The Basic guide to Etiquette

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Jet set Guide to Etiquette

The Basic guide to Etiquette

If you’re planning to surround yourself with high class people in extravagant venues, you’d probably like to fit in and act accordingly. I believe having manners & etiquette is something everyone should adapt to, no matter class or with whom you hang out with. It’s simply common courtesy.

Going to fancy places will require some extra thought to it if – remember the movie Pretty woman and how she had to learn it the heard way? Nobody wants to be seen as this complete slouch when you can be a well carried graceful lady with style. You’d like the right type of attention after all.

Jet set Guide to Etiquette

Basic principles to Etiquette:

  • Don’t slouch – Work on your posture! Imitate how the elegant ladies in the 50’s were carrying them selves. Think Audrey Hepburn. Sit with your back straight and walk gracefully. I’ve had men giving me compliments many time for my posture, they actually pay more attention then we think!
  • Mind your language & how loud you speak – Nobody want’s to listen to swearing, slang and if someone is almost shouting when they are speaking. Annoying and extremely rude.
  • Be polite to everyone – Be grateful and thank people as often as you can. This includes staff, be never bitchy & always appreciate what they’re doing for you. A thank you with a genuine smile can mean so much to someone and it’s not really that much effort from your end.

    Jet set Guide to Etiquette

  • Smile & send out positive energy – Being bitchy, arrogant, rude, looking bored etc is a sign of bad manners. Even if you’re stuck with someone who is boring you to bits, it’s not polite to express your true emotions by this type of behaviour. Excuse yourself with a smile & avoid this person, but never throw anything in someones face because how would you feel if that was made back at you?
  • Do not have monologues – Sitting and just talking about yourself, not caring for anyone else is selfish and rude. Be interested in other people by asking questions and share your life stories once in a while – just not all the time.
  • Be punctual – One of the most disrespectful things some girls tend to do is not valuing other peoples time by always being late. It’s extremely ignorant and shows no respect. Once in a while is understandable as there are times when other aspects causes delay for us, but taking it as a habit to come as you please is simply not cool. Learn time management!
  • If you’re a guest and invited over to someones house, always bring a gift even if it’s a casual gathering. A bottle of wine or maybe a desert?

Jet set Guide to Etiquette

How to act at a dinner table:

  • Never put your elbows on the table.
  • Never do your make up / freshen up. Go to the bathroom even if you just need to add some lipgloss.
  • Never speak with you mouth full, Chew with your mouth open, make noise when you eat etc.
  • Always turn away from the table in case you need to sneeze or cough, always excuse yourself.
  • Never use your own knife if you need to cut some butter that is standing on the table.
  • Bones, skin etc should not be put on the side of your plate, discretely put them in a napkin.

Jet set Guide to Etiquette

  • If you find a hair in your food don’t make a big deal out of it. Tell the waiter discretely about it.
  • Eat your food without making a mess. Eat slowly & controlled.
  • Always drink from the same spot of your glass so you not end up with lip marks all over.
  • Never pick your teeth at the table. Go to the bathroom if something is stuck.
  • Never introduce disgusting or unpleasant topics for conversation.
  • Wait until everyone has been served before you start eating & let the host give a sign of “let’s eat” before you dig in.

Table Manners

  • Never lean over & or stretch for something in front of a person. Ask politely “excuse me, would you please pass the salt” instead of reaching for it.
  • Break small pieces from your bread and eat it instead of putting the entire roll to your mouth. Looks more elegant, easier to eat & makes less of a mess.
  • Mobiles, keys, lip gloss etc should not be on the table. Checking your phone often shows bad manners. Put it away when you’re at a dinner.
  • When you are asking for something, use “May I have….” instead of “Can I have….”
  • Check discretely if you have something in your teeth after each meal. Preferably in the bathroom.
  • Never wave over a waiter or shout to be heard. Always say “Excuse me…”
  • Always thank the host for the dinner even if you didn’t enjoy the food. Smile & be polite!

    Table Manners


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  1. What do you think about people taking photos in restaurants? I think its very awkward if I do it myself, but I see all the pictures that you post of the jetset babes are taken in a situation I would have thought I couldn’t take a picture…

    • Depends on the restsurant. I do it sometimes, even if it feels a bit awkward, but sometimes u really wanna capture a moment with yr friends. Some very nice restaurants forbid mobiles and cameras. I would personally not take photos, but sometimes just to take 1 photo as a memory can be acceptable. Bad is when people are taking loads of photos, thats just emberrassing in my opinion.

  2. You deserve a Golden Globe for the category of “Etiquette” I read this posting twice. Million dollar ladies act like $2 dollar trash. You can’t teach class, however my friend you are definitely setting a new curriculum. What an absolutely wonderful posting! Many blessings to you and may the champagne overflow. By: Taquarius Ford

  3. very useful topic thank you very much.. could you share more about atiquette please
    and How I can fascinate a man ? even when i am talking to them.
    Love your blog more day by day
    Thank you very much Xx

      • 1.yes exactly how can I impress a men ( specialy jetset boys) .. how should I talk and act like a lady in front of them.. I know the beauty, fit body and seduction is important.. but what else more is important that you can attract your man..
        you know there is many girls around them(jetsetboys) but what is the point that make me different from others for that guy.. hope you get what I mean πŸ™‚

        2. and another question you said in other posts that a jetset babe doesn’t work at all.. so how can them earn and buy brand goods if they haven’t job.. ( by find a jetset boy? lol πŸ˜‰ )

        I love this topic that you started please give us more information about how etiquette in resturant and infront of a man
        thank you so much

        • 1. Ok I will do a post about it later today πŸ™‚

          2. Many ways: they live off their parents or their rich boyfriend, many girls have sugardaddies, some are just good on getting admirers giving them
          Presents, some girls work sometimes as eskorts, some girls
          Become a rich mans favorite and get presents & money without needing to do much. Etc. But most common is to either have a rich bf or a sugardaddy.

    • Not on the table! πŸ™‚ I put mine on the seat next to me or behind where
      I sit. If you’re really screwed and sit on a chair with no spare areas to put it I recommend to always ask the waiter for assistance.

  4. please write more like this!! btw I have long hair sometimes it is annoying while eating, so what would you recommend? and I often see people holding their glasses by the bowl, arenΒ΄t you supposed to hold it by the stim? and what about the napkin, I often see people having their napkin on their thighs, is that appropriate?

    • Good point! I will do a follow up on the etiquette guide then soon to gather more things that I didnt cover in this guide. To quickly answer your questions, put your hair aside somehow while eating as its not nice with hair in the food, alt. Amend your eating position so that hair doesnt fall down in action. Napkin should always be covering the thighs, only until after dessert its allowed back to table when its soon bill time. Glass should always be held by the stim and not on the glass. Think finger prints all over again.

  5. what are good topics for conservation? I think guys love it when you talk about future, goals etc. but what else would you recommend?

  6. what to do if you donΒ΄t want to eat something you either ordered yourself or another person did order for you? and I am always eating very healthy, do you think a guy would find that weird/bad? and what if you go out partying/dining and you donΒ΄t want to drink alcohol? Sounds weird, I know, but I donΒ΄t want to ruin my body so I am literally always cutting out alcohol, sugar etc.

    • Its totally fine being a picky eater, you can always pretend you’re intolerant. I tend to say Im gluten allergic when I dont want to eat carbs. The only thing is to be picky but in a nice way. Do it discretely. If u have many questions about the menu, dont bring it up in front of everyone while people are waiting to order. Just take the waiter aside in advance to sort your food issues out in peace and quiet.
      Reg. Alcohol its no biggy not to drink, but I wouldnt admit openly its cuz of
      Diet or if u have other issues. Thats yr private business after all. Order a virgin cocktail not to be super boring and just drink water. If anyone asks you can say you’re in the middle of a detox cleanse programme and not allowed to drink or u simply say you’re not in the alcohol mood πŸ™‚

  7. wow you are so good, i love the “gluten allergic and detox cleanse programme” thing, that helped me a lot!!

    • Depending on the restaurant and the company. I would always wear something more conservative or chic. Never go for sexy with mini dresses or loads of cleavage. After all this is a dinner place πŸ™‚

  8. I loved it, I just missed one topic. Never lick your fingers! I thought this was something people would never do in restaurants, but I was wrong, took a nice looking and posh acting girlfriend out as date for my boyfriends friend. I was so embaressed as she constantly kept licking her fingers. I could tell the guys noticed aswell:(.

    • Lol, I actually thought of it, but then I’m like “No but come on who does that these days anyway?” So I left it at that, but apperantly seems like people are still doing it. Will come in my follow up guide πŸ˜‰

  9. I often go to very nice, expensive restaurants with my girlfriends. We are all very picky eaters, meaning we almost don’t like anything. Therefore we always end up with the least fancy and least expensive meals. I always feel very uncomfortable when we order so little and it feels like the waiters just want to get finished with us and get ready for a more money spending table. The problem is not the money, just that I don’t like so much and never is hungry enough to order a starter and desert too. What do you think? Is this a problem when you go to very nice, expensive places? Or don’t they even care? I know its a bit wierd question, but I always feel that I have to order an extra bottle of water next to the wine etc. just so we are “allowed” to sit there. I know a lot of restaurants have a minimum spend even though they never tell because they expect it.

    I am so happy that you are back! When are you posting the next chapters from your life? I also really would love if you did a miniguide from different cities that you know, like St Tropez – witch clubs are the best, restaurants etc. Love your blog!!

    • I know exactly what you mean and me and my gf’s have all the same problem. Mind you it’s more common than rare that jetset girls are picky eaters, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to the fancy restaurant. But yes what you’re writing is exactly the situation and it does bother them. However its their problem and not ours. Do your thing and just ignore the burden that you feel of needing to order more stuff. You’re the customer, you can do whatever you want!

      I will be posting more chapters soon, and the city guides are put on hold for now unfortunately. It’s simply because they will take a lot of time to create and currently I dont have that time. But it will be in the pipeline for the future πŸ™‚

  10. I also wonder what you do if you are invited to a very elegant restaurant and then you will go directly to a club after? How do you dress then? πŸ™‚

    • Yes I’ve done the elegant dinner + club after many times. In the beginning I did the mistake of putting on a clubbing dress rather than a dinner dress, but always felt awkward in the fancy restaurant. So I started doing the opposite, wearing a more covering dinner dress for the restaurant and club after and it always felt way better. I ended up getting more numbers from guys in the clubs like that too funny enough! They kinda take you more seriously when you stand out and look more conservative.

  11. I love your website and posts like this really help me to become the best I can be !
    You’re such a nice Lady and I really do enjoy reading your blog.
    I understand english written or spoken. But i have a hard time to write correct english phrases, please excuse my bad english.

    Greetings from Switzerland. Hope you’re fine!

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