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  1. Yes I was there! Seeing this video did not actually make me miss it… Partying every night at the same place and with the same (rude) people makes you very tired. Not sure yet if im ready for it next year. Are you going back next year? I did not go to Monaco for the formula 1, can you tell me how it is compared to the filmfestival?

    • I will only go back next year if I have a more sophisticated and mature group of people to hang out with and go only to the private events & galas. No more VIP or Gotha night after night, it’s a waste of my time and you only meet idiots in there. This time I was unfortunate to spend my time with people that just cared to show off, rude people and fake girls. In fact I went to the Grand Prix, spent a few hours there and changed my flight and left to go home earlier. It was the saaaaaame story in Monaco but worse in my opinion as there you didnt have the “culture” of film festival, just hookers and who has the biggiest yacht. Can’t say I miss it. Where do you live btw?

  2. It seems like every girl that was at the filmfestival this year didn’t like it. From the previous years it has not been like that. This year it seems like there were only idiots. You never know what is going to happen and it is so scary how people can change in a second and how everyone is lying about everything. I can imagine Monaco beeing even worse! I actually changed my flight too and I was like I cant wait to get out of Cannes!! I live in norway.

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