Thursday, February 20

The No Make-up Look

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In my 3rd post about the transformation from Plain Jane to Jet set Babe, I wrote about make up and how I believe in the natural appearance. I think that when you have a particular style, strong make up can be a great compliment to add and be playful with.

But for the sophisticated and elegant Jet set Babe, I advise to wear the No Make-up Look. The face and it’s features should be in focus, the finish should always look like you have nothing to hide. No fake, no cake. Natural beauty. Less is more.

The No Make-up Look means that the make up you wear look’s almost invisible. Keep the colours of the eye shadows modest, the eye liner discreet and the foundation in high quality making it look like your second skin. Apply your make up so it blends to your face and almost disappears. This is a true “No Make-up look”. Use it as a tool to enhance your beauty. Keep your face clutter free.

(P.S I’ve noticed how guys really prioritise girls that hold a minimalistic approach to make up. Whenever I’ve seen groups of girls, where you have the ones with heavy make up, and the ones with less, the latter always get more attention from the men. Maybe it looks less cheap who knows, but if you wan’t to catch a man, pay attention to small details like this).

The No Make-up Look


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. You are totally right JSB, but you forget one important thing – these women all spend money like crazy on their skin and ALL have lips injections and their lips done so it`s very easy for them to go with no make-up. Of course all the women out there prefer to shine with natural beauty, it`s just that not all women have the money to MAKE that beauty SHINE and polish themselves. You have to spend a loads a loads of money on procedures and all kind of improovments on your face to get away like this. Other women need the make-up. It`s like that post you had about “Get a Perla or Agent Provocateur loungewear cause it`s really important and you`ll feel so special”. I think all the women know that feeling (very few exceptions here) and if somebody doensn`t do it it`s not because she doesn`t want it or it didn`t occur to her. Same here with the NO-MAKE-UP situations. Yeah.. No make up. Just fake lips, eye-brows tinted in the saloon, eye-lashes extencions and few operations here and there, accompanied by a tons of procedures with expensive equipment in the beauty-saloon and exposure to all sorts of rays in there.

  2. I disagree. I’ve spend of thousands of dollars on my skin and still nowhere near perfect. I get facials every 2 weeks and I’ve seen a bit of improvement but i think its something you’re born with. Some people are born with bad skin (like me) and other with fantastic skin.

    • Hi Lala. You think you can`t make conclutions about all these women just judging by the experience with your own skin. Maybe it`s just your skin that is not susceptible to improvements. But with their skin, with the treatments they use, it`s obvious that they give a result, cause I lots of them look like they have plastic faces and we don`t see that artifical plastic look on the faces of ordinary girls and women on the streets. Look Malinskaya for example. Her face loos so puffy and false with that plastic skin she`s got there.. Really unnatural! Much more unnatural than any tipe of make-up mask! Cause one could see she goes through life with that plastic-mask-face all they long, every day of her life. And THAT for sure looks like she has been ashamed of her real face and like she tried to conceal something.

  3. I use to suffer from acne but birth control helped a lot and I wash my face with spectro gel and use their cream it’s the only thing that works for I have super sensitive skin! Whenever I get a pimple I apply some tea tree oil on it and it’s gone the next day! I also have Rosacea (redness) I tried laser treatment it was a waste of money (a few thousand dollars I may add) the doctor gave me antibiotics to reduce the redness and that barely helped. There’s no cure for Rosacea but There are ways to help. I also have veins that show on my face. I did laser for that (again very expensive) and that did help a bit but since my skin is very pale u can still see a bit of my blue veins but not as much as before. I did intensive microdermabrasion a few times that does help a bit with scaring. I also did laser for my scars (I think it’s calles v beam or candela laser) and I didn’t find it very effective, the microdermabrasion in my opinion was more effective. The dermatologist prescribed be a glycomic acid mixture that he told me to put on my face before bed and it will get rid of all scaring but it’s progressive , I just started so I will let u know if it works (Im praying IT does ) I also get guinot facials every 2 weeks to extract all the impurities in my skin; I have a lot of microcysts which look like pimples but they are small and composed of fat no puss and the only way to permanenrly rid them is by extracting them with a needle (only a certified aesthetician can do it do not try this at home it can scar u!!). Anyways I hope that helps! It was a nightmare for me and still is and if someone has advice to give me or any questions they want to ask i hope I can help!

    • Yeah.. I have an advise. Why don`t you try accept yourself for who you are and be happy with the face God gave you and stop complaining about not messuring up to some stupid magazine – cryteria? : ) The white skin is considered very aristocratic and I can`t believe someone is troubled cause he has VEINS! I mean SERIOUSLY, people!

    • Dear @lala I found it completely necessary that I apologise for you’re previous treatment on this chat. In compensation for this I would like to disclose my brief story that in turn may encourage and assist you.

      My skin was the worst skin, acne with scarring 2mm deep. It all began at such a young age also with the belief of hereditary properties. I come from a beautiful line of women, generational models with the most incredible baby faces and as you can imagine, you would feel rather foreign at such a tender age with not even a patch of clear skin around these idols of perfection. Everybody stared, as the face on my skin had ruined the looks I was blessed with, many women and men had made that rather apparent.
      The women made rude comments in which disregarded my identity, people are strangely too quick to judge sometimes. So… a few years went by, I developed cancer and the treatment for this is chemotherapy, which dries out skin extensively. The acne had disappeared and in this time, I came in possession of a Derma roller (1.5mm) after 8 months of rolling my scarring had minimised by almost 60%. The chemotherapy treatments had ended soon after, my skin returned to its natural condition with acne, so I began birth control pills just as you did. I changed my lifestyle, worked out like an athlete and eat the cleanest I possibly could.

      Before chemotherapy and this entire lifestyle change, I was too throwing money in the air with dermatologists and every laser you could think of, in short these things had no effect on a long term basis. I even noticed that the acne occasionally appearing due to certain times of the month, I was in turn able to use a numbing cream and antiseptic and go straight onto the acne with the derma roller and in a week everything dries up after this release. When the skin is injured just enough, it regenerates itself entirely, creating this basis in which it starts from scratch which I am sure you would prefer. You don’t need to rely heavily on dermatologists, they would love to make every dime off you with their slow and expensive treatments, the source of restructure is within the body.
      An update to this very day, my skin Is like silk and now deservingly reflects my beauty within from a treatment so simple. The skin of those hundred or so women that had laughed before could together not amount to the condition of mine today, it is admittedly perfect. Let this be an encouragement to you and shed the light on the undeniable fact that whatever seems beyond help is completely not. Everything is possible, I wish you the very best skin life has to offer as everything is achievable In time.

  4. @marcela what i do with my skin is my business and no one else’s. I don’t try to look like the girls in the magazine but if there’s something about my body or skin that I don’t like I take matters into my own hands and try to fix it. I’m very comfortable with my body and myself but my skin is something I suffered with all my life (acne, scaring, etc). I’m only posting to help others and give advice on my personal skin experience. Didn’t your mama teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all? Thanks for your vacuous advice anwyays

    • Isn`t it nice to tell you to love and accept yourself? What `s nicer than that? To have vains is the most normal think like having eyes or hair. So you should understand why ir surprices me if someone is looking for deffects there, whereeverything is normal. So yours are a little more visible! So what? It`s still something we all have and if you find it to be a reason not to like your own skin, you can inagine why it`s hard for me to believe you`ve accepted yourself for what and who you are. I don`t expect you to admit here or even in front of you that this is the case, so anyway. Just tried to help.

      • I had just found you’re comment in reply to @lala and Found it absolutely necessary to reply. You’re mannerism is questionable and the way in which you address yourself is too prevalent, there is an ‘i’ in the beginning of each sentence, Which suggests that you believe you’re significant enough that others care of you’re opinion. Unless you are a presidential figure, you’re unconstructive opinion is hardly needed on such a constructive chat. Some women need an education or more so, a series of events in which they are placed in the situation of others to ensure the shift in the bizzare opinions held from such a tiny mind. It was a small chat, which unfortunately exposed you’re even tinier mind. What an embarrassment, learn to truly listen to others before you speak, and in doing so maintain your poise and grace. If you can be of potential assistance then without hesitation do so.

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