The Truth About My Break From Blogging

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Since I re-opened the blog after my two-year break, you all have probably noticed how I’ve changed the focus of the blog to be more about the classier aspect of jet-set life.

Back in the days before shutting down JetsetBabe, the blog was about anything related to the jet-set world. It didn’t matter what style, I just wanted to cram in as much as possible and share with you every information I could find. Perhaps I was very curious myself and therefore wrote happily about taboo topics like sugar babies, sponsors, gold diggers, etc.

Just before I closed the blog down, I went through an on and off phase of being extremely tired of the jet-set world. I got weary of looking at my Instagram, being daily fed with materialistic show-off and provocative personalities. On top of it, in my personal life, I had people in my circle who didn’t have the best influence on me. I was getting brainwashed both online and in private, and I wasn’t feeling great. It was ruining me.

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t h e M o s c o w c i t y 🖤 good morning

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My motivation started to fade for the blog.I thought to myself that the jet-set world was shitty, with shitty people having shitty energy. Everyone was fake and materialistic; I couldn’t deal with it anymore. And then I realized that there wasn’t any point continuing blogging when I didn’t feel passionate about the topic, so I shut it down.

I’m not going to lie, but the first year being free from JetsetBabe felt so liberating. I was happy not to see certain accounts that I was following and being fed with their needs for validation. I didn’t miss the blog at all, in fact, I felt so sure I was never going to re-open it ever again.

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Девочки, хочу Вас познакомить с интересным блогом стилиста Яны Фисти @yanafisti 👸🏻 Мне кажется, для каждой девушки одно из самых главных качеств – это умение подать себя. Я люблю классику и чистые цвета, которые всегда беспроигрышны. Если Вам хочется каких-то интересных сочетаний,– именно их можно найти в блоге Яны ❤️👌🏻 Кроме стильных луков у Яны много полезной информации 🤗 В общем, рекомендую её блог каждой @yanafisti 💎

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When I closed the blog down, I was in a very difficult time of my life, and I stayed there for a while. In a way, I’m glad JetsetBabe wasn’t with me during that time, because I don’t think I would have been capable of delivering quality content while being in agony.

Of course, some days felt better, but I had a lot of dark moments. I was struggling, but I was also hanging in there. Every day I was practicing patience of hoping that my luck would soon turn. The depression I was feeling was real, and it wasn’t letting me go that easy.

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They say “after rain comes the sun”- and it’s true! It does!

With time, things got better. My life started to change for the better. During my absence from the blog, I went to counseling for two years, and it took me about ten months to encounter my first breakthrough. Shortly after that very significant moment in my therapy, everything started to fall into pieces.

My depression went away, I cut with many toxic people in my circle, I finally met the love of my life, I got career driven and a new appetite for life. It was like I had just woken up from a bad dream – I was finally happy again!

Tasting pure happiness felt almost surreal. I had gotten used to the darkness and loneliness. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel after all, but can I tell you one thing – the journey towards it did not happen overnight!

In this last year, as I became myself again, JetsetBabe started to hunt me in the back of my mind. I was driving my close friends insane, by going back and forth in thoughts of potentially re-opening the site again.

One afternoon, me and my friend were sitting and brainstorming together. I expressed exactly what it was with the old JetsetBabe that made me not want to come back and my friend gave me some ideas. Something then clicked for me. I got my AHA-moment. All of a sudden I could see it all clearly, I knew exactly what I would do with the blog.

You see, the jetset world is very big and generic. You have different worlds in this niche. Instead of blogging about everything and including the parts that were making me fed up (like I was doing in the past), I was going to change focus and only include the parts that I felt were truly inspiring. That means I wouldn’t include certain personalities and topics that I was regularly posting before. Instead, I was going to focus on the classier aspect of jet-setting because that’s what I was really passionate about.

I’ve always wanted to promote something that I really believed in. Classy lifestyle is exactly that.
I had gone through both sides of the coin in my life and I had learned so much from it. I wanted to share my learnings with others, perhaps it could help someone too. On top of it, I started remembering all the people I had met in recent years, especially men, who were often remarking how hard it’s to find classy women today. They were sharing their struggles and all the stories of “less classy” women they’ve encountered. So the idea to my book “How To Be Classy” got born.

And then the rest is history. Six months later I re-opened the blog, and I can honestly say – I’m so happy I’m back! It was perfect timing. I needed to retreat for two years and learn a few lessons, before coming back to all of you with a fresh mind and new energy to transmit.

I’m glad I did it, but most of all, I’m glad I still had so many of you waiting for my return.

It means so much to me! When I look at my visitor statistics, we are now more than we were back in the days, and it fuels me to continue. Thank you for still being with me and following my blogging journey. It might have a classier touch now, but my honesty will never change. I will always stay true to you as I’ve done from the very beginning, and I will continue to raise taboo topics, I just don’t want it to take over the show.

You are the reason why I came back, I’m very grateful for your presence and your support. Thank you.



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  1. Lovely post! I enjoyed your old content as well, maybe because I was very curious myself, but I agree with what you said; this classic, elegant style is much more inspiring! Thank you for sharing all these thoughts with us ❤️

  2. I found your blog while you were gone for those two years and I was so upset one day when I went to check it that it was completely down. I too have been going through the same thing in my life and your blog gave me back my hope! I started working out again and really taking a look at who I was becoming. Even though I knew you weren’t active anymore, I decided to follow you on Instagram anyway. One day I decided to check the blog again and it was there with AMAZING content!

    You have helped me become myself again, I have actually unfollowed a lot of unhealthy content on my social feed etc. I have gone back to my classy self, that everyone told me was old fashioned and not trendy.

    • Thank you for this warming comment. I think when we can recognise ourselves in others and we feel we can relate and connect, that’s when our journey feels easier. I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this, and I’m sure you feel the same. So happy my writing has helped you. <3

  3. I, for one, am so so so happy you’re back! Your blog has been such an inspiration to me over the years and even when you stopped blogging, I found myself going back to re-read certain articles. I love the new focus on the classier, more inspiring side of the jetset world. I think what made a lot of us stick around was the way you included your own personal thoughts/life into it too (as well as the beauty advice!). I’m definitely over the less classy and materialistic stuff (it just makes me hate the jetset world too) and am looking forward to the new direction you are taking the blog! I’m getting your book tomorrow after I finish my exams and can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  4. I’m glad you have found your happiness, strength and what you are passionate about. I respect that you told us about your depression, not everyone can do that.
    I agree with you that this Insta world is toxic…and from what I can tell this jetset world too. I never experienced it myself, but sometimes during my travels I got a glimpse and even though I’m young, I can tell its so fake and not real.
    Its not healthy that we look at all those pics on Instagram and then develop these unrealistic expectations in everything like lifestyle, how we look, wealth, and so on. Some of those people flaunting expensive watches, cars, bags, and stuff don’t even have a nice home to live in.
    I also encountered some girls like your blog is about at parties and events and I can truly tell you…you cannot buy class, true elegance and intelligence with money. Most of them can never hide where they truly come from…especially when there is an argument.
    You are right, this world – which I guess you mean is the world of the wealthy people – has different sides and segments as well.
    I guess it’s true that all the newly rich (which sometimes doesn’t even last as they spend it on useless things) people have only the need to flaunt money…
    Old money as you refer to however usually don’t flaunt it, yes they have expensive things and live a lifestyle which others can only dream of, but they don’t wanna push it in peoples faces, and they don’t have the need to. And mostly these people are the classy ones …of course, there are some exceptions even with old money people…as classiness usually comes with having a higher intelligence as well, which not everyone is born with.
    I’m glad you are back and elevated the blog to a higher level…and I wish you all the happiness in your relationship!

  5. Glad to hear things have worked out for you Anna. You’ve got great writing talent. Looking forward to sharing this next chapter of JSB with you 🙂 xx

  6. Thank you for re-opening your blog. Today I was looking for some visual inspiration for a new project that I am starting and randomly decided to see if the blog was accessible and what a pleasant surprise to see that you are up and running again.

    It is wonderful that you have been able to find your purpose and what makes you happy. You have a beautiful way of writing and I think it is no coincidence that I searched for this page today. Not only did I find inspiration for the project but also for myself. I am loving the new content and will continue to support not only the blog but also your personal journey to become a more evolved person. It is also great to see the face behind the screen.

    Thanks again!

    • Thank you Tami for this beautiful comment. I’m happy you’re back and that it helped with your projects! What is the project about? ❤️

  7. It is an online boutique that provides quality pieces for a woman who can be sexy but in a very sophisticated and classy way. I realize that most of the boutiques I see online are overly trendy. The “Jetset” look is what I am going for and I wanted to be reminded of the essence of who that woman is and your blog did just that for me.
    As I said it was also a reminder for myself because I have fallen off the wagon so reading the posts about self development were well timed. I also think your school is a great idea. Time to bring being a classy woman back into style!

    • Anne-Sophie on

      Thank you Anna for sharing that part of your life I feel less like an alien when I look at my own journey because I have had my ups and down. This article and your all blog is really inspiring to me I’m really grateful that you shared your journey I really hope that you won’t leave again even if I know that we all have obstacles in how life your voice matter to me. It’s been a long time that I want to level up I knew I could do it and have everything to do it I just didn’t know how and to me your blog and your YouTube videos are the answer so thank you

  8. This is beautiful.
    The best post i read.
    All posts r amazing true and inspiring.
    Thank u for your content. 👑🌺

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