Wednesday, November 20

This Classy Hair Trend Is Everywhere

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The signature hair for most Jetset Babes has always been long and luscious hair. Men instinctively appreciate long hair on women as it signals good health for reproduction. And having a long mane makes us women feel beautiful and sensual, making it a top choice for most us when it comes to hairstyles.

But, something is shifting right now, because I’m noticing more and more women stop with the long hair and cut their hair, if not short, then mid-length. It seems like the long hair is not on top of mind anymore for people, and Jetset Babes are adopting a classier and more sophisticated approach to their look.

Shorter & mid-length hair length is very classy. You look more fashion and serious when you have a sleek short haircut. But the biggest benefit must be all the time you will save on your blowdries and styling. Shorter hair is always easier to maintain than long hair, and I think most of us are already quite frustrated with how much time we have to spend on our hair, just to make it look representable!

The downside is that it can make a person look older, which can be challenging for someone who is age conscious.

But for anyone who wants to remove their hair extensions and go au natural, this hair trend is literally for you! Now you can cut your hair to a healthy length – totally guiltfree – and let it rest while your own hair grows out! Meanwhile, you will still look classy and elegant, without feeling boring just because you’re changing hairdo to something a bit more conservative.

Shorter hair seems to be the “it thing” right now, so if you’re in need to make a change or do something with your hair, this might be the choice for you. Here you’ll see some of the JetsetBabes that have taken the step to cut their locks off.

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  1. I have always looked better with shoulder length hair. Long hair just overwhelms my face. Also I have a baby face, so anything that makes me look older is a must. this is a good post! Thank you!

  2. Hana Hornakova on

    I am thinking of go short for a. while, but in the same time I think it makes you look chubbier so I think I will wait for it after Christmas. I am glad for my length but I hate the old school cut from my old hairdresser.

  3. I understand the low maintenance argument, and I do like the lightness of short hair (my gosh the weight of long hair!), but I struggled with the maintenance re: how often I needed to get my hair cut! For someone who isn’t a weekly, or even fortnightly salon goer, my hair grew too fast to keep it fashionably short.
    But it certainly is a smart look if styled well!

  4. Lo maravilloso de este corte recto, es que el cabello crece muy sano al estar las capas todas juntas y sin desflecar. Y es muy sofisticado , con todos sus largos!, desde la zona baja de las orejas hasta la mitad del pecho, son muchos longitudes distintas!, me encanta.

  5. Hello! Have you ever seen an elegant woman with bangs? Or do you think bangs would be classy and elegant? Thank you.

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