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What happens after the age of 30+?

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What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire
I want to continue the post I made about The truth of Free Jet set Trips. We had a good discussion in the comments section, and there are some comments I’d like to share in this post and raise a new topic:
What happens to the Jet set Babe after the age of 30+ ? Does she get her happy ending?

What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire

Who is she?

There are different types of Jet set Babes as I hope you understand by reading my blog. In this post I’d like to focus on the type of girl in her 20’s who comes from a normal family, she maybe models or have some kind of un important job.

She goes out socializing a lot in the right places, to meet the right people.

She might be living in hot spots like London, Dubai, LA, etc. But she is never home for too long as usually you see her traveling the world.

She is often somewhere new, on a yacht in Ibiza, in the water of Maldives or outside Hotel de Paris in Monaco – traveling on someone else’s bill than her own.

This is the persona of the Jet set Babe I’m writing this post about. I think it’s important to not confuse this type of Jet set Babe with others because there is a big difference in the end of the day 🙂

What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire
How long can she live this lifestyle for?

The average age for girls to be in is in their 20’s. But that doesn’t mean 30+ girls are rare. Not at all! I know of many girls of the age of 30-35 who are active jet setters.

You can live a jet set lifestyle forever but you might not get the free trip type of invitations once you’re 35+.

What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire

What happens when it’s time for her to retire from this lifestyle?

What Happens With the JEt set Babe when she gets old?

Comment from Anonymous

What Happens With the JEt set Babe when she gets old?

Comment from Annie

What happens to the Jetset Babe after age of 30?

First of all – anything can happen!

There are many different cases of girls who end up marrying some rich guy or girls who go back to reality closing this chapter once and for all. Some girls remain in the jet set scene on a part time basis but create a more middle class lifestyle.

Those girls I know who are in their 30’s (most of them are 34-35) have one thing in common – they are all single!

What had happened was that they remained in this lifestyle for too long (cause it can be like a drug) and not being lucky enough to run in to prince charming (90% of the jet set guys in this particular sphere are assholes).

Resulting in some serious stress & anxiety of “when will I meet the right guy to settle down?!”. I think all of them are kind of tired of running about – but they wouldn’t settle for average Joe – so they continue their same routine of partying & travel hoping to eventually meet mr right.

What happens to the Jetset Babe after age of 30?
But of course the absolute goal is to find that guy who they can marry, get kids and live a wealthy life without really needing to work. (Forgot to say those friends of mine were not looking to really make a career on their own)

I know for a fact that the majority of these girls have in mind to look for a potential rich boyfriend or husband.  It’s kind of in our DNA as females to hunt down a man when we are young and most fruitful to reproduce (referring to the nature of human species).

What are the chances to meet Mr. Right?

Small 🙂

What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire

What Happens With the JEt set Babe when she gets old?

Comment from Yulia

What happens to the Jetset Babe after age of 30?
I would say roughly 15% of the girls end up marrying some rich dude but only 2% actually live in a happy marriage.

See my post Being married to a millionaire.

The truth is, these men are not looking for their future wives on trips to French Riviera, on a yacht, in a club etc – They are just looking to have some fun!

— sure — There are exceptions, and I know of happy couples who’ve met this way. But again, we’re talking about a small 2%.

These guys just want to live out what their DNA has programmed them to do: Bang as many females as possible to higher the rate for the survival of their genes (again, referring to how nature works).

What happens to the Jetset Babe after age of 30?
Also bare in mind that many of the guys around in the jet set social scene are actually already married!

Yes, the cheating rate is massive in the jet set scene, and sure it’s a bold statement of me to do. But I’m sure if we would actually do a proper survey, I would be right 🙂 Let’s go back to those girlfriends of mine in their mid 30’s, why are they still single?

– Cause it’s nearly impossible do find good husband material who will be faithful to you in these surroundings! But they are still searching, so bless them.

Anna Andres
If we go back to the 15% which can actually seem like a high number, but the truth is it contains a lot women who are now divorced or the ones who are still in un happy marriages denying the fact that their cheating husband is on a roll somewhere in St Tropez.

We have also a number of women who got pregnant on purpose with their previous rich boyfriend/husband so that he has to pay child support until the kid is 18 – giving the mother a good stream of income without really needing to work. (This topic is one to spare for a rainy day as we could go on for days.)

What Im trying to say is that there are many different cases in the 20% I’ve mentioned but of what I can see it’s not really the happy ending they’ve dream about.

What happens to the Jetset Babe after age of 30?
Last words…

Of course you can have it all in life, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket hoping to find Mr. Right who will save you and your financial future.

As to my experience and many of my readers and friends out there = The chances are small!

It can happen, so never shut yourself down to the opportunity, but don’t hunt for it like it’s your last solution to live a happy life!

You can create your own life, your own happiness and your own money. Focus on that while you’re open to meet men – all types of men.

Try with Richie Rich, Average Joe and the secret millionaire dude who is hiding far away from the jet set.

Try them all and decide what you like most, who makes you feel most special and who you can really see yourself happy with for the rest of your life.

You can have it all, but you have to first decide what’s really important to have 🙂

What happens to Jetset Babes when they retire


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  1. Great post. I like the fact that we discuss some of the realities of being a Jet Set Babe. I know some girls may read this blog and aspire to this life not know some of the pitfalls. It’s not all caviar, Chanel, and champagne (a line directly from one of my friends).

    • Exactly, it’s very easy to believe that this life only contains one certain ingredient and that is pure luxury. People tend to forget all the other aspects of this life and what belongs to it.

  2. So, so true. And the 30plus ones are angry and resentful because they’ve seen the 2% and hoped they’d be that.

  3. I am almost 35. I am only now starting my jet-set life, but I am finding it very easy. There are a few reasons that I am able to succeed, while other women in my age category are failing miserably.
    I was already married, and divorced with kids, so I am not in a rush to get married again or ever have children. T
    he reason I am finding success is this:
    1) I look very young. I am petite and look 20, with the body of a high schooler. Men love this.
    2) I receive alimony, which allows me to be able to work sporadically if I need to, giving me more time to devote to socializing.
    3) The children’s father and I split large chunks of time, allowing me to travel.
    4) I belong to a religious minority with a concentration of wealth which allows me to have more access to wealthy individuals.
    5) I live in a major city with a high concentration of wealth.
    I have another friend who is nearing 40 and is successful as well. She does not have children, but she is a self-made entrepreneur, and owns several properties.
    This is my advice for women who try to Jet Set after 30:
    1) You cannot get away with things that a 20 year old can because you will look pathetic.
    2) You cannot do it with a 9-5 job that only gives you 2 weeks of vacation a year. You need to have a job that is flexible so that you can go to events and travel. If you do need to work for a living, make sure that it is a position or industry that will give you access to rich men.
    3) Move to a city where rich men live or work. It will be hard to meet a rich man living in an area that is middle class.
    4) Do not try to dress like a 20 year old. You will look ridiculous. Also, don’t dress frumpy.
    5) Educate yourself on a number of topics. Men who are attracted to women 30+ reject the 20 year olds because they believe older women are more sophisticated or smarter.
    6) Join the charity circuit. Volunteer. Become a patron of local art museums. This is how I meet men. They view a philanthropic woman as being less of a “gold digger” and this makes them relax around you.

    I have a lot more but this is is it for now, I hope it helps someone!!

    • Thank you so much for your wisdom, Anne! Like you, I’m 35 years old but look very young and slim. I have 2 degrees, a career, and I’ve recently moved to a wealthy area of London to upgrade my dating options. Your tips are invaluable and reassuring!

  4. My husband being a pilot on the corporate side traveled to most of these places and then some. 🙂

    Let beauty of the surround area inspire you, and a smell of your favorite drink lift your mood.

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