Victoria Bonya

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Who is Victoria Bonya?bottomline

Born: 27th November 1979

Nationality: Russian (born in Siberia)

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Lives: Monaco

Occupation: Tv & Radio presenter, model, actress, former reality star in Russia

Victoria Bonya

Young Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya was an ordinary girl, who lived in Krasnokamensk, Chita region in Siberia. As a 16 year old she moved to Moscow and worked as a waitress. Her big break through came in 2006, aged 27, when she entered one of Russias most famous reality shows “Dom 2” (similar to Big Brother). She remained on the show for 10 months, and became a well known face across the country.

Thanks to the show and a lot of hard work, Victoria got a career as a model, actress, radio & tv presenter with which she still works with today.

In the midst of her career break through, Victoria met the son of an Irish billionaire, Alexander Smurfit with whom she later got a daughter, “Angelina”. (Update: In 2017 Victoria and Alexander separated)

Today Victoria has a strong 5+ million following on Instagram, while living in Monaco and travelling the world with various media projects.

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya



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  1. She is one of my favourite jet set babes) U should also write about Milana Koroleva and Kristina Kolganova…true inspiration)

  2. She doesnt have a very good reputation in Russia, as pretty much Everybody knows she was a hooker. There is plenty of pictures of her with her clients circling around online, you can google it, theyre available all around the Internet, showing her literally in Action. She comes from a very poor background in Siberia. In your Texts you leave a very naive commentary on how these girls magically appear from Siberia and marry some rich guys etc. In fact, Russia is a huge country, this means that for instance if you’re born in a remote section of Siberia in a smaller town or village, even reaching the largest town in within that section of Siberia is a massive accomplishment, majority of girls make it just this far- the biggest town within their region. You need to have tremendous willpower and use of brain and ruthlessness (if you come from a poor background, which 95% Russian girls come from) to make it to Moscow. Most girls don’t make it to Moscow. If you have made it to Moscow that’s where the even tougher journey begins- Moscow is not for the faint hearted, especially if you come from other parts of Russia. There is even an old Russian movie titled- Moscow does not like tears…this sums it up. Victoria was extremely lucky and had a massive willpower for getting herself to Moscow. In there, she worked as a stripper and started to go to the Moscow hot-spots to look for a rich man to marry. The cruel reality is that there are a lot less good men available in Russia than there is of women. And like most young girls she became a mistress to few guys. It’s very typical in Russia. One purchased her a car and another gave her an apartment. Such men are called sponsors over here. Later she started to travel the world and worked as a hooker in various hotspots mostly servicing western men. ( that’s where the photos are from) She was lucky she met this Irish man and that he was naive and so in love. I assume one of the reasons she is not married with him is because of the public knowledge of her background and previous life style. I personally don’t like what she has done to her face with all the plastic operations, before she looked like a traditionally beautiful and natural Russian girl, she did not need any of the plastic stuff. You have got to give her the determination though, growing up and coming from a modest Siberian background is not an easy ride and a western brain will never understand it.

    • Hi Gracie, I ve seen the article yesterday cause I was curious who is she. I found the same info as you. First, when ive seen that she is from siberia i dint want to judge her too quickly but … its the same old story… I mean to me personally i do not care what she did, ppl do what they have to and she obviously had to, some have more morally accepted ways than others but who am i to judge, so good for her. At the same time I pity her somehow coause she might be great partner, inteligent woman, amazing friend, nurturing mum but society tends to not forgive past like hers, which is pity. If she was a guy and she slept around she would be hero macho type… but as a woman., there is a problem cause 1. frigile mens ego cannot handle the girl not being a virgin (nor we all are) 2. poor old wifes coulnd handle loosing husbands over younder pretier more intleigent or even ugly new girl so she is shamed by men and women – i just do not like double standards

      • Yes, I agree. Not all of us get the same start in life. Victoria has done well for herself from her humble beginnings and good on her. My main problem is that this text is written in a naive manner and some younger readers may fall for this. The harsh reality is that majority of girls from Russia and Eastern Europe (that also feature in this blog) have to use every opportunity and every mean they have to get out of the poverty and to a better standard of life. For most of these girls this lifestyle is not even about a choice, it’s the only way of getting out of tire poverty and having any type of prospect in life. Very few of these girls come from a rich background, maybe only 1%. In order to understand this, one needs to understand the history and cultural pre-text of this part of the world, also lack of feminist movement. This girl has at least built herself a solid career, so good on her.

        • completely agree, especially about understanding the cultural pretext but i have hard time imagining who is that naive to think that some guy would invite you to live off /on his bill without paying back for it in some way, at the end they are businessmen =], but there are some girls who play this game right but those for sure are not naive ;]
          i think even younger girls are aware that there are strings attached, maybe they do not understand to which extend and that what can happend if they are not careful, if they are lucky life will teach them anyway if they are not they will end up in some trunk, but it seems that this can happen to anyone anyway (i mean with seemingly normal boyfriend for ex. reeva steenkamp…)

          • Omg, I saw now where is Krasnokamensk, It is really wwooowww to come to Moscow from there)) I didnt know about her past, but anyway at least bravo for her, if it is possible to move from there to Monaco then everything is possible))) I am from one of eastern European coutries, and of course if u want better for you and your family you have to fight for your life(not to be prostitude, these photos are really too much) but u have to be smart and to work on yourself pretty much)

      • “1. frigile mens ego cannot handle the girl not being a virgin (nor we all are) 2. poor old wifes coulnd handle loosing husbands over younder pretier more intleigent or even ugly new girl so she is shamed by men and women – i just do not like double standards”

        I agree. I absolutely hate the double standard and I think more men should stand up against it and women should demand more respect that we deserve although this is probably not the best way to do it.

      • Intelligent woman?! :-)))))) Please… Did u ever hear her speak in interviews… OMG… Big 0 for being intelligent, no personality. She’s a huge gold digger. But Alexander is getting smarter – there’s no chance he will marry her. Pretty soon she will be back to Moscow for good and doing what she’s doing best – being a prostitute and trying to keep her life style (spend spend spend) and tell bulshit about her incredible love life when they don’t live together anymore and Alexander is going on holidays with completely different woman… So please girls, don’t believe what u read…

  3. I very much agree with you. But I must say there is a very big difference between girls from Baltic countries and Russia or other Eastern European countries. You should not put them into the same box.

    I am from the Baltics. We have a small population of slavic people (baltic people are not slavs), who are usually less well off and the girls are much like in Russia. For this we get much bad reputation from foreigners. But for most girls dating or marrying a foreigner is frowned upon by everyone as we are small nations on our way to extinction.

    I thought I can imagine what it’s like to live in Russia but I was shocked after I actually visited it. People living without electicity, high crime levels, corruption, big apartments divided into small studios with terrible living conditions, it feels like you have to be made of iron to survive there.

    • I don’t know where do you exactly come from, but I wouldn’t say that there is not so much slavic people in the Baltics. Some of them have already blended in and some of them just live in their own communities, where natives usually don’t interupt. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I have heard that lots of Russians from Kaliningrad visit Lithuania so often that they basically live in Lithuania. Also people I have met in Vilnius have prefered to talk in Russian, not in English. Same case in Riga – speak Russian with some Latvian words and nobody will recognise that you are from abroad. Not to mention that few years ago they [Russians in Latvia]actually tried to make Russian one of the official languages there and almost succeeded. In Estonia there is a town where more than 90% are Russians, most of them can’t practice Estonian and sometimes it is impossible to conversate with them in Estonian…

      • In my country, Lithuania, there are more than 84% ethnic Lithuanians, and in my city there are 93.6% ethnic Lithuanians. And these are not people who simply have a citizenship, which is crazy difficult to obtain.

        As for people speaking Russian you must be talking about older people. The ones born after 1980s usually don’t speak Russian (in my environment about 1 in 15 know the language, there has been a distaste for it). On the other hand more than 80% young people speak English.

        I know that in Latvia and Estonia it is a bit different. But the trends must be similar.

  4. Du borde ta bort kommentaren som innehåller en länk med bilder på tumblr. Där finns bland annat en bild på en kvinna som har ****sex med en man och den personen är bevisligen inte Victoria. Tidningen som publicerade bilden och uppgav att det var Victoria på bilden blev polisanmälda och fick dra tillbaka påståendet.
    Länken i sig är sjuk – She hides her past very well? Hahaha! För han har inte tillgång till GOOGLE eller? Hennes pojkvän har väl för fan inte “lurats” in i ett förhållande och sitter fastkedjad vid hennes sida?
    Det är så jävla elaka kommentarer här. “Gracie” som inleder med att påstå att Victoria varit en hora (för det kan hon BEVISA eller?) för att sen prata om bristande feministisk utveckling. Fint resonemang, kalla en tjej för hora – sen ha mage att prata om feminism.
    I övrigt innehåller din text många fel och antaganden. De är ännu inte gifta till exempelvis och därför blir det ganska konstigt (!) att du skriver att Victoria “married into wealth”.
    Det du har rätt i är att hon är en otroligt driven person, hon jobbar hårt för allting hon har.
    Det är mer än vad man kan säga om de flesta människor. Och hon förtjänar inte den här typen av skriverier.

    • English translation, courtesy of Google translate-

      You should remove the comment containing a link with pictures on tumblr. The site includes an image of a woman who has **** sex with a man and that person is demonstrably not Victoria. The newspaper that published the picture and stated that it was Victoria image was reported to the police and had to withdraw the claim.
      The link itself is ill – She hides her past very well? Hahaha! For he does not have access to Google or? Her boyfriend has been well hell not “tricked” into a relationship and sits chained to her side?
      It’s so fucking nasty comments here. “Gracie” which opens on to say that Victoria was a whore (for she can prove or?) To then talk about the lack of feminist development. Fine reasoning, calling a girl a whore – then have the nerve to talk about feminism.
      The remainder of your text many errors and assumptions. They are not yet married, for example, and therefore it becomes quite strange (!) You write that Victoria “married into wealth.”
      There you are right is that she is an incredibly driven person, she works hard for everything she has.
      It’s more than I can say for most people. And she does not deserve this kind of writings.

      • That’s what I tried to explain why many Russian women end up in such business in the first place is that Russia never went through the same feminism process as the west did! While middle class women in Western European countries may choose this type of lifestyle merely because they are looking for something new to try, they are bored from their day-to-day 9-5 work or they just want to experience some luxury or some are outright decadent and hedonistic, then in Russia many girls end up in this business because there are not enough jobs available, they don’t make enough money to survive on their day job (in Russia the gender pay gap between men and women is still very wide and a problem- again because of the lack of feminism), there are not many prospects available in far out regions, there is no social welfare system to fall back on in Russia, nobody will hold your hand while you’re going through a tough time, it’s only natural then that many young and beautiful girls who make it to Moscow make the absolute most of it and they have huge drive and determination to make something out of themselves and it mostly comes through rich men- that’s already cultural in their society. I would say Victoria is one of the very lucky and fortunate ones, as not many make it as far as she has. It also baffles me how comes western feminists always get angry when a woman has been a success through her feminine looks and let’s say feminine skills, especially when she is perhaps in a situation where she has nothing else to fall back on?

        Ps. I also apologize for posting the link, it a bit too much, I would remove it myself but am unable to do so.

        • “It also baffles me how comes western feminists always get angry when a woman has been a success through her feminine looks and let’s say feminine skills, especially when she is perhaps in a situation where she has nothing else to fall back on?”

          I hate to see when feminism is misunderstood because of a few rotten feminists who don’t understand the cause themselves. I believe it is not ‘anger’ per say. It is frustration that women are often reduced to only their looks as if they can’t be anything else. In earlier times, European women were seen as just something pretty to look at. In many cases they weren’t even allowed to study anything but etiquette (which I’m shocked to learn that Russia still has these schools today). Now think of how hard feminists worked to bring women the same opportunities as men so that we can have what is our OWN and not something attached to some string that a man plays with whenever he fancies. Then think of how some women still live despite all of this work (obviously, not that the work is even close to finished).

          In simpler terms, pretend someone gave you a large some of money to invest in a business of your own. Then you use it to buy many pretty shoes and clothes so that another investor may find you attractive give you more money for your ‘business’. That is frustrating and ungrateful to say the least. Maybe it’s not the best analogy, but it will suffice.

          This is what I simply don’t understand, and help me if I’m missing something here: Why does it seem like Russian women don’t want a feminist movement?

          Another frustrating point is when you see a woman with Masters or Ph. D. in an extremely difficult field like engineering, physics, or any STEM field or any degree that gives you a skill besides underwater art/basket weaving. Then you see a model or prostitute driving a luxury car, travelling to lavish destinations, living the a dream life as you slave away with your studies. -_-

          Obviously the agenda of these women are different but who doesn’t want nice experiences.

          The world is messed up.

    • Gracie never called her a whore, she simply stated that her past was not as elegant as it is being portrayed here. You’re response is adding to the naïvety.

      Also, I disagree that she worked hard for what she has. That’s an insult to many people who slave away to change their position in life but don’t have the opportunities thrown at them by disgusting, horny men. Considering her how much she is paid and what she has now from the ‘work’ she does, she DID NOT work too hard for what she has. Plain and simple.
      I don’t devalue the work of a prostitute (exactly what she was whether you like it or not) but it has to be known that their work isn’t NEARLY as hard as someone working in gold mines of Africa or Burmese migrants working in Thai shrimp factories. I’m pretty sure a lot of us are tired of these relatively lazy people being put up on pedestals while the rest of the hard working population gets little to no COMPENSATION let alone RECOGNITION.

  5. Author has rather vague and naive idea of what Victoria Bonya is.
    First of all she came to Moscow with her mother. They came to Bonya`s sister who had already resided in Moscow.
    Thousands of boys and girls came and still come to cities from province. They enter universities they make career. Bonya initially had a target to sell her beauty at the maximum price and she sold it by all means including most immoral ones.
    Bonya isn`t Sindirella. She is a ruthless and sly predator.
    Now Bonya exerts every effort to conceal her real face and to make public forget her dirty past.
    And she succeeds in these efforts as one can judge from the above article.

    • I agree 100% because u are absolutely right. Loads of people here doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about

  6. I’d say one thing, she is a pretty girl and very daring and she made it from zero by the means she could, but I think the cinderella time even in Russia is over.
    I think she should not be an example as her life is not that great, Smurfit is seen out and about in Monaco’s night clubs with different women every night, he will never marry her, Victoria is not accepted by the so called “highest society” of Russian glamour world and her intellect… well, very low. So… what’s next?
    I mean, a modern jet set babe for me is the one, who did not prostitute herself to success, but worked hard for it with brains… not the other place

    • Well, I agree with you on mostly everything you say, however I don’t think she would’ve been able to get so far from her native home, if she weren’t clever and hard-working, especially when there is so much competition. She must have something.


    I am watching this now, I really like her)
    Russian is not my native language, she says that she is not ashamed of her mistakes, that we have to make mistakes so we can understand some things in life, and that she doesn’t want to change anything in her past…she says that she is happy inside,and if she is happy it means she did all well:) and that she has always wanted, KNEW KNEW that she will marry foreigher(which is my story too) )))

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