The Barbie Doll Look

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The barbie doll look:

“She has big long hair (fill it up with extensions),

loads of make up (especially going strong with eye shadow giving you mysterious cat eyes),

as much lips as possible (lipgloss, lipstick, who cares!),

long fake nails (let’s go acrylics)

tight short dresses that show off those curves and cleavage

and not to forget – a pair of very high heels (platform included) that screams for attention.”

Less sexy, more natural


The Barbie look is not modern anymore. Women are not supposed to look like bimbos today, instead the women who look more classy and mature, are the ones who get the most benefits.

Here are some great inspiration on looks that are more elegant:





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  1. I like your post a looot! I’m trying to get rid off my style cause it’s not very classy. I mean i’m still wearing Herve Leger dresses and i know those are not elegant :)) But i’m petite ( 1.55 cm ) and i don’t know how to make myself notice when i’m surrounded anywhere by tall girls. Any outfits advices for short girls like me? 🙂

    • Babe, i’ve actually been thinking about your comment without the ability to give any form of answer. I understand your situation and I’m myself 170 cm so never really had that issue. Doesn’t killer high heels help?

  2. Hi there! Thank you for all your posts over the past weeks – as always, I come to your blog every day, even when I did not get a notification of any new post, just because I LOVE the content, your texts, advice + pictures. I chose thought not to add a comment to the last post, because I felt it would be out of context and I actually had to questions more related to beauty-stuff, so I though I’ll take the ‘last’ post in that category 🙂 hope that is ok! I am deeply impressed by your progress in travelling, finding your ‘inner’ self and balance and hope you breath-in vital positive energy and inner peace in Bali!
    Just in case you would be looking for something to post about :)) may I suggest 2 ideas?
    1. How do you keep your beauty routine while travelling? do you do your nails by yourself? what are your fabourite nail polish colors right now? (please please please give us some pictures of the nail colors you’re currently inspired by for this last ‘summery’ days or fall)
    2. Would you mind doing a post on jewellry? especially watches, rings, bangles/bracelets? do you have any favourite pieces that you own or are looking to buy yourself? and where do you usually get the pieces from? do you typically buy ‘real’ jewellry (i.e. gold/diamonds etc) or do you mix & match?

    Thank you so much in advance! I hope my questions don’t sound too superficial, as I could imagine they don’t match content-wise with meditating and grounding oneself, as they touch on ‘materialistic’ , ‘consumerist’ ideas. nevertheless, any inspiration, advice, sharing would be incredibly highly appreciated!
    sending much love to Bali from the (cold, rainy etc.) UK!!

  3. love your blog! you write with real intelligence and empathy on subjects that can be derided as superficial.

    anyway i love LOVE love natural- i dont do surgery- instead i do things like facial accupuncture which rejuvenates and balances your whole system along with freshening your face.

    to me one of the sexiest girls alive is adele exarchopoulos= she exudes sex without trying too hard- i find the barbie doll look is cute and works for some girls but somehow for me a little bit of chaos feels more authentic- women are chaos afterall 😉

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