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They say it’s 70% diet, and 30% work out. If you do implement this lifestyle change, it’s actually a formula that works! (If your aim is to lose weight and get your body in a beautiful shape).

1 year ago I stopped (cut down by 95%) with all kinds of processed foods, and been eating as clean as possible most of the times. (With the exception of sometimes treating yourself or having big meals when out dining etc).

Between October 2014 – February 2015 I started going to the gym 4-5x a week, and I did it continuously with very little cheating.


Work out Results


Then I took a 3 month break while traveling (only with work out, clean eating continued) and when I came back in May I have been exercising and eating very well again on a regular basis.

Since October 2014 I have there for lost 8 kg’s. Which is quite good for a person who was not over weight or chubby but with an average body shape. People now notice a difference in my appearance and I do get a lot of compliments.

The goal was to burn some fat, build some muscles and get toned, so I would achieve a tighter body.



I have not reached my final goal yet, but I’m not far away now… 

I would like to share with those, who may feel like it’s an impossible quest to lose weight – yeah it’s true, that’s how it feels the first 2-3 months.

But if you really stick to the rules of the formula – the formula freakin’ works! All you need is patience and repetition because then YOU.WILL.GET.THE.PROMISED.RESULTS.

Live through those initial months, because after you will become even more motivated once you start seeing your appearance changing to the better – and that will feel like running down hill. The feeling is so amazing, and you will be willing to change your life forever, never stop with the work outs, because seeing the results will be so much in your face – you will never go back to your old habits.

I myself feel totally done with neglecting my body, health and appearance. Taking care of myself has never felt this good. And I will embrace this lifestyle change for the rest of my life because it’s the only way of making it sustainable. I love it!



“Just stick to the formula” – was a motto that got me through it. And today I can see in the mirror, the science worked!



About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. I guess the compliments you`ve been receiving are from women, who always think “the scrawnier and gauntier the better. I am 172 cm tall and I like trainned men, big and strong and when I have 62-63 kg, almost l the men arund me are saying that I should gain some weight. And I`ve never let myself to look THAT famished like these women here. In my skinniest I had a little more than them and I still looked too skinny. And I think at the end of it all, the most important for me is to be sexy for MEN, no for other deluded women, who think that men all like sticks, which is so not true. 🙂

    • dear Ivon dont be confused, since I am one of those women complimenting JB, let me explain – it is not really about losing the weight, actually it is not at all, it is about putting her mind into something and accomplishing by working hard and not giving up, it would be quite shallow to assume that we are so shallow…
      to other topic about what men like, you are completelly correct, as it goes for women not everyone likes huge guys
      to the last topic, I think you seem quite sexist even you do not know it, to assume that someone is doing this for a guy – have you been told this all you life? let me assure you that woman complimenting JB are quite opposite minded and most likely feminists like myself, that doesnt change the fact that she achieved her goal and you are not the one who should be judging what that goal for anyone is …

    • And why do you feel that you should do all this work for some mere men? o.O Do they mean something to you? Are you really going to put in so much hard work so that someone else can reap the benefits and enjoy?

      Like Lea said, you seem pretty sexist.

    • I think there is difference between sports and between workouts, someone like lifting weights someone likes to run or just simply play team sports otherwise gets bored, do not look for books go and try new things and find what is right for you

  2. Hey jetset babe
    Would you mind doing a post about piercings? I have a belly button piercing myself and I’d really like to know how it’s viewed in the jetset world. Is it acceptable or is it something that’s not desirable to have?

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