Various types of Jetset Babes

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Here are some examples of various types of Jetset Babes. Just to give you an understanding of that not every jetset babe is the same. There are many different versions of the typical jetsetting girl.

Please note that I don’t claim the girls in the images are according to the text. The girls in the images are simply here to illustrate the bigger picture of what I’m trying to say, all images are from instagram.

Jetset Fashionista

It’s all about fashion & the good life for this Jetset Babe. She either works in the industry or in some way very influential. She travels the world usually to visit the various fashion weeks, attend the fashion shows or various high class fashion events. When she is not involved in the industry, she tend to keep a lower profile by living a classy “dolce vita” life by traveling to glamorous & cultural locations. You would never see her dancing at VIP Room in Cannes or any other mainstream Jetset place.

Jetset Girls Jetset Girls

Jetset Mainstream

Platinum blonde long hair (usually extentions), big breast & big lips are some of the trademarks for the mainstream Jetset Babe. She plays a lot on her sexuality, which is nothing wrong – but tend to get a lot of the sleezy rich guys after her. (Guys who think they can buy anything, anyone in the world). The typical jetset mainstream Babe tend to not work, travel the world and have shopping as her main interest. Usually this type of girl comes from a normal working class family, but has through connections made her way up into the “nice salons”.

Jetset Girls

Jetset Girls

Jetset Model

She is tall, slim and has legs to kill for. Usually with origins from Eastern countries or Latin America. Whenever she is not working, she is traveling the world & partying. The Jetset Model gets often invitations to travel to exotic destinations, staying at yachts and just be a guest of someone very rich.

Jetset Girls

Jetset Girls Jetset Girls

Jetset Mother

She is a wife and a mother. Her husband may be a successful business man, while she stays home raising the kids and looking after the household (looking after the nannies/house staff so they do their job). But it doesn’t keep her back from dressing chic and looking like the ideal glamorous mother. She gets help with everything, as she also needs to take care of her self (her looks).

Jetset Girls

Jetset Girls Jetset Girls

Jetset Party Girl

She is a constant travel & party girl. In summer you’ll find her in Cannes, St Tropez, Monaco & Ibiza. Clubs, Private parties & after parties is her main thing. This girl is well connected and know everyone in the Jetset party scene.

Jetset Girls Jetset Girls

Jetset Undercover

She looks and acts like a normal girl. She doesn’t shower herself in extravagance and keep a very low key profile. Showing off is the opposite of what she likes. Usually she comes from a well off family, but yet been raised in a humble way.

Jetset GirlsJetset GirlsJetset Girls

Jetset Old Money

She comes from a family with money, she surround herself with socialites and visit only closed private events & high class gatherings. She doesn’t make friends with anyone else who comes from a different background compared to hers. Having royalties in her close circle of friends is fairly common. Her parents are most probably very influential in their industry, let it be top business men or politicians. She looks down on the nouveau riche and call them “tacky”. Her looks are elegant and sophisticated. You would not see her with lip injections, enlarged breasts or anything that is un natural.

(It’s also hard to find her on instagram as she is very private)

Jetset GirlsJetset Girls

Jetset Business Woman

She may have acquired her own wealth, or she may have inherited it. But one thing is for sure, this girl is far away from lazy. Running her own business and doing her own thing, makes her very independent as she knows she has more to offer than sit quiet and look pretty.

Jetset GirlsJetset Girls


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  1. This was one of my favorite posts of yours yet! I would have loved for you to have included some of these JetSet Babe’s Instagram names, I am always looking for more likeminded JetSetters to follow! Keep up the good, and good-looking, work!

    XOXO, H

  2. The jetset mainstream girls, do you know how they can afford not to work? I get that they have a lot of sponsors or rich boyfriends. But if they break up, what do they do then? Do you know if its common for guys to take the expensive handbags etc back if they break up? The second girl in the mainstream girls, ive seen her instagram that she is swedish and living in London. She lives in a very, very nice and expensive apartment, do you know how she can afford that? It doesnt seem like she has a boyfriend…

    • Her name is Emelie and she lives just opposite Harrods. She either has a sponsor, most possibly a wealthy Arab, as people who can afford to own or rent property there are either Arabs, Chinese and some Russian oligarchs. Or she is working as a high class escort girl, who also operate in this area.

  3. I don’t want to rely on someone elses money, I aim to become like the Jetset Business Woman 🙂

  4. i came across your post just now, i like it very much, as i was scrolling down i was thinking that maybe there is not room for me and than i found jetset business woman =]

  5. I would love to become a JetSet Business Woman and a Jetset Undercover. Character-wise, I can easily relate to them !

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