Wear These 5 Things To Attract A High-Value Man

Today I’m talking about those things that rich, high-value men love seeing women wear. Here’s how to look elegant, sophisticated and classy while attracting that particular high-value men.

1. Anything red

wear anything red

Men love the colour red because subconsciously they think about passion and lust. They might not even realize it. Red is a bold colour, yet it’s a very classy and elegant colour. It makes you stand out. So whenever you walk into a place, there’s not gonna be many people wearing the colour red. You’ll definitely appear confident and make an entrance!

2. Tailored pants

wear tailored pants

If you can make your assets look absolutely amazing, maybe even better than what they look in reality, then you have a very good advantage – and you should really use that advantage. What I also personally like with a pair of well-tailored trousers, is that they really can make your legs look really long and refined.
One elegant lady who does that really well is Victoria Beckham. So if you need inspiration, you know where to look.

3. Well fitted top

well fitted top

Men don’t like bulkiness. Men don’t like when you wear something that makes you look like a mushroom or a cupcake. They like to see your shape. They love to see an hourglass if you have that. If you don’t have an hourglass, you can use some shapewear to try and get as much as possible there. You don’t have to wear something too fitted. We don’t want to see any deep cleavage, for example. But we want to see some sophistication, class and femininity.

4. Flirty dresses

wear flirty dress

So what I mean by flirtatious dresses is basically flowy materials. They can be long, they can be mini, they can be midi. It really depends. They make you feel like a feminine goddess when you wear them. And that is the secret to connecting with your feminine energy. But that you can only possess when you feel like your best, most confident self.

5. Pencil skirt

wear pencil skirt

A pencil skirt makes a woman look incredibly feminine yet sophisticated – and it does make a man tick. It definitely gets them going. It’s a very sophisticated and classy garment. Women even wear them in the boardroom. You can actually have many variations of a great pencil skirts. One that is a must is the simple black one. It will go with any top of yours and it will actually work on most occasions!