Who else has got this problem?

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Seriously, I’m such a fail when it comes to this situation.

The only reason why I stay away from touching any form of sweets & junk is because this happens to me EVERY time. NO self control whatsoever! I try and take 1 only but it results I eat the entire bag/bowl/bucket-whatever! It’s crazy! I wish to become like these people who can buy one chocolate, take 1-2 pieces, enjoy it and store the rest for another time. HOW DO THEY DO IT?

Please, if you’re one of these people – share your secret! I want to learn how to stop pigging out as soon as I have unhealthy stuff in front of me!!!




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  1. Thanks for this post! Unfortunately, I am one of those in the picture…however, I asked myself the same question as you and did some research…apparently, ‘those’ people who can take one piece and feel alright not eating the whole bag, may have at least 3 ‘traits’ and sheer willpower is just one of them (which can be trained ;)…the other two have a more biological origin: First, usually the type of food you cannot stop eating is high in carbs (typically salty, sweet or fatty or all three;) – different bodies absorb and process sogar/salt/fat differently…In me, it spikes a sugar ‘high’ and I try to ‘maintain’ that high intuitively by eating it all. Second, hormonal changes may also trigger the ‘need’ to sometimes eat everything…you know, especially on some days of the (female) month. To me, the solution is very simple and proved over 2 years the most effective I ever tried: Ban junk food (any processed stuff such as crisps and chips; chocolate, cookies, any kinds of biscuits, processed sweets etc) from the food you consume. The benefits are huge: Weight control is much easier; you don’t feel sluggish or have ever a bad ‘conscience’ for having eaten ‘unhealthily’, your skin will thank you πŸ™‚ and you can use up the ‘free’ kcal you save from the unhealthy stuff for eating more healthy things. Simply saying no has been the most freeing decision ever to me and since then reduced my ‘fight’ for less kgson the scale and less ‘tired’ skin a lot.
    Although I think eating in moderation is a great idea, knowing that I cannot adhere to it for several reasons directed me to this second option; I think it works πŸ™‚
    have a great day !

  2. Hi,

    I’m horrible at diets, but still I lost a couple of kilos. My weight was 61, now my weight is 48,5.
    The answer is I really don’t know what I was doing. I never drink any water, I LOVE sweets and I love pizza and fries. What happened is I stopped complaining about my weight, didn’t look too much in the mirror before I took a bath or shower and I visualized myself being skinny. I visualized myself being 48,5 kg. People tell me all the time : you look great! what did you do? I always reply the same: I actually don’t know.
    So I wanted to know why is it possible? Is it really possible to loose weight like that? So i Googled it and it was! There are a LOT of people loosing weight like this… you’re kind off ”hypnotizing” your own body. Telling your body you’re skinny and sending love to your body. I found something REALLY interesting. Your body is made out of 80% of water. Scientists did an experiment with water. One glass of water they send love to and the other hate. They enlarged it with a microscope and what happened one crystal was gorgeous and the other one was just blurry and that all with the mind! This is not something spiritual or something but its been proven scientifically. ( here a link : http://madelinelemon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/watercrystalresults.gif ).
    So if you can change water like that you can also change your body like that. Do some meditation see yourself being skinny without skipping the sweets. I’m reading your blog often and I saw you busy with the secret and stuff. Remember the genie ? Who said your wish is my command? Whatever you think, say, write down, etc are you attracting in to your life. If you see sweets and think: I can’t eat that because I don’t want to get fat. That what you’re putting out in the universe. Just see yourself, only see your end goal. You don’t have to know the how. Just see yourself being skinny, eating anything you like without gaining weight. I proved myself it’s possible πŸ™‚


    • Another JetSet Girl on

      Hi I totally agree about what you said I also wanted to lose weight like about 4-5 kg I did no diet at all but I was always imagining myself as very slim and skinny and the days past by I felt myself lighter and I reached that body I wanted a lot all this without any diet or lipo. I just drank green tea (2-3 cups a day)


      • Another JetSet Girl on

        I really believe when you wish something very hard then you get it … (Like The Law Of Attraction)

    • AppreciateLife:) on

      I did the same thing! I visualized my body skinny, my hair perfectly long, healthy, my flawless face… And it works! I had a loooot of troubles with my hair, it was just really thin and fragile and after ages and ages of blow drying it- it looked horrifying… I tried many expensive hair products and nothing worked. One day I found The Secret Movie and since then my life completely changed. Now, I am better person, more grateful, more optimistic, more successful, but at the same time my body changed too. I lost many kilos(and I still eat a lot of food),my face is no longer covered in imperfections, my hair is now pure perfection and everything in my life seems to going upstream. It’s all how you look at yourself. I imagined all of this and I actually have it now! (I did my visualization for a 10 months with some pauses.) I believe you can do it too, JetsetBabe!

  3. I low carb mon-fri then relax at weekends, if I combine this with the gym 3-5 times in the wk I still lose weight, however I have been away last week and it was impossible to keep to the low carb! I have eaten one of thos large bags of kettle crips, (was on offer afterall!) far too many chocolates and even some of next sundays easter egg YIKES! not to mention breads….. am going to have to make up for it this week! I will try the visualisation thats interesting, would be amazing if it could work for me.

  4. hi there,
    i would say it is not about self control (for me at least), for me i hate when i “cannot” than i want it even more, and i have sugar problem, maybe u are the same way, trick to this is in 2 steps
    a) allow yourself have the sweet but inbetween the morning and 12-14 oclock (before lunchtime your body can still burn it so no damage is done), if you are past this time tell yourself you can have it even save it somewhere for later but in the morning the next day – trust me you wont have the craving next day
    b) it has lots to do with sugar level, when you are hungry and your sugar level is past the breaking point you will eat everything, but if you manage to eat before that point you will win, for me it is 17 oclok when i need to eat dinner if i dont i will snack and eat everything, the miracle is in eating in portions you hear about it everywhere but once you eat like that your body will know that it will be fed in certain hour not earlier not later but than you need to feed it but not with crap, so if you have some routine in eating snacking on crap can be prevented without you even noticing, at the beginning apply point a) when u feel like eating crap

    read about hypoglycemia and glycemic index to stabilize your sugar, in this fast pace time and your brain living on sugar, your blood sugar might drop quickly

    • What you say is very true! We tend to forget to keep an eye on those sugar levels rather than obsessing about how much we eat. We eat a lot when sugar levels drop too low, so its could to never reach that far! πŸ™‚

      • That’s super important but so is insulin sensitivity! I also fast a lot but I do 22:2 M-F and 13:13 S/S. I also try to work out 3-6x a week during my fasting window towards the end for extra fat burning. (I also drink green tea during my fasting window to up the burn.)
        I’ve learned recently that if you work out fasted, you become extra insulin sensitive and that it’s best to wait to break your fast 1 hr post work out. What you break a fast with is also important, either protein and carbs or protein and fat but -never- fat and carbs at the same time otherwise your body’s insulin response will make your cells store both fat and glycogen (from carbs) so it can make you pack on the pounds as faster.

  5. i almost forget hormones before your period and sometimes during ovulation, i crave chocolate, i realized why not because of sugar but because magnesium and i guess iron, so it can be replaced with red meat – it works for me

  6. I know that this post is old (I’ve been binging on many JetSetBabe posts) but I came across a post on Instagram that said:
    “When you are facing addiction, it is not you who is addicted, but rather your mind. When you stop identifying with your mind, you realize you are not the one who is having cravings. Doing this makes it much easier to control your impulses.”
    An addiction is basically just a repeated thought pattern that you need something. Obviously, the picture doesn’t talk about addictions but it still touches on self control. An easy thing you can do is to direct your focus somewhere to break the pattern of thought and eventually you may forget about it. I hope this helps some of you.

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