Thursday, February 20

This Is My Favorite Color Of Them All

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Do you love black garments as much as I do? It’s my favorite color and a majority of the time I wear black only.

I feel you never go wrong with it, but unfortunately, this color gets a bit of a bad reputation due to being “plain and boring.” But how boring are actually these outfits below? In my opinion, not boring at all!
If need to spice things up, you can easily accessorize and add colorful details without running the risk of overdoing it with black. The other positive aspect is the professional and sophisticated energy that going all-black gives you. It might age you a little bit, but it’s worth if you want to feel classy.

In the end, I find black to be my savior on days when I don’t know what to wear because I know it will always work no matter of occasion. And even if it’s more of a “winter color” – I’m a happy black-user all year round! Even in summer! Crazy or not? I love it too much!









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  1. Dear Anna, I love this kind of posts! Could you tell us what are your favourites brand clothes? Not only luxury brands but low cost 😉 If you could share some of your purchases it would be fantastic :))). XXX

    • I love Zara! I think you can find amazing pieces there that last a long time, and I have many items I love from there that I bought years ago. I also love mid range brands like Sandro and Club Monaco. Great quality for a reasonable price. Then I also love to find russian shops on Instagram and buy clothes from them! :*

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