What to spend on? The Top 3 items:

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How to look expensive

How to look expensive

You have to look expensive to be part of this playground, I’ve gotta be honest with you…

It sounds all kindergarden kinda style, but don’t forget – it’s exactly what this jet set world is about. If you look cheap, nobody wants to play with you, if you look expensive you look automatically like you belong to the group. It’s that simple.

You can obviously fake it to a certain extend (I don’t mean wear fake copies, I mean wear expensive looking non branded items) but there are still certain elements that you should put some extra £$€ in to. Let me present you the top 3 items for Fall/Winter:

How to look expensive How to look expensive

1. The hand bag

The most important status item you can have is the hand bag. I mean this is where you have to go designer, you don’t have much choice (sorry to say). No high street brand will look good, I’ve been around the shops for years trying to find cheaper bags that look expensive but it’s just impossible when it comes to bags. The quality plays a big role here and you need a bag to be in very high quality (prime leather, how it’s been sewn, the stitches, design etc).

To get a proper designer bag it will cost you 1-2k at least. It’s a great investment as you will be using this bag for many years if you take care of it. I understand it’s a lot of money, usually normal people save up for a bag like that – but if you simply cannot afford, I would suggest down scale to maybe a Michael Kors, Karen Millen or a more italian hand bag brand like Coccinelle. They are not cheap, but they are below 1k and still look great.

How to look expensive How to look expensive

2. The coat/jacket

This is something worth investing money in and in fall/winter it plays a big role in your life – so get an expensive one! With coats and jackets it’s not so important the brand itself, I rarely get myself a designer coat/jacket – what I instead look out for is to get prime material.

Let it be a simple black coat, a classic leather jacket or a coat with fur details, you should not pick one from a high street shop where the material is fake. Fake leather is hideous and will make you look trailer trash, coats trying to look like wool but made of some other material won’t have a nice cut after some usage and the faux fur details on your jacket will look like someones old hair extensions. (However I still think it’s better to wear fake fur than the real deal because of animal cruelty reasons, just try and find better versions of it).

You get the picture. My advice, spend a little more here as this is something people will be seeing you most in and you will be wearing it over and over again for a long time. Look expensive, even if it’s “just a jacket”.

How to look expensive How to look expensive

3. Heels

Footwear, and it better be heels! I don’t think it’s necessarily to go designer with heels, you can find great expensive looking shoes for around €£$100 but I would not go below that amount. The cheaper shoes, the more “plastic” and low quality material they are. Plus the design of the shoes has a big difference if it’s “quick made” or someone put more effort in it. Another thing many forget is to always polish your shoes every time you’ve used them. The more they look brand new, the more expensive they look.


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  1. I’m so happy to see another useful fashion post. I hope you had a great friday, and btw, are you going to continue with the jetset ABC ? From what i remember, we were left at eyebrows.

    Kiss ya

  2. What designer bag would you say is top 5 most exclusive? What type of bags do you have yourself? Love your blog!

  3. I think designer bag is a must have. If u live in US, and don’t have enough money, try DKNY or kate Spade, shoes and coat- Rachel Zoe is great, Badgley Mischka, LAMB
    I love your blog!

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