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The Most Common Mistake Girls Do In The Jetset World

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It’s interesting how the jetset journey starts for many JetsetBabes. Most of the times, it’s not because they come from a particular background, but mostly because they get to see a world, whether by chance or because they notice it through social media and start craving it themselves.

On pictures, they see all the beautiful people, all the success, and glamour, and they want to be part of that. They think that life is complete when you reach that stage, that the ultimate level of success is when you are showered with abundance.

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These JetsetBabes get their foot in, often thanks to their appearance or connections. They start building their presence as being part of the jet-set community and then the rest is history.

It’s not very difficult to be part of the jetset world if you fit in. Women only need their looks, that’s their entry ticket. Men, on the other hand, need more than that. And I guess they are secretly jealous that for once we have it easier than them, which is why they try to bring us down by putting negative labels on JetsetBabes etc.

The good thing about the Jetset world is that if you are beautiful and clever, you can take your life quite far. It’s sexist and unfair, but in the midst of the unfairness, women can learn how to play this game to their own benefit.

And I’m not talking about games where you have to go beyond your values and morals. I’m talking about when you need to switch on your brain and make the most of your journey.

As a beautiful woman with the right strategy, you can get access to anything you need concerning your life. You can make valuable connections for your career, learn from the most influential people and build relationships with people who can elevate you in life.

Life is a give and take, and when there is an opportunity to receive, even the self-made entrepreneur will take this chance because it’s Universe finally giving you a break.

So JetsetBabes usually enter the bubble out of pure curiosity and fascination. Unfortunately the glitz and glam make you easily overwhelmed, and many women lose focus. They end up in some form of La La Land, not understanding that if they only would switch on their focus, they could gain more out of this world than just the experience or the materialistic fun. They can sort out their future far beyond than just “marrying a rich dude.”

I know however that what we have against is, maturity and understanding. I went through this process of not being mature in my thinking to see all this. I wasted so many years and opportunities on bullshit, when I could have been clever with my social life, my network, my travels, my time in the jet-set bubble.

I’m not regretting anything because my journey had to unfold this way. But I see far too many girls just waste their time when they could act smart and reach their ultimate goals.

If before I saw the jetset world as an entertainment central, I now see it as a pool full of possibilities.

But, if you’re the one who is going to take your time to invest in this world, invest wisely. The opportunities are endless, and I think it would be stupid not to make use of something you have access to, as long as you keep your values and morals and you contribute as well. Be smart and have a strategy. #Girlpower

And now I want to teach you to do what I did. I started from the bottom, and it took me many years to understand how to navigate efficiently in the jet-set world to avoid getting burned.

I’m currently working on something very special for those ladies who are serious about their upgrade in life and becoming a true JetsetBabe. I want to use my 13 years of lessons and learnings in the jet-set world to create something of value to others who are walking similar path (or would like to start!). I can’t share more for now, but I do recommend visiting to find out more!


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. I agree with this post so much. Although I am NOT doing bad by any means. I also sit and think about the time wasted on a bunch of nonsense when I could have been more focused on networking and building connections. I feel like I would be alot further along.

  2. “It’s a pool full of possibilities” I’m totally agree too!! The most difficult thing is networking, connect with these people…Any advice??

    • Networking is hard! Because you never really know where to invest and where not! I think the best is to focus to train your instinct and evaluation of what is a potentially good contact, because like that you cut out a lot of time wasters!

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