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Top 10 Most Classy JetsetBabes Of Instagram

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Since classy women are such big part of JetsetBabe, I want to share with you today my Top 10 Favorite Classy Women of Instagram.

I base my opinions on how they dress, how they look and how they present themselves in social media. I’m done with accounts that are too showy, where girls only care to “look rich” and provocative. All the bling, makeup, designer brands and sexy poses feel so passé now – I want to embrace the classic woman with her classy appearance!

Please note. As I don’t have a favorite, this is not a countdown list. All of these ladies are equally classy in my opinion!

1. @kseniiaburda

I think her short hairstyle, sparse makeup, and elegant physique adds classiness to her. Adding to it someone who looks natural and friendly, and you have a classy combination! I enjoy Instagram accounts where the person often smiles instead of having a duckface pout, it gives me a positive vibe!

2. @fakerstrom

Perhaps this is more of a fashionista than a JetsetBabe stereotype, but I don’t mind mixing them from time to time. I like her sense of fashion as it’s simple and minimal, without being “in your face.” I like the fact that she looks very natural and not overly styled, which is another attribute to cherish in a world full of Kardashians.

3. @ann.andres

As you may have noticed in my interview with Anna, that I do love her style and find her to be very classy. I will therefore not add anything extra in my comments here, as that would be just repeating myself – but I definitely had to include her on my Classy Top 10 list!

4. @di_matlaeva

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A post shared by Diana Matlaeva (@di_matlaeva) on

A friend to @ann.andres who I enjoy following, even though she doesn’t post very frequently. She has a great sense of style and a classy and educated aura around her. Not so much of a fashionista perhaps, just a regular JetsetBabe who knows how to take care of herself and look naturally classy, without the need of adding all kinds of bling.

5. @mashalov

She has good sense when it comes to fashion, but I’m more interested in her face and eyebrows. To me, she looks very classy and well taken care of. Her eyebrow game is an inspiration to me, especially the way she makes them look so perfectly groomed while looking natural!

6. @_alena_alena_

A longtime favorite of mine. With her gorgeous hair and classy fashion, I have been following her since the old JetsetBabe days. Always great outfit pictures to take inspiration from, especially if you don’t like to complicate things. Straight-forward fashion as I like to call it, without having to be so creative.

7. @ariviere

Another fashionista type I usually wouldn’t include on my blog, but I really like her classy aura, so I do feel inspired by her Instagram a lot. Her simplicity in fashion is spot on, and you can see how she focuses on quality items that look perfect on her, making her look fresh and well put together. A little minus is that her feed only has got professional photos, as I prefer less staged images.

8. @tamunatsiklauri

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Beautiful day in my @__simplify dress ♥️

A post shared by Tamuna Tsiklauri (@tamunatsiklauri) on

Can someone give me her classy, thick and luscious hair, please? I like her androgynous touch to fashion and again the simplicity in her outfits. All it takes to look classy is to wear clothes of good material and fit and you don’t need much else. This account proofs that it works!

9. @lerazhuravleva

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Просто улыбайся 🌸

A post shared by Valeriya (@lerazhuravleva) on

This girl is beautiful and looks so nice. Nothing feels more classy than a sweet and kind face of a person who is well put together like Lera. I believe this type of woman must look great in every photo, as her feed is outstanding with high-quality photos that you feel inspired by.

10. @tati_vk

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@VikaGazinskaya ❤️

A post shared by Tatiana Korsakova (@tati_vk) on

I used to enjoy her Instagram more in the past, as today it’s mainly professional “photo shoot pictures” that she posts (I prefer iPhone taken pictures, as they feel more real). But when it comes to Tatiana, her sense in fashion is great, plus she’s got a model type body and posture, creating a very classy and elegant looking silhouette in every image.


Do you think I should include someone else on this list? Share with me your thoughts!



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  1. I’m not really impressed because I think those profiles are too much “professional” and not “lifestyle” and “basic days” based which I more like. My personal favourites are : @liina__n, @k_chandr, @dilettamenta, @eliza_ray8, @___kta____, @natalisnatalis, @miss___nona, @mahsashiwa, @kristi_go, @tamara.

  2. I loved your suggestions, these girls really look inspiring to me as well! Gonna follow the ones I didn’t know. Since everyone is leaving suggestions for you to check out, I’m going to join in! @nicolebernardes is a brazilian girl married to a french guy and they both travel the world and post really glamorous photos, I love her style. @izabelandrijanic is a bit more reserved but she always looks classy & stylish, so I love her posts. She also has the most beautiful hair! haha Keep up the good work with the blog, Anna! <3

  3. I would have add
    zaboshta : she has a very unique sense of style that I absolutely love

    Lucylascelles1 : very polished and elegant

    Aleksa__official : stylish

    Lydiaemillen : fashion blogger but I love her style

    Ozimkova : stylish and minimalist

  4. Don’t want to be controversial, but being a women of color and an aspiring jet setter, I would have personally like to have seen just one African American beauty who fits into this category. There has to be many out there and for me it gives me more motivation to know that it could be me someday.

    • The best inspiration you can have is to know that you belong in this lifestyle and in these outfits. Elegance looks no different on Black women than it does on White, Arab or Asian women.
      The truth is it will be harder to find classy black jetset babes because black females tend to aspire to the Kardashianesque look and deem that to be classy.
      So just imagine yourself in these pictures because you should inspire yourself.
      And if that fails then start off with @iamkokocherelle

      • And there in lies the crux of the issue. I only recently came across her page and although I’m not drawn to it because I’m happily married and not looking for a millionaire, I am inspired by the fashion. I originally thought this was an only for Russian women site and all the stereotypes that I’ve heard about them (mail order brides and the like; which in and of it self is unfair). Anyone can find inspiration from anywhere, but we also like diversity and to see those that look like us when we are taking that inspiration.

        “The truth is it will be harder to find classy black jetset babes because black females tend to aspire to the Kardashianesque look and deem that to be classy.” – This is a problematic statement and false on its face. There are many classy, elegant and jetset black babes across this massive universe. Maybe they don’t live their lives out on social media like so many young people do. Please don’t make broad assumptions for which you don’t have receipts to actually back up. Your experience may be that you don’t know any, but I assure you, there are many out there.

  5. Anna has also used plenty of black jetset babes’ instagram accounts throughout various articles on this blog

  6. Anna Bey,

    Fabulous list of classy jetsetbabes. I absolutely adore @_alena_alena_. So classy, natural, and simply gorgeous.

    Some other fabulous and classy JSB worth mentioning:

    Don’t the most fabulous JSB of them all…

    Stay fabulous,

  7. Ruth Ssebuliba on

    It would have been nice to see one black woman.

    “Can someone give me her classy, thick and luscious hair, please?”

    I’m guessing type 4 hair can’t be classy enough for your list unless they’ve got a straight wig on.

  8. You should definitely check this lady out. Her instagram is @iamhearte and her youtube account is Love Marie Escudero.

  9. They all dress really well but I personally think those with the blown up lip jobs look really tacky.

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