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When guy friends spoil their female friends

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First runner up of my request of sharing your Jetset Stories with me is a reader who wish to remain anonymous. With her own words I’m publishing her story, with a follow up question from my end. This is a great example of how good it can be to have generous friends.



Invited for a trip to Italy

Me and my best friend were travelling a lot together. Since we’re both young and still go to university our parents usually pay most of our trips. One time my friend told me about a guy she met in Zurich and he decided to invite us both to his boat.

The trip started on a friday morning when we flew to Italy.  When we arrived at the airport there was a Bentley waiting for us to get in. I’m not sure how long we were driving for, but it was about 2 hours in this amazing car drinking as much champagne as we wanted to. When we arrived at the boat, front of me was the biggest yacht I’ve ever been on in my life. I was amazed by all it’s beauty and luxury, but we were not allowed to take pictures inside it.

There was a crew out of 15 people who cooked for us and made us feel like queens. We drove all the way to Sicily with the yacht, like 6-7 days and it was the best time of my life. No parties, just chilling and swimming and enjoying all the luxury we were spoiled with.


At day 7 I was so sad that this was going to be over,

but the guy who invited us surprised us with a flight in his private jet to South of France. We ended up staying at his house in Cannes for another 3 days. After that he took us to Monaco for a great night out with him and two other friends from Switzerland. It was time for us to go after 15 days of luxury and travelling, but at least we had his private jet for our ride home! And during this entire time I had only spent 5€, that’s it.


A weekend in London

Another time my best friend and I were with a group of friends from Monaco in London for a weekend to party and socialize. It was a great weekend but on the last night my best friend and I got a little drunk and we overslept so we missed our flight back home.

Luxury London Blog

First we cried and were afraid to never get back home, so we texted our friends from Monaco, who had a flight earlier than us, that we didn’t know what to do. They said they would get us a jet in the evening and we should wait. And so we did, a whole day at the airport and it was horrible. But somehow they managed to get to London again and we saw our friends just standing in front of us at the airport, holding tickets in their hands to go to Ibiza. So instead of heading back home we spend an entire week at Ibiza last summer.

(Jetset Babe) But I gotta ask a follow up question,
as I’ve been around in this scene for a while and been hearing stories similar to this. Was there any catch from the guy/guys? I mean they spend all this money on you to have fun, but like they always say ”there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Didn’t they expect something in return? Or were you already romantically involved with the person/persons?


I know exactly what you mean since I met a lot of jetsetting girls who are in the ‘escort scene’. My best friend and I were on the boat with 3 other guys. The one who owns the boat and met my friend in Zürich and 2 friends of him. My best friend was madly in love with the Owner and they’ve been in greece together alone 2 weeks before he invited us both and they were in a relationship after our trip. He or one of his friends payed for everything and no one wanted us to do something in return. We’re still in contact with everyone from this trip and it was the beginning of a great friendship!

Same goes with our friends from Monaco – just good friendship and sharing the same kind of lifestyle. It was a thing of “Honour” for them to pay for this trip, haha. Some guys just really like it to spoil woman with their money!


Thank you for sharing your story! If any of you other readers wish to share your Jetset story, it can be a positive, negative, interesting, crazy or just a random story from your jetsetting experience – email me! I will publish and you will of course remain anonymous if you want.

(P.S The people in these pictures have nothing to do with the author of this text)



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  1. Dear JSB,

    I thank you for this post. Please give the reader my thanks for her story and her permission for you to tell it.

    I love this story as it serves as evidence that there are some of us gentlemen out there. Some men, who have a luxury lifestyle, simple want to share it with their friends and their friends friends. They want people to enjoy. No strings attached.

    It can be just that simple.


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