What Do You Think About Bandage Dresses?

I get so many questions about the bandage dress. Is it elegant, classy or sophisticated? Is it a dress for high-value, refined women? Will it help me make an entrance, or get attention from men?

The answer is: no!

Well, you might make one entrance and get male attention but it wont be for the right reasons.

You see, a high-value, elegant women would absolutely never wear a bandage dress. Not only is it incredibly outdated, it looks very cheap and tacky. There are many reasons why you should ditch the bandage dress once and for all, and I’m here to explain why…

It’s too revealing

Bandage dresses

The bandage dress is simply too revealing. It’s too short, too tight and reveals too much skin. An elegant lady is smart enough to know that there are better ways to get a man’s attention than to put everything on display. Elegance is all about practicing discretion. You don’t have to be overly conservative or boring in your dress, you just have to leave a little something for the imagination. Classy does not equal revealing!

It has a bad reputation

Bad reputation bandage

Unfortunately, this dress has a bad reputation. It’s a dress that has been around (all the wrong) blocks. Because it’s so revealing and tight, people tend to make negative assumptions. Do you want to be put in a category that you don’t belong in? We live in a superficial world and have a short window of time to make positive, lasting impression. Personal branding matters for elegant, classy and high-value women.

It’s not always flattering

not flattering dress

We don’t all have supermodel proportions. Sometimes, a tight or overly-revealing dress doesn’t make us look as sexy as we think it does. Dressing for your body shape is so important, and something all elegant women keep in mind when curating a classy look.

It’s not well-made

not well-made dresses

The bandage dress is often made from cheap material. It’s not properly constructed or tailored. Remember, a tailored and structured silhouette will always make you look rich, expensive and classy. It will also highlight your best features, and as a result make you look more attractive.