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The Secret Tool To Get Yourself Back On Track Again

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My life has been a lot about finding my balance in the past few weeks. December is one of the busiest months, as the festive season carries out too many to do’s, events and get together’s.

My balance gets easily disrupted during this time of the year when the routine gets off track because of everything that’s going on. I’ve not yet reached a point where I’m solid as a rock and can battle through any stormy weather, so I tend to experience the side effects, feeling that life can become a complete chaos.

I’m there for the type of person who loves January, as that means New years resolution time and putting life in to order again. It makes me feel great, and at peace, as I’m not good at being all over the place (even though I can be like that sometimes.)

Having your life together is a pleasurable feeling. Not only does it give you a sense of control, but the inner peace you feel when there is balance in you, is priceless. You experience Zen, feel strong and powerful. Life is at your fingertips, and you feel like you can conquer anything!

But what to do in times like December, when life is hectic, and there is too much going on?

The obvious is, of course, trying to stick as much as possible to your healthy routine and being aware of the challenges. But at times, we get so much off track, that it feels it’s not enough to hit the gym and eat healthy to feel good. Sometimes we need more. Sometimes we need a “balancing toolbox” for ourselves.

Similar to your “healthy routine, “the “balancing toolbox” is there to help you pick yourself up when you’re in pieces. It can be when you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, sad, tired, low or experience any negative emotions due to being off-balance. You then turn to the tools in your toolbox to help yourself pull out of that zone. It’s like a resetting ritual that you know works for you and can help you shift your energy in the right direction.

The tools in your toolbox should, therefore, consist of anything that is non-destructive that will lift your spirit and shift your vibration to feel better. It’s crucial that you only use “healthy tools” and avoid the destructive ones like drinking, eating, getting high, shopping, gambling, smoking etc. They only give you a sense of “fake zen” (temporary happiness), but it won’t restore your balance in a grounding way, instead, it will work as a vicious cycle.

To give you some ideas, this is what I have in my “balancing toolbox”:

Meditation – Whenever I experience any form of negativity I try to meditate as it clears my head and settles my emotions.

Reading law of attraction books – This always gives me a reminding boost that I control my own destiny, so I always feel inspired to break my negative cycle after reading these books.

Going for walks in nature – I turn to nature when I need comfort, as I feel I can connect with the greenery whenever I need healing or strength. It’s also another form of meditation when you need to clear your mind.

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Horse riding – Doing an activity that you are very passionate about is significant self-healing. Horses bring so many positive things into my life, as I love animals and being in nature, plus it gives me joy when I’m riding. It’s one of the few times my mind stops thinking, and I’m fully present.

Journaling – When my head is a mess, and I need to strategize my life, I start journaling. I write down my thoughts and try to get clarity; it really helps me become clear when I see things written on paper.

Going to church – Spirituality is the most used tool for healing. I love churches, as praying is a different form of meditation for me. “Having a talk with God” may sound silly to some, but it brings an extreme amount of inner peace to me.

Training – This is more part of my healthy routine repertoire, but in tough times, training can sometimes be the only positive light throughout the entire day. Your body produces endorphins, the body’s natural drug to feel a little bit high, so when you need a boost to feel better, training will do the job. Plus it releases stress and tension, giving you a clearer mind and lighter spirit.

For me, all of these things are very grounding, and I know that whenever I feel disrupted in myself, I can turn to any of these activities and they will help me. They might not resolve the situation, but they can put me on the right vibration and give me the strength I need to re-balance myself.

Now I’m really looking forward to January and fresh beginnings. As I’m very passionate about personal development, I will do many posts on inner self-transformation in the next coming month. I think the time is now to get ourselves together, especially after such a disruptive time like December, so I hope you will all join me in 2018 to make it the best year ever!

What’s in your “balancing toolbox”?
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  1. This post is absolutely relevant to my life right now! Thanks so much Anna, it’s like you can read minds, I love it!

  2. Thank you for not only taking care of our outside and glam but also our inner health Anna! I will bookmark this for 2018. Wish you happy holidays x

  3. Sorry to comment several years later! I just am learning of you. I like to get massages but it can be an expensive habit. Your post made a lot of sense to me though, I don’t do well being scattered. December is a love hate for me. I’m much more of a January girl :).

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