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What To Wear On Extremely Casual Days

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We all have days (often on Sundays or Mondays) when we want to stay in our pajamas all day. We have the mood of being cozy and casual, having maximum comfort. But considering we are classy ladies, we would never leave the house looking like bums.

So the question arises, can you combine these two elements? Is there such thing as a classy pajamas that you could get away with wearing in public without looking like a slob?

Let’s investigate.

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Living in an airport.

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I’m not a big fan of the current trends of wearing tracksuits and sporty chic clothing. I don’t think it’s classy no matter how fashionable and “edgy” it is right now. Jetset fashion is not supposed to be edgy; it’s meant to be classic and sophisticated.

But we’re all humans, and sometimes we don’t feel like being dressed up. There is plenty to say on the big topic on casual clothing, so today’s focus is on the ultra-casual.
I personally think – Yes, you can be dressed “super-comfy” and still look representable but only If you keep it on a certain level, you’ll get away with it.
The other important rule is to think of appropriate occasions. In some settings, these clothes work well, but in many, they are too dressed down. It’s important to develop a feel for situations and an ability to correctly evaluate what is considered suitable.


How to get away with ultra-comfortable attire?

  • Cashmere sets are ideal
  • You want to wear the finest and softest material of highest quality
  • Matching sets work best and feel more dressy than if you do your own combination
  • An oversized jumper gives that look of casual and comfortable
  • The pants should be fitted to add a feminine touch
  • Colours can be any, but lighter colors like white, beige, camel, etc. give a more luxurious look to the outfit.

Here below are the type of clothing I’m referring too. As you can see, they all have that level of comfort but without looking sloppy, and that’s the type of classy outfit women can occasionally wear when they want to be cozy.


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Мама в деле 🙈

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