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The JetsetBabe Strategy For Dating Rich Men

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Women who are looking to meet wealthy men for dating and relationship should pay attention. While this is only a generic timeline for things to think of when you’re dating. Like with everything in life, there are always exceptions and never a “one size fits all” approach. Different type of men, require different approaches, even though some general guidelines might be reoccurring.

The way a JetsetBabe is successful on the dating scene is by creating a strong personal brand for herself (think strategic PR here), to attract the affluent types she’s after (note: she attracts, she’s never approaching them). She’s also clever and never loses herself or get too carried away in emotions during these love affairs.

Strategy is essential, but being a genuine person who is ready for love – equally so. In the initial phases, it’s all about keeping a bit of poker face; later you can let go of that…

But let me explain a little bit better what I’m talking about.

Dating Wealthy Men Guide

The JetsetBabe strategy for Dating Rich Men

How To Find A Rich Man


▸ Always look your very best to attract the finest men. (This is why I go on and on about transformation!)

▸ Position yourself as a woman of high caliber. Whether it’s true or not (yet), but you need to plant that seed in his (and people’s) impression of you.

▸ From the beginning, you make a stand that you’re not paying for anything. But you do it politely yet assertive because that’s “how it’s always been in your life and the culture/background/home environment you’re from.” Never act in the spoiled diva “treat me like a princess way” (unless you’re dating that type of submissive man who’s into that).

How To Find A Rich Man


▸ Initially, rich men will also test you to see how greedy you are and if you’re only with him because of his money. Make sure to pass this test by not being greedy and milk them at any given opportunity. It will really work to your benefit to at least once or twice not get anything when he’s taking you shopping.

▸ Be genuinely busy in life, so that you don’t need to play any games (the clever and experienced men always see through this).

▸ The initial phase: Be hard to get (because you’re genuinely busy) but don’t overdo it because you still want to keep him interested (give him small rewards of your attention from time to time).

How To Find A Rich Man


The phase when you hook him: You’re looking your very best, you’re mysterious, fun, feminine, sexy, great in bed, loving and very caring – but never too eager! He’s got more of you now but you’re still not 100% available.

During this phase, he has to feel he can develop trust to you so you can settle into a relationship. Give him reasons to trust you, don’t be flaky even though you’re busy. In some circumstances, a little competition can be good for the battle of the girl (only if he’s hooked enough! If he’s still unsure of you it might be a reason that will put him off).

How To Find A Rich Man


The settling phase: The more you spend time together, the more you have to hook him. Each time together has to be better than the previous one (the goal is to make him feel that by now he can’t be without you).

Continue being on your very best behavior. Avoid any drama, pressure and desperate acts. Let him lead, be the man and you’re more laidback (but still loving/caring). If you want to get something out of him (commitment, presents, etc.) you do it in a clever “female way” where he doesn’t notice and thinks it was all his idea. Plant seeds in him and reward him massively when he delivers.

How To Find A Rich Man

How it should be…


In the relationship: When you’re finally officially boyfriend and girlfriend, the new chapter starts when it’s all about enjoying the honeymoon phase yet keeping things interesting. Don’t relax too much, be still on your best behavior and start learning about the dynamic of your relationship (really try and get to know him, understand how he works etc).

Never downgrade yourself in front of your man; always look attractive and keep taking care of your appearance. Train daily, eat healthy and wear your nicest outfits in his presence. Personality wise, continue to be your most fun self, interesting, exciting, sexy – just like the person he fell in love with.

Dating Wealthy Men Guide


Now you can finally offer him your entire loving and caring self, almost like a mother figure without the relationship becoming less sexy. Treat him like your man, your prince while still not be 100% available for him. It’s important that you have some form of independence and that you’re busy in your life. Otherwise, he might feel you’re too needy, or he can have you around the clock (that’s never healthy for any relationship!)

Always keep the passion burning. Take care of his needs, take care of him in general. Make sure he reciprocates. The goal is to keep the relationship as balanced as possible to avoid fights and problems. Make sure to work on yourself during this time and avoid as much as possible to turn in to the “pain in the ass girlfriend” men eventually get bored of and leave.

How To Find A Rich Man


▸ When problems occur: If he starts misbehaving, maybe he cheats on you or the usual men misbehaves – start looking for someone else to replace him (unless he is abusive, then just leave immediately!) Find someone better and richer than him, you don’t owe a person anything who has mistreated you.

▸ Leaving a relationship behind: Try and always end things as nicely as possible with your men, especially if they’re affluent and can be of use for the future. Remain as friends, be in contact occasionally (unless he was awful and you must stay away from him for your own good!)

Men who have mistreated you but not in an extreme way (nothing too nasty), and they feel remorse, should be kept on a leash where they should feel “they owe you something” and they will be helping you out this way. Whether it’s straight after a breakup or in the future, it’s important not to lose this type of lead. Wealthy men are not only useful during the relationship, but can also be after the relationship ends. Clever women always think ahead.

Dating Wealthy Men Guide

Dating wealthy men is of course quite complex, and an article like this won’t bring out the entire picture. But just to give you some ideas of what I’ve experienced, seen and heard.

Sometimes women need to be a bit ruthless and selfish to get somewhere in life (men do this all the time!), I believe as long as you’re never backstabbing anyone, you always go in with genuine intentions and act as fair as possible – then you’re free to use whatever strategy your consciousness holds. The goal is to eventually meet your final destination in life, where you’ll get the respect you deserve, and you live happily ever after…

I want to thank my boyfriend who contributed to parts of this article with his raw and honest male feedback! ♥



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  1. Anna I have adored you and this blog from Day 1! As a fellow Jetset babe myself I love harboring this little secret that I visit your blog daily to continue growing in my relationships, image, and daily way of living.Your boyfriend contributed great tips on this topic.

  2. I like this post because it’s a good guide for catching and dating not only rich/wealthy man but any good man who’s worth the effort.

    Also, I like that your boyfriend gave some input, I would have thought it’s awkward for guys to get to know there’s a calculated plan behind dating them, not sure what my husband would have said about this.. 😀 but it’s nice and informative especially also because of your hubby’s input! Thanks!

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  4. OUTSTANDING ARTICLE which will help me immensely as I’m always the girl who puts herself on fire just to keep the other warm, and need to get out of this scheme. These steps sure help me to get a clear insight of the mentality to get and what has to be done !

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