Saturday, February 22

Summer is the Golden Time for Jet set Babes

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Luxury Blog Jet set Babe

The Jet set Babes.

What an interesting topic in a way.

The life of the average Jet set Babe is so fascinating to people. The girls who always travel, only seen in luxury environments and hang with A-listers. Sounds like fun right?

It is a fun life, a lot of things going on and the feeling of being special in a way. Like “only for selected people & I’m there”.

Luxury Blog Jet set Babe

I do encourage girls to go for this lifestyle if they’re curious.

There is nothing wrong with getting this type of life experience as it is truly fun. I think especially this lifestyle appears to girls under 30 because there is just something about it that is self validating and interesting and fits so well with what you’re looking for when you’re in this age of exploration. I’ve been there too – those were the days!

But like I always say, being the old grandma that I am 🙂 It’s fun for a while, and then it kinda just gets to you. Or it doesn’t. Some people actually love the Jet set scene and the game it brings and keep on going forever.

These days I’m really in to the Jet set Babes who have an actual career going for themselves – I find that to be truly inspiring. When people bring their brains out and use it for something by the millions of possibilities they have access to in this world.

Luxury Blog Jet set BabeBecause it’s great for contacts and if you’d like to build something properly in your life and be independent – then this is a good opportunity.

So my advice, if you want to play this field – Go for it! Do it & make the most out of it! But be a clever girl at the same time and know what you want to do in the future so you’re never dependent on someone else. The best thing in life according to myself is freedom – and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you have a base to stand fully on your own legs.

Jet Set Summer – This is the time! Time to have fun and see life as an adventure! 

Luxury Blog Jet set Babe


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