Saturday, February 22

Tweed & The Chanel Fabric

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The tweed-like fabric, famous from the classic Chanel suits will never go out of style. And it’s something you can wear all year around, even in summer! I am personally a big fan of the boucle jackets, worn together with matching shorts or a skirt. But even the longer jacket is super cool because it works with any occasion, dressed or casual!

 It is actually possible to buy the same fabric Chanel is using for their collections from the manufacturer. I have seen on Instagram many smaller brands who buy the exact fabric, create their version of suits and sell them for a fraction of the price in comparison to Chanel.








Tweed, the Chanel Fabric











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  1. Anyone else want to know the name of the boutique in Stockholm? 😉

    What I love is the quality, rather than labels. I want something that will last–given my clumsy tendencies:)

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