The Bad Jetset Babe vs The good Jetset Babe

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The Bad Jetset Babe vs The good Jetset Babe

Many Jetset Babes out there are simply fortunate girls with material privileges, but there are a few bad ones under the shiny surface. These type of girls exist everywhere, but we tend to find them more often within the Jetset Babes. Here is a list of the most common characteristics.

  • Jetset Dramaqueen – She throws tantrums and not afraid of making a scene, usually for small, ridiculous things. She wants to always get her way and if not hell will break loose. When she is displeased you may see her screaming, giving the silent treatment, punishing or even crying.

The good Jetset Babe: She can control her emotions and communicates with a normal manner if a problem occur.


  • Jetset Fake – She will smile at you but bitch about you behind your back. In reality she doesn’t really like you, most often jealousy related, but she will put on an act like you’re friends simply because she is fake. If you by any chance become close to her, don’t get surprised if she turns out to be a backstabber too.

The good Jetset Babe: She will avoid people she doesn’t like as well speaking badly about them. Jealousy comes from insecurity and she prefers to be genuine.

  • Jetset Diva – She sees herself as a princess and thinks everyone should treat her like that. Like as if she is above everyone else and there for deserves special treatment. Demanding & taking things for granted is her way of being.

The good Jetset Babe: She sees everyone including herself equally and don’t think is better than anyone else. She is a humble person in her heart and spirit.


  • Attention seeking Babe – She wants to be seen by men, by many men. She would also like every female to notice her and be jealous of her life. This can easily be done by social media channels where she likes to brag about herself and her lifestyle.

The good Jetset Babe: She doesn’t care about the attention, she focuses on far more important things in life. She feels good in herself and don’t have the need of showing off herself to guys or people out there in order to feel better and satisfy her ego.

  • Jetset Golddigger – She has never had a real job and her life surrounds by her only goal which to catch a wealthy man she can one day merry. She feels she is “too pretty to work” and is not planning to ever become self sufficient. If you’re not rich you’ll never have a chance with this girl. This girl likes to use her looks in order to cash in on the various men she meets.

The good Jetset Babe: She has got a real job and career ambitions for the future. Although she likes the good life, she don’t mind if she has to fork out for it one day. She would never become a sell out of herself in order to gain materialistic things from others.


  • Jetset Competitor – She sees all the girls as competition and will never help you. Don’t be surprised if she is taking your offer to help, but herself will never return any favors.

The good Jetset Babe – She doesn’t see women as competition and rather want to make friends with everyone. She strives for the motto “Women should help each other then go against one and other”


Did I forget anyone in particular?


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. LOL So funny but so true… I would even say that there’s plenty of them with multiple behavior problem at the same time. We really have to be really careful, most of them play the “good” ones, but then when you spend some time with them…they reveal their claws! And I can say by experience it’s like (if not worse) a bad relationship lol

  2. Do you really consider yourself a “jetset babe”? From what I’ve read, you’re not. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your blog but I think you super materialistic and pretentious. True jetsetbabes aren’t pretentious.

    • Clearly you haven’t actually read my blog. Many times have I written about the fact I’m not a Jetsetbabe, I’m a spectator who gets the opportunity to visit this world, which I tend to do from time to time until I need a break from it. I also finger point often the importance of not being a materialistic person, but you’ve probably skipped that part too.

  3. Skip? Not at all. I just noticed that you contradict yourself a lot here. If you’re not a jetsetbabe, how can you write about it truly? Also if you’re not a materialistic person , why are you running a blog that focuses on material things? What do you think girls are learning from your blog? It’s like running a fitness blog and telling me you hate going to the gym. It’s nonsense and you know it. If I were a jetsetbabe running this blog, I’d post pics of myself country hopping, eating at this restaurant and that restaurant with this celebrity and that celebrity but that’s not your life – and it’s not mine either. You spend your time admiring what other girls have going on rather than focusing and making yourself a better person.You could probably get to that level if you did just that. You’re cute. You probably have some serious connections but c’mon we both know this is a whole bunch of bs.

    • Let me answer your questions.
      I write about JetsetBabes because I have access to this world and many of my friends are in it. Like I’ve written many times I tend to go in and out of this world sinmply because I ged fed up easy and prefer it only in small doses. The reason for that (like Ive written about b4) Its a glam world but it has a very ugly side to it. You need to be in it to understand what I mean. But at the same time I am writing about both sides of the coin. The purpose of this blog its not about the materialistic side of it, Its an inspirational lifestyle blog, not an inspirational shopping blog.
      There are completely other reasons behind why Im running this blog and it has nothing to do with materialism.
      The reason Im not blogging about my life is because Im a private person who doesnt like to have my face all over the internet.
      Hope it answered some of your questions and let me know if you have anything else that is unclear. Xx

  4. I don’t understand why you need to be so mean Susan? I understand that you have not read this blog from the beginning, then I don’t think you would have written this. This is a inspiration blog for girls who would like to have this type of lifestyle. The pictures on this blog is not of the writer of this blog neether are most of the posts. Actually the posts about the writer is when she feel bad or if she did something that she regrets. She do go to the best members only clubs in London, travel to Ibiza in the summer, stays at yachts, travel to the filmfestival in Cannes, Monaco grand prix. She also has a lot of friends that live in the jet set world permanent, therefore she has a lot of access to “jet set” information. So I think she is very qualified for having this blog. Im so tired of girls being mean to each other. Why do you need to call another girl pretentious? This is a hobby of the writer, so let her have it and cherish her instead. If you don’t like you don’t have to read it. Why don’t we all just support eachother and be happy for each other???

    I hope you start posting again Jetsetbabe, I miss your daily posts. Im looking forward to the next posts about your life šŸ™‚ I love your blog, its so inspiring and im learning a lot from it, both good things and bad things about this lifestyle, thankyou xx

  5. I think the good Jet Set Babe opposite of the JetSet Golddigger is the one who has her own business and makes other people happy by giving them jobs and help them to put food on a table for their family and a roof above their (children) heads. Although she likes to party (reward of her hard work) and the good life (has more than two properties, drive fancy cars,buys designer clothes, haute couture and fine jewelry) she is independent and “she would never become a sell out of herself in order to gain materialistic things from others.” – just my humble opinion.

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