The Must Have Winter Coat

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The winter sale is here and now is the time to make some significant deals! My recommendation is to buy something “big” on this sale; it’s the best sale of the year after all! Winter items like boots, coats, jackets, knitwear tend to come with some nice reductions in price, and as I’ve been mentioning already, these items are always worth investing a little bit more money in.

Especially coats and jackets. Anything that takes up a lot of space on you when you wear it should be of high quality because it’s so visible. A coat from H&M will never leave the same impression as a coat from Max Mara will, no matter how much you try and dress it up with designer bags, shoes, and accessories. This is why we must talk about coats today. Get them now while the sale is on and winter still going strong!

I’ve previously written about the classic coat you must have in your wardrobe, but today I thought we would look at the belted model with its variations.

I have a black belted coat that I got in Paris, and I wear it all the time. It works so well over a dress in the evening (without looking dressed down), or casually chic during the day with sneakers; I get so much use out of it because it works for any occasion!

Coats will forever be in my heart because they save you in winter. They make you look dressy when in reality you couldn’t be bothered doing anything with your outfit. It’s the perfect cover-up on bad days! Not to mention how well it protects you and your legs in cold weather against strong winds. Having a coat of 100% wool is therefore ideal because it will protect you from cold depending on how thick the coat is. Cheap materials on the opposite won’t, so it’s worth the $$$.


So what belted coat to get?

The most classic ones (in order):

1. Black – Versatile, you can wear it with anything, dirt doesn’t show easily, and it’s a perfect “all-around” coat to wear on a daily basis.

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2. Beige / Camel – This has been a classic item for ages. It doesn’t reveal dirt as easy as white would, which is why beige can work as the perfect color for the everyday coat, without looking boring like black.

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3. White – White coats are hard to maintain (be prepared for regular and expensive trips to the dry clean), but they look incredibly classy and expensive. It’s a coat that can be worn both day and evening. But, I would be careful with wearing it for very casual outings as depending on the situation, you can end up looking overdressed. Black won’t do that for instance.

These are the most common colors, and the ones I would refer to as “classics.” Sometimes I find the reductions to be minimal on the classic models and colors, which is why I think it’s important to discover other colors too.

Due to boldness, trends, etc., they sometimes get discounted for up to 70%, as people prefer the plain look for winter. Anyone who doesn’t mind color should take this opportunity to grab a bargain! Here I’m going to show you some inspiration on colors that might not be on top of mind when you decide to make a big purchase, but that can work exceptionally well on you, or even better than black would ever do!

One thing we must never forget: Personal hair color and skin tone is the most crucial part of what color in clothes you should wear. Make sure you know what works for you before settling for a color on a coat that will either make it or break it! Happy Shopping!


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  1. Love this post! I agree and would also like to add that Zara do a great one in grey this season and it has gone in the sale. OK so the material and quality is not perfect but it looks a lot like the Maxmara one for those of us who can’t drop nearly £1000 on a coat 🙂

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