What Hats To Wear For Fall & Winter?

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This post is dedicated to my hat-loving friend. She is one of the people always wearing hats, and I’m the type who would never wear one unless it’s cold, and I’m forced to.

But some people just get that with hats. They know they can put on some basic clothes, but if they throw a hat into the mix, it will elevate their entire outfit. Very JetsetBabe style. In fact, fall and winter season is the perfect hat season, because it’s both fashionable and keeps you warm. You can turn in to a classy woman in seconds if you put on the right hat, with any outfit, because yes, it holds that much glamour.

In today’s post, I’ve gathered some inspiration for hats to wear during fall and winter season. You will see some different models, and one thing to remember, not all of them will be suitable for you. It’s essential to try out hats and the various shapes before purchasing because some might not be suitable for your face shape.

So let’s have a look what kind of fall/winter hats the JetsetBabes are wearing:

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Bonjour ❤️

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Reminiscing of autumn in Paris

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My beautiful morning😘 #veronikaorchid

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Когда ты мама, то успевать все очень сложно! Если честно, иногда чувствую себя супергероем фантастического фильма, а иногда я ну просто валюсь с ног! Но не сегодня. Сегодня на прогулке в парке среди роскошной золотой листвы я почувствовала какой-то безумный заряд энергии! В этом году, конечно, какая-то невероятно теплая и красивая осень🍂🍁!!! Девочки, подскажите, куда еще можно съездить в Москве за шикарными осенними видами? Чтобы еще и малыша можно было взять с собой пока совсем не похолодало .

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    • I know Ruslan Baginskiy and Dior makes these hats. But I don’t know any other brands specifically. However, I’m pretty sure now a lot of brands must do them because they are getting very popular!

  1. I love pillow box hat. I think they make a woman look very elegant,but sadly I don’t see anyone wearing these day. I think they will make a perfect fit in this category…just my opinion

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