Wednesday, January 29

These Shoes Are NOT Classy!

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Some shoes can give away the elegance and sophistication of a person. They may be of a particular style that can trigger associations within us, which is why you should always think about what you’re wearing.

Balenciaga Triple S Ugly Shoe

If you’re a beginner in fashion styling and high-society, it’s advisable to play it safe if you’re currently trying to level up. Because I see beginner mistakes happen all the time, hence the need for me putting this post together!

It’s easy to think that the shoes in this video are “IT shoes” and can be worn without any problems. They can, of course. The issue is not whether these shoes are nice or not (well, some of them are a bit disturbing I will be honest!), but it’s more whether they fit into the look of an elegant woman.

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When in doubt wear red ❤️ @catwalk_connection

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Some women can pull off these styles, and they look fabulous on them! This happens because people are different and some women have naturally great styling skills!

But so many times, aspiring JetsetBabes (with limited knowledge in elegant fashion styling) wear these shoes, and it just ruins their look. She may be wearing a sophisticated outfit, but with those shoes – it just gives away the elegance!

Having said all of these, I will leave you to watch my latest Youtube Video! Here I list 7 shoe trends that are not classy and which you should stay away from!


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


    • First, thank you to created this website, it’s helping me a lot to my jerset transformation 😀 About shoes I have a question for you : what kind of flat shoes a classy young woman (25) need to wear ? I have a big scoliosis which can’t be treated, so wearing heels is not good for my health 🙁

  1. My Gosh Ana, what happened to your lips ? You talk about elegance but you forget it when it’s about your own presence 🙂 I don’t want to be mean but your lips are overdone

  2. I loved this video and post and your blog everything you do I am officially obsessed. Can you do a post on must have shoes? or classy shoe basics? thanks

  3. I have to disagree with Anna. Black high heels are always classy, especially those simple without any accessories or ad on.
    Do some research and see that many royals and high-class ladies are wearing stiletto black high heels.

  4. Why do you include so many photographs in your blog that include shoes (and outfits) a classy lady would never wear! Walk your talk girl!

  5. I call these runway shoes and Anna Bey is right that they are not appropriate off runway/media appearances, such as on dates. I have modeled, and was in Miss Universe, so they work on a long gown on the runway when the designer wants to show the fabric of the gown. Super comfortable. HOWEVER … when you get off the runway you take them off. Just like stage makeup or even photoshoot makeup looks weird on a first date (I hate contouring with a passion but my makeup artist has to redraw the lines of my makeup before a photoshoot so the flash doesn’t eat it).

    What is elegant and necessary on stage/runway is not elegant off stage. Drag queens look elegant onstage on a poorly lit stage from a distance but close ups do look extremely vulgar. I do agree with Anne that men – and straight men are rarely awake at runway shoes – wonder how women in real life wear very high heels. If a man is wondering how you won’t fall or hurt yourself in the fashion item you wear, it stops being elegant.

    Anna Bey is right about the height of the heel. You never see Kate Middleton or Meaghan Markle trying to add height to enhance a runway outfit. As a fashion designer I find more leg with a comfortable platform shows more fabric, shorter torso and longer legs that stimulates women to buy clothes, for whom the stripper original of that heel is eclipsed by the awe of more fabric longer legs and shorter torso from where they are seated. As much as women and gays love height in women … straight men do not like height in women. Straight men prefer shorter women but love the status of a runway model.

    One to three and a half inch heels are the most elegant to men. They should be a stiletto but look wearable. Men love kitten heels. Basically have a straight male uncle, cousin, your dad or a friend look at your shoes, and say are these shoes the kind that make him wonder how you get to the office tripping over yourself or are they appropriate and lady like. I remember straight friends commenting at a diplomatic reception how some ladies new to this country’s heels were so high they wondered how they managed to stay comfortable wearing them with a straight face all night. If you are a young diplomat you want the country to think about how pleasant your delegation is and how they want to do business with your country, not the height of shoes of junior diplomats.

    The shoes Anna Bey says are not classy, in beige, as a sandal are the uniform for miss universe as they are the most comfortable thing that gives you height on runway. Off runway, close up, they do look weird just like men in stage make up with their eyeliner if you’ve ever done opera on been in a play look weird close up. If you have to wear them keep them beige not to draw attention. They are totally not for dates and photos. If they are beige and you do a media appearance, which are chaotic, nobody is looking at your beige shoes. But you do a photo or go on a date everyone is examining your shoes and nails with a microscope. Therefore, Anna Bey has a very good point here. Do you see Duchess Catherine or Duchess Meaghan in those shoes? No. Then avoid.

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