This Is Why People FAIL With Their New Years Resolutions

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It’s now third week of January and did you know that 80% of people have already given up on their new year’s resolutions? In case you belong to this group, don’t feel discouraged! You shouldn’t give up!

It’s normal that the first, inspiring sensations have mellowed down a bit as this month has progressed. Perhaps you felt fine for two weeks, but after that mark, you started to feel it became difficult to focus. Often people set massive resolutions for themselves. It can be like “stop smoking” “lose weight” “Change jobs” etc.

For some people, big resolutions can feel more challenging and overwhelming than if the would have had to execute multiple smaller resolutions. My 2018 is all about micro-resolutions because they feel more doable to me!

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Some examples of my resolutions this year which are mostly around career:

The big resolution: Create a successful business

Micro resolutions:

– Do things I’m uncomfortable with
– Become better organized with paperwork
– Plan my work schedule and sticking to it
– Respond to emails faster
– Start my Youtube channel

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Having one, big untangible resolution feels vague and seldom leads to success. If you don’t want to have micro resolutions, then you should define your resolutions as much as possible, so they feel clearer and easier to process.


“Lose weight” is not a good resolution.
“Lose 5 kg by June 1st, 2018” is much better.

The clearer you are in your mind of your goal, the better. If you have already abandoned your resolutions for 2018, perhaps you lost the motivation because they felt too overwhelming? These two tricks may help you battle these feelings, the most important is never to quit, but instead to go back to your drawing board and re-think where it’s not working out.

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If you’ve lost motivation for other reasons, then perhaps you should read my previous post of last week, on How to stay motivated.

Now is not the time to throw in the towel, we are only getting started. If the journey feels long, uncomfortable and annoying, it’s only a sign that you’re progressing. We have to accept one thing. To achieve our goals we have to work hard (you can’t escape that fact). And hard work is not always fun and exciting. Depending on what it is you want to accomplish, be prepared to often get out of your comfort zone! The more you do it, the faster you’ll get your results. The logic of life.

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But like I always say, and what I remind myself every day, in one year I will be so happy that I started. In one, five years or 10 years, I will thank myself that I decided to start in 2018.
Is that motivating or what? For me, it is at least…

Join me and my journey on making dreams come true. Goalsetting chapter for 2018 shall be continued…


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