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Sunday SPA Time!

For me “traditionally” sundays are always set for home SPA time, when I’m taking minimum 2 hours of doing myself ready for the coming week. It’s all about facials, nails, hair etc and I enjoy doing it myself. I’ve been slightly bad with my beauty routine the past months as I’ve been in my deep hibernation mode, but since I’m out of it, it’s time to start fresh with everything!


It’s time to SPRING CLEAN!

Being 20 years and ignoring your beauty regime is not the end of the world, as you get a lot of it “for free”… But after 25 + you realize your youth is slowly degrading, so you really have to water the plants in order to keep them alive! Maintaining your beauty with a fixed routine, is a must if you want to look your best – honestly there are no short cuts on this one!

Ask any Jetset Babe out there, what she spends her money on, and she will answer: beauty treatments & products – anything to keep up the looks god has given you. 

Ignoring it will make you look worse than you really are, so it’s actually a win win situation.


What’s my Beauty Regime?

First of all, I try and do as much of my Beauty stuff at home as possible. It’s simply because I don’t have the time it takes to get to the salons, wait once you’re there & the actual treatment time. No way José! I seriously don’t understand how women manage to run every month and do hair, nails, facials, massages, waxing etc! With my schedule I’d only manage to fit 2 of those in!

What do I do? @Home



I steam my face, exfoliate and add a cleansing & hydrating mask. Perfect on a sunday after wearing loads of make up on the weekend (partygirl problems 😉 ) This is necessary once a week, although me myself haven’t done it for a while. Will start again from today! 🙂



I love short and square nails and it’s so easy doing a manicure & pedicure yourself. My next project is to start doing Gel nails on myself so that I only need to do my nails every 2 weeks instead of every week 🙂 Jackpot!



I color  & trim them once a week. So easy!

Eye lashes

Now this may be a shocker for some, but I actually do my own eyelash extensions on myself. Lol. Ok, I’m not using the proper “lash on lash” technique, I used to when I did them at a salon. But after discovering a hack of making it look almost identical with individual eyelashes and some glue you use for wigs, I decided to spare myself 4 hours a month with this DIY. It needs a little bit of practice but once you master it, it looks great and lasts for approx 2 weeks!


Body care

Body scrubs I do 1-2 a week. To moisturize I usually use baby oil straight after shower, applying it while the skin is wet. Hair removal I’m still on the stoneaged “shave”- era but will soon be moving over to laser hair removal.


What do I do @Salons?

Everything else that really need someone else’s expertise or tools. 

  • Injections – I do Botox every 3rd month on my forehead. I’ve tried fillers long time ago but it’s not very useful for me right now. Maybe in the future I will enhance my cheekbones as I’ve never tried it, but lips I prefer keeping them au natural 🙂
  • Special face treatments – Acne treatments, Laser for scarring, Dermabrasion and everything else that’s currently on the facial treatment market. There is so much to try, much of it works and much of it doesn’t. I like to try new things, and so far I don’t feel I have found anything that has given me “wow” results – so for that reason I’m not doing these type of treatments very often, but will probably start again soon.
  • Deep tissue Massage – I become really stiff in my muscles since I’m a lazy stretcher after my work outs, so going for painful sessions of deep tissue massage is extremely necessary for myself.
  • Laser Hair Removal – I keep saying every winter “I will now start these treatments”, but never got down to business. Grrr.. It’s still very much on my “to do list” so hopefully after summer I will start for real this time!
  • Hair – Cut & color is a must on a salon if you want to have safe & good results. I’m done with ruining my hair at home, it’s just not worth it.


There are so many beauty treatments out there to do and discover, sky is the limit! My questions to you girls, for personal inspiration and new ideas;

Can you recommend any salon treatments you think are actually giving powerful results?

What beauty routine do you do at home?




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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. I swear by the Bliss London steep clean facial for oily spotty skin, they really squeeze out all of the unwanted stuff! makes a huge difference…

    • I use a swedish brand called Depend… There are better ones out there, especially one I forgot the name of! Will post about it if I find out 🙂

  2. I have a question about eyelash extensions… do your your own lashes fall out? I really want to get eye lash extensions but I’m afraid to lose my own lashes. I also have once a week a ”beauty day” . But I go to a salon for my eyebrows to wax them, trim and color them 🙂 and once a month I visit a salon for a facial… I really love some Me-time when I’m a bit sad about something I always feel better and much prettier. What also REALLY improves your look is teeth whitening. Do your whiten your teeth? I use crest whitestrips really helped me!

    • It doesn’t hurt your eye lashes as much as you think… Sure, you will have the feeling of having almost no eye lashes when u take the fake ones off, but thats cause you would get used to the length of the extensions…
      I’d really recommend to do eye lashes, it’s for me the best beauty investment ever!!
      I’ve been doing it for 4 years now and have my own lashes left 🙂

      • I love this post! I’ve worked in salons speacializing in eyelash extensions and they are a absolute must for me. They arnt meant to damage your natural lashes unless they’ve been applied incorrectly. I also recommend using a eyelash growth serum or conditioner to maintain your natural lashes while doing extensions.

      • Thanks for your reply! I have another question.. what’s a good age to start with botox or fillers?

  3. I have NEVER heard of using wig glue for eyelashes but would LOVE to give it a try! Can you tell me the name of the glue you use? Thanks so much, love your blog!

    • Yes, Neither did I until a random beautician in South America gave me the advice! It’s basically glue for hair weft I believe, and why it’s better to use is because 1) It’s dark (the one I buy) so the glue melts in color with the eye lashes, so you cant spot it. 2) When applying the glue has no “toxic fumes” as you get during normal eyelash extension which irritates the hell out of eyes, hence you need to have your eyes shut the entire time during application. 3) The glue turns in to some kind of rubber making the eye lashes very flexible so if you sleep and by accident slept on your eye, the lash don’t get very messed up. 4) When you want to remove your eye lashes you can simply “pull them off” under a hot shower as it makes the rubber softer….

      Now for my method to actually work, you really need to never touch your eyelashes, sleep on it or rub your eyes at any time when u wash/dry your face. That’s how you make it last 2 weeks, but you get used to it and totally worth it…

      This is the glue I use:×1368/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/img_0037_2.jpg

  4. Which products do you use to remove your make up? And can you recommend some cleansing & hydrating masks?

  5. Hi could you please do a post about your eyelash extensions? Maybe a bit about how you do them and what products you use! 🙂 I would really appreciate it since I’am trying to lear how to do mine at home! Thank you 🙂

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