, was a somewhat famous ice hockey player. She started working as a “model” although this wasn’t very serious. Literally anyone can get in touch with one of the thousands of semi-professional and amateur photographers out there, take a few pictures, do some editing, post the pictures on social media and be a “model.” It was more for her image than an actual career. During the 5-6 years that I’ve known her, she’s never actually had a job or worked a day in her life. Everything was paid for by several boyfriends. I don’t mean for this to sound bad in any way. In Eastern European countries such as Russia (where she is from), Ukraine, Belarus etc. it is very common for beautiful young girls to find a wealthy older man to take care of her financially. In these countries it is socially more acceptable than in western countries to be a gold-digger and you will see this very often and it is completely normal. I know MANY girls like this personally. I don’t know her current boyfriend (from whom she has a baby) personally but we share some common friends. All I know about him for a fact is that he is from a wealthy family and doesn’t do much other than working for his father. Someone who previously commented said that she is not very intelligent. I can confirm that, depending on how you define intelligence. Is she very educated? Not at all. You probably would not be able to hold a conversation with her about the economy or politics. However, consider the fact that she has achieved to be in a position in life where she can afford a very luxurious lifestyle, and all this with minimal effort and not having worked a day in her life. Some people would consider her very smart. Not everyone in this world has the same ambitions. Some people believe in working hard for what they have. Others simply believe in getting there with minimal effort, which is OK. Anyway, just thought I would share my 2 cents. I’m just letting you know some facts based on my past personal relationship with her. Don’t judge her based on this. If you don’t know her, don’t talk about her as if you do. Simple.

  8. She is an escort and can be found on multiple escort websites
    as for sponsors she mostly picks elder African american men

  9. It’s all true. Valeria is escort and superficial she speaks rude and she is too much into cash. lol

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