What To Wear When The Dress code Says Black Tie or Formal?

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What to wear when you get an invitation that says Black tie or Formal attire?

The invite might be to a wedding, a ball or any other sorts of black tie events. You might frequently be attending these functions, or it might be one of those rare occasions for you. Regardless, you’ll want to know what to wear to such classy celebration.

The answer is: Wear a long dress or a gown.

You might get away with an elegant cocktail dress (depending on the actual event), but a majority of the women will be wearing a long dress because formal dress code always requires that.

That is great news because how often do we actually get an opportunity to wear them? I think most of us would love to wear something so special like a gorgeous gown that makes us feel like we belong on the cover of Classy Magazine. And the less often it happens in our lives, the more special it tends to feel.

When it comes to your attire at upscale events, it’s important to be cautious on the type of gown you choose.

You don’t want to have “SEX” written on you, with deep decollté and high side cut on your dress. But, on the contrary, I’ve actually come across some who manage to pull such sexy gowns off by making them look more conservative than they are. Not sure of their secret, but it can sometimes be so individual as a person’s look or body type. The point is, being provocative is not an occasion for such high-end events, unless you want to make people assume that you’re there because someone paid for your company.

The best thing is always to keep it safe. Call me boring, but my adventurous days are gone! I think wearing something classy and elegant will always give you better opportunities in life, especially at black tie events. These places are excellent for networking and get high-quality contacts. You don’t want to miss out on making important business contacts or valuable friendships just because people got the wrong impression of you.

After all, you are your personal brand wherever you go, whether you like it or not. So treat it with care and always dress classy, because you are the one who will be reaping the benefits in the end!


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