What To Wear On Your Ski Trip

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The Ski Special for JetsetBabes, continues. Now I want to focus on the most common question newbies ask themselves “What to wear in the alps?”

It can be daunting to pack for your first ski trip, because you don’t know what’s the dress code, how dressed up people will be and if everyone will be just wearing their ski gear 24/7. This is why I’ve created this post, to help you with this packing stress.

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▲ What do JetsetBabes wear on the ski slopes?

If you’re planning to ski, you should be aware that you need to have special clothes for that. Unless you want to go for the ski suit, you’ll need to buy ski pants, jacket, warming base layers to wear underneath your costume, gloves, ski mask and a pair of moon boots/good shoes to walk around in the snow. If you’re renting equipment, you can often rent a helmet and ski boots on location.

The most common colors are the usual, black or white, even in the slopes. White can be a bit dangerous as you’re less visible, so it’s good to aim for a colorful outfit so that people can see you. But if you don’t want to drag any unnecessary attention, stick to black.

▲ What do JetsetBabes wear for lunch in the alps?

If you’re a skier, most probably, you’ll stop for lunch somewhere up in the mountains and wear your ski clothes. At places like Nammos in Courchevel, they even party in their ski pants, so it’s a totally laidback vibe during the day.

If you’re having lunch in town and not in some of the restaurants, you can dress, however, depending on the place. Usually, the vibe is more casual in the mountains, so you can easily put on a cozy sweater and fit in without looking shabby.

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▲ What about the aprés ski?

Same as above. It can take form up in the mountains, so it’s obvious you would wear your ski clothes. If you leave the slopes and return back to lower altitudes, then any form of clothing. The vibe is casual for aprés ski.

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▲ How cozy can you actually get with your looks?

As cozy as you want, but don’t take this look anywhere else than in the Alps. You get away with being more laidback there, but there should be a certain level to your laidbackness. You don’t want to walk around dressed in ratty clothing just because it’s your favorite cozy pants. You can dress down, but the clothes you wear should look expensive casual, instead of cheap and scruffy. (An exception for this advice would be in Gstaad, I find people to be dressed more chic there.)

Whenever you dress down in your outfit, remember one thing; invest more efforts in your grooming. If you wear a cozy outfit with perfectly groomed hair and face, it won’t look like you’re wearing something that can be mistaken for pajamas. You’ll still look dressed up, so be wise.

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▲ Are UGGs okay?

Usually UGGs are never okay. But I think the alps is the only place where it’s acceptable for JetsetBabes to wear them and get away with it.

▲ What do JetsetBabes wear at night in the mountains?

Business as usual. You wear what you would wear back home. Normal clothes. Heels can certainly be a bit tricky to walk in if you have to walk a bit outside (snow, ice, danger alert!). Make sure you have chauffeur service wherever you go if you are going to wear heels otherwise wear something more casual.

Again, it’s fine to be more casual even at night in the Alps, but I would still dress up. Places like Gstaad, Courchevel, St Moritz, etc., the clientele is chic, so you want to fit in. Other ski resorts can be more laidback, it’s good if you research with people that have been.

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