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Wannabe Jet set Babes

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Jet set Babe Blog

First, I’d really like to let you know I ADORE your blog, how you love fashion and good life but in most of your posts, how you still seem smart and down to earth, not the “lavish bimbo” many of these famous jet-setters look like.

Something I didn’t read yet, and it would be an interesting topic to talk about, is the difference of the Real jet set babe and the Wannabe jet set babe.
Let me explain: as there are women who really live in huge wealth and show it off, there are many women, oftenly even good looking, but who probably are on budget, and spend their time trying to seem as rich as the first group, trying to boast the same status.

Jet set Babe Blog
For instances, among your jet-setters photos, I discovered some girls who seem to live on “fake”: the reason why I thought so is that I saw an AMOUNT of totally fake designer clothes, and I’m telling you with quite security that they are fake as I worked for 5 years in a shop selling the the best designer collections (from Hermes to Fendi to Louboutin, a multibrand) and as I did it with passion, I could spot a good replica anywhere.
The same for all those girls taking pictures next to luxurious cars or yachts that are not theirs, nor of their men – but just trying to make people believe it.

So, what’s your method of spotting a real jet-setter and a wannabe jet-setter? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Jet set Babe Blog

Hello darling,

Thank you for your email! 🙂

I know exactly what you mean and what type of Jetset Babes you’re referring to. I personally know of several famous Instagram girls that I personally often post pictures of and whom you would describe a “Wannabe Jetset Babe”.

I know from several different sources that these girls on purposely take pictures of themselves in borrowed designer clothing, inside friends extravagant cars/yachts and in luxurious resorts/restaurants where they’ve been sponsored to attend in return for promotion on their instagrams account with high amount of followers.

Jet set Babe Blog

And yes, they also have many designer purses which are fake – but they get them in high quality from China which makes it not easy to spot on a simple image. (Just search for Chanel & Celine replicas on google and you’ll find tons of websites selling bags that look very genuine, it’s more common then we think to use replicas!)

My answer to you is not going to be very exciting, as it’s hard to spot these type of girls; there isn’t a universal code which they break that make them stand out as “wannabes”.

On the other hand I feel it’s not really that important to spot them anyway.

Jet set Babe Blog

I mean, in the end of the day, why do we need to care about the fact of them having the need to pretend to be rich but in reality they’re not? Some people go through fases in life where they want to put up an image for the world because they have not come to a form of acceptance of who they truly are.

I don’t want to look down on these girls and call them “Wannabe JetsetBabes” because it makes me feel bad. I can with full compassion understand in a way why they do this, because the jet set world can be quite toxic and giving you the feeling to be someone you’re not in order to play with the cool kids.

Sure, it’s not a behavior that I agree on but again – the Jet set world is built upon superficiality so it’s kinda expected to have people like this around. And not to mention how many MEN do this too!

Jet set Babe Blog

It’s a shame that people think that wealth is the coolest thing on earth. I think living a comfortable lifestyle is very cool, but when it reaches the point that people want other people to know they have money – it puts me off so much.

Sorry for my boring answer, but I don’t know what to say really. I think getting in to the circle of people, listening to reliable sources and seeing for yourself is the only way to “discover them”.

My advice is to put your energy on ignoring them and just take them for what they are: great people just like us but who have different needs of validation. That’s it!

Feel free to email me again if you want to follow up! Big kiss xxx

Jet set Babe Blog

(Note: As usual the girls in the images have nothing to do with content in this post. Their images are for illustrative purposes only, please bare in mind)


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  1. I am sorry for asking but I need to know: Can you be invited by a promoter if you are 17? You said there were loads of girls not even 18 on the yachts 😉 I need to know, best blog btw xoxo

    • Hey Hon, PLEASE wait until your 18. Dating the elite is one thing but a lot of times working with promoters becomes more like an escort service. Don’t touch that until you’re of age for legal, consensual sex, and positive you want that.

  2. heyjude2109 on

    Can anyone really recognise a fake and a real jet set babe? In this day and age, there are real and not so real super rich living babes on Instagram. Va savoir who is who. 😀

  3. I just have to say that I love your sweet and non-judgmental attitude. I’ve noticed in your past blog posts and always really appreciated it, in a world where being judgmental is the easy thing to do.

  4. Hello can you please tell me if you know, what’s the name of the car in the 4th picture I know it’s a Rolls Royce but which one 🙂

    • heyjude2109 on

      I even found some Hermes handbags replica on Instagram, made in China which cost the same price as the real Hermes handbags. Once I contacted the seller and wondered why the price of a fake Hermes bag was the same as a real one,the only answer I got was if I wanted to buy it with a contact number. Who in her right mind would buy a fake Hermes handbag $40,000 for the price of a real one?

  5. Most of these girls who flaunt their ”wealth” on Instagram or other social networking platforms are not rich on their own right. Majority of genuinely rich people (either born into money or made their own along the way) very rarely have the incessant and constant need to show it off on those sites. Why? Because they already know who they are and they don’t need to define themselves and also don’t need the constant ego boosting from showing off and millions of people giving them ”likes”. Quite the contrary, these people are usually the most privacy savvy and humble ones. Not everything that sparkles is gold. Most of the time it’s platinum or worse case fake gold. 🙂

    • Exactly, I have a close friend born in wealth, who find jimmy choo shoes expensive, then she goes to zara get herself a pair, and invite me for lunch (more expensive then jimmy choo shoes). on the other hand I have a friend who would rather buy fake rolexs (looks like shit), then authentic Michael kors, and its same price range!!!

    • I know what type of people you’re talking about and you’re very right. But I cannot fully agree that it’s always like that, as I know of maaaaaany “newly rich” people, especially girls who like to flaunt the wealth and yes they actually do have the money.

      • heyjude2109 on

        I agree with JetsetBabe, they are, believe it or not,some wealthy and super rich babes who like to show off by flaunting their wealth. I think they are usually looking for male attention *LOL* on social media. I know one of them who found her wealthy husband on Facebook. They are expecting their second child right now and she appeared on a documentary/reality tv show in the USA. She is successful in her own business but she has got the financial backup of her super rich husband. Maria,I am surprised your wealthy friend finds Jimmy Choo shoes expensive: maybe she does not like the design ( I do not really like Jimmy Choo shoe design style to be honest!). She might like other high end shoe designera such as Gianmarco Lorenzi, Guiseppe Zanoti and Christian Louboutin. Gracie, you are right: super rich babes do not need to flaunt their wealth here and there on social media 24/7/365(6). However, we live in the communication via technology age, and yes they use social media to promote either their business/businesses and also their brands and status.

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