Types of Shirt Collars for Women

Possessing a classy and elegant wardrobe should be an elite lady’s number one priority. However, many of us tend to undervalue the little details that can make a piece of clothing unique. While a garment’s material, pattern, and shape are all fundamental aspects to consider when choosing your attire… have you ever considered the importance of the collar? There are a variety of types of shirt collars for women, all of which can elevate your outfit in any setting.

Women’s Collar Styles

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Shawl collar

One of the most timeless types of shirt collars for ladies is the shawl collar. A shawl collar is a turned-over collar of a garment that combines with lapels forming an unbroken curving line. Essentially, it is a round collar for a V-neckline that highlights the collar bone in a dignified manner. The design is formal in nature, most commonly seen on chic jackets, dresses, and blouses. Whether for a daytime or evening event, the shawl collar provides the perfect mix of feminine flair and modesty!

Mandarin Collar

Originally worn by bureaucrats in 17th century China, the mandarin collar is a short unfolded stand-up collar style that makes a bold statement. The look is quite distinctive, so wearing this type of shirt collar will ensure your look is a memorable one. Typically about three to four centimeters in height, the mandarin collar can have either straight or rounded edges at the top of the collar. Due to the collar’s high placement, avoid wearing any necklaces or dramatic jewelry with this collar style.

Classic Collar

A traditional collar, and the type of collar you are most likely familiar with, is a must-have staple in every woman’s closet. The classic collar can be worn in professional or social environments, as it can be dressed up or dressed down. A high-quality white collared shirt in this style pairs best with a blazer in the workplace, but it can also come in playful colors or prints for more casual circumstances. In fact, an oversized linen shirt with a traditional collar is my favorite beach cover up!

Peter Pan Collar

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Named after the costume worn by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan, this iconic collar continues to be heavily implemented in modern fashion across the globe. Relatively large in size, the Peter Pan collar is flat and delicately curved around the neckline. This collar style elongates the neck, thus making the shoulders appear smaller. Most commonly seen applied to blouses and dresses, the Peter Pan collar can be worn without a necklace, as the design stands glamorous enough on its own.

Jabot Collar

Popular in the 19th century, the jabot collar is quite dramatic, usually adorned with exquisite ruffles and frilly lace materials. The collar’s French monniker is derived from the word “jabot,” meaning “the bird’s crop.” Fully encompassing the neck area, the jabot collar pairs beautifully with a dazzling brooch as its focal accessory.

Types of Shirt Collars for Ladies

The types of shirt collars women wear can make a major impact on their entire wardrobe. Choose your collar wisely to elevate your outfit to a higher level of class and sophistication. Experiment with one of these five collar types women love when planning your next elegant look.