Wednesday, January 22

Wear your Natural Beauty

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Less is more. It’s as simple as that.

It’s not only in the jet set scene, but the Natural Beauty trend is really spreading itself everywhere. During the 90’s and beginning of 00’s girls were experimenting with their beauty like there was no tomorrow. A lot of plastic & make up going around. Now this trend has turned to a more natural approach.

High class people have always looked down on the plastic, but now even the newly rich girls have started to follow the trend of cutting down on excess. Instead of changing in to a barbie doll, the girls are enhancing what they have and polish it to the very best.


What is Natural Beauty?

Good & glowing skin. Without any thick layers of foundations & powders.

Natural eyebrows. They have been colored with tint in a salon and not filled in with a pencil.

Eyes have mascara and nothing else. Good bye to any form eye shadow or eye liners unless you’re at a party.

Hair is brushed and shiny. It should look healthy & well taken care of.


Remove hair extensions and enhance your real hair length. Long and thick hair is no longer in fashion unless you can clearly see it’s your own hair.

Hair color should look natural. Long gone are the extreme dyes and “in your face” fake blondes.


Nails should look natural and not plastic. Nail art is for bored people in the suburbs. The length does not necessarily need to be long. Short nails are extremely chic!


Cut down on the injections. It’s all about being discreet now. A little bit of plumped lips or hidden botox is fine. But when the lips are the biggest part of your face, face is puffy and not movable due to all the fillers & botox then maybe it’s time to go back to basics and remember how Natural Beauty looks like.

Big Silicon breasts belong in the 90’s & early 00’s. They are simply not in fashion anymore and clever girls are taking their implants out or make them smaller & more discreet.





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