Time to get fit, part 2

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Good bye Summer Laziness!

You have been reading about my fitness & diet regime the entire spring, sadly enough my laziness & lack of time took charge this summer. The only time I’ve been moving my ass has been on the dance floor, 3 months have passed now and I can feel “the old me” catching up. It’s time to take control again, and not let this laziness become a habit.


Like I’ve been saying this summer;

“It’s ok to slow down with working out, as the most important is to live life to the full and enjoy summer”.

Great! But now party is over and time to get back to business.

Thankfully since I’ve been keeping more less my same diet, I have not put back all the weight I lost during spring. I’ve put back approx 1/3 but it annoys the hell out of me as I didn’t reach my absolute goal prior to summer.

Oh well, this fall I’m going to work even harder, diet & fitness wise. I’ve already put up a strict plan for myself, as I see this as a challenge to now accomplish. I’m back to working out 5x a week & no carbs, just veg & protein! Yey! 😉

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