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Why Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit Broke Up

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Why Victoria Bonya and Alexander Smurfit broke up – told by Victoria Bonya herself in an interview (see it on this link) that was aired last night on Russian television. For the first time ever, she’s sharing the reasons to why it didn’t work out between her and the son of a multi-millionaire, and I felt it was an honest and inspiring interview worth sharing here on JetsetBabe.

Please be aware that I’m not a professional translator, I’m multilingual and Russian is only my third language. Some sentences might sound strange in English as it’s difficult to translate it correctly from Russian, so please bear with this. Other than that I’ve tried to translate as accurate as possible from her exact words not to confuse anything.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Why Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit Broke Up

The interview between Victoria Bonya and Andrey Malahov starts off with Victoria explaining how many people have been wanting an interview about her separation from Alexander Smurfit, but then she starts explaining:

Victoria Bonya: Because always in each interview that I do, they always want to paint up this picture of me with a millionaire, living in a beautiful house, being rich – but I don’t find this to be accurate. His father is a very successful businessman. But Alexander (Smurfit) himself is not a millionaire.

Yes, his dad is a very successful businessman, but Alexander decided for himself that he won’t be working for his father in his multi-million dollar corporation. He decided that he wants to achieve everything by himself, and we agreed on that. He allowed me to work; he didn’t tell me to sit at home while he was going to give me money – at least that’s how it was in the beginning…

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Andrey Malahov: I’m saddened of your split up, as I’ve met Alexander and been witnessing how beautiful everything started off for you two. I even came to visit you in St Tropez (when they were living there). You gave birth to a daughter and for many years Alexander was taking his family responsibilities. Even though his parents wanted him to find a woman with pedigree, from a European family – he was always saying: “I love Victoria and I don’t care what you say or what my parents think”. Everything was going in the direction of you two getting married.

Victoria Bonya: When I spoke to Alexander’s father, his father told me the following words: “For me, it’s important that my son (Alexander Smurfit) is happy. But who he chooses is up to him, because the most important is to see my son smile and his eyes shine from happiness.”

For this reason, again, rumours are not always accurate. People were talking about it because I was hiding my pregnancy and because in my 7th-month pregnancy, we decided to move to Europe and give birth there. But for me, hiding my pregnancy was because it was something extremely personal and intimate. I’m not saying you have to hide your pregnancy or talk about it; it’s up to each and everyone. But for me, it was very important to keep this for myself. That’s when the rumors started to flourish that we’re hiding the pregnancy because we’re hiding it from his parents because they don’t approve of me. This is not true.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

With his father and his mother, I still have a fantastic relationship with, and this family has taught me a lot. It was actually me who thought initially that Alexander would want to settle down with his own kind. But he had told me that, that doesn’t interest him. We spoke about it many times, so it’s not a case where his parents have been trying to influence his case. All these rumors have been highly exaggerated.

Andrey Malahov: You two as a couple were so beautiful and perfect together, I’m sure you understand that it brought out a lot of envy in people, not only in Russia but all over Europe. Let’s just have a look at one of your travels to Dubai.

(Showing a video of the happy couple and their trip in Dubai. Victoria says Dubai is her favorite place in the world for this kind of romantic trip. She continues saying: “We’re having a beautiful day ahead. I have booked a dinner on a boat, and then at night I want to take him to Sky Bar”… After shopping, we have to relax, get ourselves ready by going to the Spa and do a facial with black caviar. )

Victoria Bonya: (Watching the clip and laughing) Actually, he didn’t enjoy that dinner (on the boat)! The dinner was so-so, everything arrived cold…

Andrey Malahov: Okay, but what did actually go cold in your relationship? I’m honestly thinking, how could this happen?!

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Victoria Bonya: You know what, I honestly think that with time, when I began… Okay, let me start from the beginning…
Look, first, we moved (to Europe). I gave birth to my daughter Angelina. Then, when she was about 6 months, I got invited to work (as a tv-host) on the project “Vacation in Mexico” (Russian reality show, similar to Love island).

This project took up to 4 months of my time when I was in Mexico doing the show. Alexander was coming to visit me, and he was bringing Angelina along with him already in the second week. But as I was returning home from that project in Mexico, Alexanders father told me: “I was stunned, as I had thought you would now give birth and then just sit at home”…

I want to mention, his father is 100% self-made, he’s been working since he was 16 and built an entire corporation by himself.

Andrey Malahov: (interrupts) It’s a leading company that recycles paper.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Victoria Bonya: Yes, exactly. And he’s also a sir; he’s done everything himself. So for me, he has always been a motivation for me. So when he saw me he told me “I thought you would be just sitting at home, that you would give birth and do nothing. But I’m positively surprised at the opposite. Bravo!”

When I came back from the project in Mexico, I continued to work. I was still traveling, and I was having everything going for me here (in Russia). I was in movies, tv shows, working with Cosmopolitan, etc. – we can say that it was a time when my career was really happening.

But it was tough at the same time. As I came to Europe where I was unknown and my career unfamiliar to the people outside of Russia, I had no idea what would happen next with my career.
In the beginning, when we had just moved to Europe, Alexander had just started his business. He had absolutely no money to fund the lifestyle that I had gotten used to.

Our first time in Europe we lived on a 50/50 basis – but it was only in the beginning. With time things became better, then he got his business running, then he sold his business, then he was able to provide for us as a family.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

But then he came to a point when he told me that: “I want you to stay at home with our daughter”.  He didn’t like the fact that I was traveling for work and working a lot. At some point, he even told his father – but this was after we broke up – “You know she’s putting her work first, and her child second”.

That makes me remember my mother who was slaving at two jobs, and we were looked after by the neighbor or grandma. But back then it was difficult so she had to.

Andrey Malahov: But you were saying before how lonely you felt in your childhood because your mother was all the time working. You lacked some form of attention and closeness. That you wished for someone to come and hug you but your mother was always at work and came home too tired, without having much time left to even talk to you.

Victoria Bonya: No, she had time to talk to us but it’s true that she really had to slave at these jobs. But thank god we had my grandma who helped out and looked after us. Victoria then talks highly of her grandmother who passed away some years ago.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

The interview continues, but the focus shifts from Victoria Bonya’s relationship with Alexander Smurfit, instead they are going back in time when Victoria moved from a small city in Russia to the capital city of Moscow.

Victoria is saying how she came to the city with absolutely nothing. She said she had nothing to eat, nothing to wear, so she developed this sort of fear. (JSB comment: fear of being poor, which is perhaps what pushed her to pursue an affluent life).

She tells a story about a time when she was walking in Moscow, walking on the street with a really light dress even though it was October month. A car drove past and dirt came on Victoria, she’s claiming it was like as if the driver was doing it on purpose when he drove past a puddle. And all this black dirt, splattered all over Victoria, not only on her dress but also on her face.

At that moment she froze and thought for herself: “Should I just curse this person?”

But then some foreigners were walking past her and gave her a white handkerchief to clean herself, and Victoria saw it as a sign. Since then she’s always felt some form of support from the universe. (JSB comment: Victoria is a big practitioner of Law of Attraction and believes a lot in higher forces, signs, energy etc.)

Victoria says how she’s from a small village in Russia, from a working-class family like most of the people in Russia, she’s not born with a silver spoon but she’s extremely grateful for this background of hers.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Andrey Malahov then interrupts her saying how Victoria has become a role model for millions of Russian girls who’re watching this interview, who have the same background as her and have the dream of leaving their village just like she did. They all want to know how she did it and how come she managed to become such a well-known name with 6 million followers on Instagram. And how she met Alexander (a son of a multi-millionaire).

Andrey says; In fact I know when you met Alexander you didn’t even know who he was as he dresses very modestly you would never think he comes from a rich family!

(Conversation shifts back to Alexander Smurfit and Victoria Bonya)

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Victoria Bonya: You know, when I was with Alexander at the Cannes film festival, everyone was saying how he was the one who invited me there. Andrey, I work a lot! (JSB comment: She’s saying that it’s unfair and it was she who invited him with her to the red carpet)

I want to give a message to all the girls who are watching me right now. There was a time in my life when I was dreaming so hard about being one day on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival. For me back then it seemed unrealistic and impossible.

But I cut out a picture of Monica Bellucci on Cannes film festivals red carpet and put it on my vision board – god I’m getting goosebumps telling you this story – and I was feeling how badly I wanted this even though I thought that it was impossible and just a fantasy. But then there was a point when this is actually happened in my life!

So that’s why I want to tell these girls, to always keep dreaming and working hard! So that they do something, make an effort and every day become better than they were yesterday.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Andrey Malahov: (Interrupts) And to do this vision board because I also firmly believe in visualization, it’s is extremely important. Let’s now take a look at how you live now in Monaco.

(Clip of Victoria in Monaco and her on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival)

Andrey Malahov: Okay, but if we will just go back to the break up of you and Alexander Smurfit, in what moment did you realize that your relationship is having issues. Was it because you were working so much?

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Victoria Bonya: I will tell you honestly. When a man sees a famous woman, he wants to be with that woman. But when a man starts being with that woman, the story turns in to something completely different.
It’s true what you were telling me earlier, that since I left for Europe everything became worse and everyone started to go against us.

Not only jealous people online, but also people I once worked with. They turned jealous, which I don’t get really… I mean yeah, I moved to Monaco but that doesn’t mean I lived extravagantly. In fact, we lived rather modestly in a simple apartment. It’s now, just recently that I moved to a luxurious house (in South of France). But for me, all this wasn’t important. And I want to say that when everything was publicly spoken about, our relationship and people gossiping – he couldn’t handle it.

At some point, he told me that he really wants us to live an anonymous private life. It was rarely that we were putting up photos together with each other for this reason. But what really surprised me is that he told me this and then when we broke up, he started to live his life very publicly on Instagram. So I’m a bit confused what he actually wanted himself, but it was really bothering him back then.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Andrey Malahov: Don’t you think Social Media ruins the relationship and the intimacy of it? (Then Andrey tells a story about his friend who’s a wife to a wealthy man, who had a private Instagram account of only 200 followers. But she experienced so much jealousy even from this small amount because she was living a beautiful life, so she closed down her account)

Victoria Bonya: I don’t only think, but I know for sure that’s exactly how it is. If I had met Alexander when he was 40, 41 years old, it would have been different, and he would have been more mature to handle such situations. Sure, he was standing up for us in the beginning, but then after a while, he just took a step aside. And when it all started….It’s just that very little people know all these details because I don’t talk about it, but I was suffering very badly during that point in time. There was a time when I was crying every day. When people write things that are not true…

(Then the conversation shifts to a court case Victoria had in Russia with some fake photos of her being leaked in the press, that was not her and the press was all over it, writing about it. Then when she won the court case, nobody even bothered mentioning it in the press to justify her claim that she was right from the beginning).

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

After the commercial break, Malahov mentions again the 7 year long relationship between Victoria Bonya and Alexander Smurfit that came to an end. Now the conversation turns to their daughter, as there were speculations that Victoria got accidentally pregnant and she says that it’s not true.

Victoria continues by saying that the pregnancy was planned, Alexander wanted to become a young father as his own father was old when he had him so he didn’t want to follow in those footsteps.

Victoria Bonya: We were living together, but there was no hint from his end that he wanted to have kids. But with me it was different. I said from the beginning that before 30 years old I did not want to have any kids. I have more of a European way of looking at it, as the culture in Russia is different. Here at the age of 23 is already too old to start a family and if you’re planning at the age of 26-30 you might as well just not bother. But in Europe it’s different, you’re still a baby girl at this age and it’s acceptable to have a child even when you turn 40.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

So when I met Alexander and understood that between us there is chemistry, true love and respect, I told him after only 6 months of us dating: “It’s fully possible that our relationship will last longer than just a year. But now I’m 30 and I’m ready to start a family. I already want a child. Will you be ready to start a family?” (And that’s when he answered her that he always wanted to become a young father).

When our daughter was born, the first 9 months before I went to Mexico, I didn’t have any help with my daughter. We only got help after I came back from the show. Sure we had Alexanders mother helping us out because she always dreamed of having a girl in her family. But I was also lucky with Angelina being a very easy child who didn’t sleep during the day but went to bed at 9 and woke up at 9 am every day.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Then the conversation shifts to how Victoria named her daughter as there were rumors that Victoria Bonya named her after Angelina Jolie because she gave birth in the same hospital suite as Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins. But Victoria says it’s not true, that she named her daughter after her sister who is called Angelina.

They talk about the break-up and how her daughter took it. How Victoria and Alexander are on good terms now, and they only once had a disagreement when he was uploading many pictures on Instagram with various girls (Victoria told him she thought it was disrespectful towards her in the public eye and he deleted the photos).

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Then more talk about the daughter. Then Malahov asks Victoria if she’s seeing anyone today and Victoria say that yes, she is seeing the French man that she has displayed publicly on her Instagram. But that she doesn’t want to share anything on that relationship as she had learned from her mistakes with the relationship of Alexander, that putting your relationship public never leads to anything good.

The interview continues talking about various parts of Victoria’s life which I will not cover in this post (not that interesting anyway to tell you the truth). But there was one part that was actually my favorite with the entire interview, and that is Victoria’s story of one time when she was still new in Moscow and a girl ran into her on the subway.

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

Victoria Bonya: I was walking in the subway and then a girl hit me really hard accidentally with her shoulder. And you know, back then I still had my old mentality from the village I was from, there we were a bit rough. If someone hit us like that we would immediately respond in a rude way. So as I turned around to give her my attitude and harshly tell her off like “What the hell are you doing” – she told me first that truly shocked me.

She said, “Oh darling I’m so sorry, I beg your pardon”.
I was stunned. It was the first time somebody ever had apologized to me. I had such a culture shock and felt so embarrassed I was like “oh no problem, it’s okay, nothing to worry about!” And I just wanted to hug her.

Two years later when I went back to my village for a visit, I was walking in the street and saw some girls standing there. All of a sudden I hear them say to me “Bitch, what you looking at?”

I responded to them gently, “I’m looking at you because you girls are very beautiful and I just felt like taking a look. But how you speak, I don’t know, maybe you have a difficult life or you had a difficult childhood. For me, It was only a pleasure looking at you”….

And the girls just froze because I complimented them instead of being bitchy. This type of attitude has changed me so much to who I am today. I taught myself to learn skills that I was not brought up with, that we didn’t have in the village back then and it has helped me a lot in life…

Victoria Bonya & Alexander Smurfit's Break Up

And on that note, I will end my translation of the TV interview with Victoria Bonya. I really enjoyed it and hope you did too. Leave a comment with your thoughts and don’t forget to visit if you’re ready to change your life just the way Victoria Bonya did.



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  1. Omg thank you soooo much for translating it! I’ve been “ obsessed “ with her from 2013 when you mentioned her in a post with only pictures. I’m happy to learn more about her

  2. It is wonderful to receive these types of stories. One can feel that there is wisdom and much hope beyond our desire to ascend socially and economically. Women who get up and treat themselves like diamonds with infinite brightness are my biggest inspiration.
    I am a woman amazed by the Law of Attraction, it is really fabulous to know that we are eternal artists of our reality !.
    Thanks Anne, these articles fascinate me.

  3. I’m so pleased to read this story, I don’t know why, maybe because I relate a little bit to this story, I also from an eastern European country and I was also born in a village, then moved to a big European city, just got out of a 7 years relationship with a man, now trying to be independent and build a beautiful life for myself without relying on a man…Oh, and I also practice the law of attraction because it gives me hope and trust that everything is possible if you believe in yourself and the power of the universe..

    • A woman of honour class style and respect. What a lovely uplifting life story to tell to others so inspiring. She is so beautiful and such a humble human been. I love her voice
      God bless your kind soul Victoria

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